Date Paste

Date Paste

Date Paste

Kimia Gold Company is one of the most important Iranian date paste manufacturers. This company produces various Iranian dates and date products, including chopped datesdate syrup, and date paste in high tonnage and annually exports its products to many countries around the world. Date paste is one of the processed products of dates without any artificial additives and preservatives. It is one of the most widely used Iranian date products that have a special place in export of dates and its products. This product, as one of the products made from dates, has many uses in the food industry and can be an excellent alternative to various sugars or artificial sweeteners.


Iranian Date Paste

Date paste is a compound made from the best and highest quality pitted dates. The date skin is first separated from the dates. Then the dates are crushed, well mixed, and turned into a date past. After controlling the date paste moisture, this product is minced and kept in paste form. Date paste can be made from various dates, including Mazafati datesShahani dates, etc., and is prepared in industrial and semi-industrial methods.   


Date Paste Health Benefits

Iranian date paste is nourishing and contains many minerals and vitamins. The fiber found in dates is also found in date pastes in large quantities. This fiber increases the positive cholesterol and also reduces and controls the negative cholesterol in the blood. This product is made from a lot of dates, and as you probably know, dates have many minerals such as selenium, magnesium, manganese, copper and calcium. All of these minerals are important for the body to keep bones healthy and prevent osteoporosis.     

Date paste is also a source of iron that can help prevent anemia and iron deficiency. It is recommended that women consume two or three tablespoons of date paste daily during pregnancy.

Date Paste Price

Iranian Date Paste Price 

Date paste prices can be inquired from date paste manufacturers and well-known date paste suppliers. One of the reputable date paste manufacturers is Kimia Gold Company, which specializes in manufacturing high-quality date pastes based on the needs of date paste importers. Iranian date paste price can vary according to different types of Iranian dates in the markets. The date paste price and the date paste wholesale price depend on many factors, including product quality, maintenance costs, shipping costs, etc. Despite all these costs, the Iranian date paste price in Russia and the Persian Gulf countries is reasonable and is highly regarded by people. Date paste exporters pay special attention to the type of packaging to be able to export date pastes to European countries. Kimia Gold Company is one of the companies that manufactures all kinds of dates, including Medjool datesDeglet Noor dates and all types of date products, including date paste. It supplies these products at a competitive and reasonable price. To buy date paste, you can contact sales experts of this date paste company via email and WhatsApp and register your order. 

Date Paste Supplier

Iranian Date Paste Exporter 

The date paste exporters offer date paste, chopped dates, and other date products to countries with a high demand for dates and their products. Because they can easily manage their sales and try to increase it. Based on its experience as a date paste exporter, Kimia Gold Company examines the date paste market of other countries and exports various dates and its products, including date paste to target countries. This company aims to introduce first-class Iranian products, including Iranian dates, in other countries worldwide. For this reason, it offers standard and good products to its customers. This date paste company exports Iranian date pastes directly to all the countries around the world after meeting the needs of domestic markets and is one of largest date paste wholesale suppliers. 

Date Paste Supplier  

Some companies in Iran, such as Kimia Gold Company, produce various date products and are major date paste suppliers. They have specialized and experienced staff and produce and distribute the best and highest quality dates. Date paste is one of the most famous Iranian products, which is pleasant for many people worldwide. This product has been one of the best-selling products in the domestic and especially foreign markets. The number of people interested in buying this product is increasing every day. This date paste company constantly tries to supply completely organic, hygienic, and natural products by observing consumer rights. Therefore, to raise the level of public health, it offers the best product with the national standard mark of Iran and all kinds of health certificates and licenses required in Iran and, of course, all international standards. This company, which has one of the most reputable brands in the world, supplies and exports its products to many countries around the world.


Date Paste Wholesale

Date Paste Packaging

The date past manufacturing process starts with washing and disinfecting the dates using clean water and steam. The dates are then pitted and minced to be homogenized. After steaming, in order to remove possible contaminants and pasteurize the dough, date paste is packaged in different weights and containers according to the market demand. Kimia Gold Company is a date paste manufacturer that performs all the above steps by observing all the principles and health standards and offers the highest quality date paste in stylish and beautiful packages with different weights. This company has always been successful in gaining customer satisfaction. To buy date paste, you can contact this date paste company via email or WhatsApp and register your order.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Date paste is used to make a variety of salads and smoothies, and is a good flavoring for foods that need a little sweetness.

Since dates are one of the best natural sweeteners, they are added to many food recipes. Date paste is rich in the natural fiber that is not found in refined sugars, so it has a high nutritional value.

Date paste can be made from all varieties of dates. It depends on your type of order.

You may inquire about the market price of date paste by contacting our WhatsApp number at +971505021205 or sending an email to

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