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Zahedi dates supplier

Zahedi dates are also commonly called as Ghasb and Zohdi dates. The best type of these dates is light brown to golden in color. The skin and flesh of Zahedi dates are completely sticking to each other. They are considered as semi-dry dates as their moisture content is 14%. Special care should be taken to […]

Lulu dates supplier

Lulu is one of the dates produced in Iran that has a taste similar to Piarom dates. These dates are also called as Alooyi dates. This date is widely consumed in Arabic and European countries. This date has easier storage conditions than other dates. One of the interesting features of this date is that it […]

Shahani dates supplier

Shahani Dates are considered as economic dates and have very good price. These dates are mostly exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and India. They are light brown to golden in color. They are cultivated in Fars province, located south of Iran. These dates are mostly exported in 3kg packaging in pressed form and vacuumed. Shahani […]

Kali dates supplier

Kali dates are considered as semi dry dates. They have a moisture of 14 – 22% There is a lot of resemblance between Kalute and Mazafati Dates. Many importers make mistake in purchasing Kalute Dates. Kimia Gold Company with many years of experience in Kali export, is considered as the main supplier of Kalute Dates. […]

Import dates to Pakistan

Pakistan is located in South Asia. It has a population of approximately 212 million, being the fifth most populated country in the world. Pakistan is the second largest Muslim populated country in the world. It shares a land border with Iran. Iran and Pakistan cooperate economically where possible and are forming alliances in a number […]

Import dates to UAE

The UAE is one of the most important Persian Gulf countries. It shares a maritime border with Iran. In the first 3 months of the year, commodities worth $1 billion were exported from Iran to the UAE. The UAE is considered as key trade center because of its geographical location, quality transport infrastructure and tax […]

Buy Kali Dates

Kali dates are also called Kalute, Kalite and Karite dates. Kali and Mazafati have few similarities. But Kali is comparatively drier. They can be found in 2- 4 cm in size. These dates have a moisture content of 14-22%. To store Kali for a long duration of approximately 18 months, they must be stored in […]

Buy Shahani Dates

Shahani dates are the most economic dates. Shahani has more exports to Asian countries. These dates are light brown to Golden in color. Sometimes this date is consumed as Kharak and its Kharak is quite sweet and has no special taste. Their moisture content is 17%, hence they are considered as semi-dry dates. These dates […]

Buy Rabbi dates

Rabbi dates are mistaken by Pakistani dates because they are exported to Pakistan in simple packaging, then they are repacked and re-exported to other countries as Pakistani dates. Rabbi dates have large red, blackish fruits and shiny, clear and thin skin. They have a luxurious appearance due to their taste and texture. Rabbi is one […]

Buy Piarom dates

Piarom dates are also called as Maryami dates in India and other countries. This date is also one of the best dates in the world and Iran. These dates are the most luxurious dates. They are also the most expensive dates because of their taste and appearance. They are called as Chocolate dates due to […]