Buy Kimia Dates

Buy Kimia Dates


Buy Kimia Dates : Contact us in case you want to buy the Kimia date with suitable quality and price.

Kimia is of different kinds, and our company offers its best kind.

Grade A  Kimia

The grade a Kimia date is the product of Bam city.

This date is thoroughly uniform, black, coarse grain, and delicious.

The main purchaser of Kimia date is India.

This date could attract different tastes in India and have a suitable sale in recent years.

You must pay attention to the desirability of the Kimia date at the purchasing time.

You can take a look at Kimia dates supplier .

Grade B Kimia

Besides the grade a Kimia, its second-ranked (grade b) kind is properly sold.

This date lacks the quality of its first-class counterpart; however, it still has many customers.

India is the main target of the second-class Kimia.

The packaging of this date resembles the packaging of the first-class Kimia.

The price of this date differs from the price of the first-class Kimia.

You can supply the second-class Kimia from our company.


Why Should We Cooperate with Reliable Companies?

Many companies are engaged with date selling in Iran.

Reliable companies, like our company, possess the standard certificates of Iran and Europe, unique packages, suitable prices, and product quality guarantees.

Furthermore, concerning the global trading conditions, reliable companies can sign more valid contracts and warrant their products.

On the other hand, reliable companies have a good command of the trading laws of different countries and releasing date from customs, and this issue extensively helps the purchasers.


Preserving Date in Refrigerating Rooms

A factor that foreign purchasers often neglect is the preserving conditions of date in refrigerating rooms.

Possessing allocated refrigerating rooms as well as clean environments where hygienic standards are observed, Reliable companies preserve date in such a way that it is healthy either for consumption or for exportation.

You had better visit the refrigerating room of a company in order to inspect the preserving conditions of dates closely.


Date Sorting and Packaging Line

The packaging line of date, along with its sorting, is of utmost importance.

Professional companies usually enjoy several packaging lines by observing the most substantial standards.

Date sorting is also an important attribute for exportation.

Of course, this issue mostly depends on purchasers and their required conditions.

If the percentage of sorting heightens, its cost will naturally increase, as well. However, this issue is vividly mentioned in the contracts.


Delivery in Commercial Ports

With respect to the customers’ purchase kinds, which can be FOB or CIF, the seller company guarantees to deliver the date cargo in a port or refrigerating room.

Our company can supply the Kimia date concerning the conditions required by customers.

Furthermore, the commercial ports of India, such as the Mundra and Nheva Sheva ports, are of the locations that our company can deliver the exported cargo to its customers.


The packaging kind of the Kimia Date

The Kimia date has usually white packages.

This case is one of the most significant points for the sale of this date in India.

The basis of a product’s sale should be prepared when it is offered in the market of a country.

On the other hand, the tastes of individuals have already been specified in their earlier purchases, and we know what kind of date and packaging they select in their purchases.

Does the purchasing price vary for different tonnages?

If the volume of an order is large, our company will normally consider a more discount to its customers.

For example, if the volume of an order is two containers, the purchaser should pay a certain price, and if the volume of an order exceeds two containers, the customer should pay less cost.


Is It Possible to Pay and Transact Using the Indian Rupee?

For the sake of purchasers’ convenience, our company allows the Indian customers to transact with this currency.

Furthermore, customers can carry out their payments in two phases.

If customers aim to purchase by the Emirates dirham, our company can easily transact with this currency, too.


The Possibility of Repacking

If a purchaser has a special brand and wants to package date with his own brand, our company performs this task for the customer.

This issue is considered for the welfare of purchasers as well as increasing their sales.

This issue is called repacking.


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