Date Syrup

Date Syrup

What is Date Syrup?

Date syrup is one of the most consuming syrups. This product is nutritious and, like pitted dates and date paste, is taken from date fruit and has many benefits and is very necessary for the body. Since Iran is one of the date-producing countries globally, it is one of the leading date syrup manufacturers and annually produces a high tonnage of this product and exports it to many countries around the world. Various Iranian producing dates are used in making this unique and delicious product, such as Shahani dates, Mazafati dates, etc.


The Desirable Iranian Date Syrup

The original Iranian date syrup has different colors depending on the type of Iranian date used in its preparation, but it is mainly dark. The concentration of high-quality date syrup is not so watery that it overflows quickly, not so thick. In other words, the density of this product is like honey. The taste of this nutritious product is sweet. In appearance, we can point to its transparency. In addition, this syrup does not settle to the bottom of its bottle.

What Factors Determine the Date Syrup Price?

The date syrup price is generally determined based on the needs of the foreign market. This product has many fans in domestic and foreign markets, unique quality and taste, and a reasonable price. With fluctuations in the dollar price in Iran, the date syrup price and the date syrup wholesale price fluctuates. Due to the current fluctuations, be sure to know the date syrup price before buying. You can inquire about the up-to-date date syrup price and the date syrup wholesale price by contacting the experts of Kimia Gold Company. 

Date Syrup Supplier

To be informed of the costs of other products such as Piarom dates, kabkab dates, etc., you can contact the company’s sales experts through this company’s WhatsApp number and email. 


Are You Aware of the Date Syrup Properties? 

Date syrup has many medical properties and nutritional value and reduces inflammation and pain in the body. Adding date syrup to the women’s diet with menstrual cramps has an influential role in treating and improving the symptoms of this period. It also increases blood circulation in the body and highly helps absorb iron. This product is very nourishing and has many properties, and provides a lot of energy to the body during heavy sports activities and heavy daily activities.


Buy Date Syrup at a Reasonable Price

The best way to buy date syrup at an affordable price is to buy it in bulk. Hence, many date syrup companies have been established that are active in this field and produce various forms of them and sell them at different prices. Kimia Gold Company is one of the leading date syrup manufacturers worldwide, which uses different types of Iranian dates such as Deglet Noor dates and Medjool dates, etc. It produces a high tonnage of date syrup annually exports it to many countries around the world. You can refer to this company to buy date syrup with high quality. Selling this product is performed at a suitable price in this center. For more information, you can contact the sales experts of this center via WhatsApp and email.

Date Syrup Price

The Original Date Syrup Wholesale

The best and highest quality types of date syrup can be found in the date syrup wholesale centers. Consultants and experts in these centers can help you choose the product you want. The date syrup wholesale companies are one of the best centers for preparing this product. In addition to ensuring its high quality, it can be provided at a very reasonable price. To buy date syrup, you can contact the experts of these centers to provide you with the necessary information about this product. 

Kimia Gold Company, one of the date syrup exporters, also offers the Iranian dates wholesale and the chopped dates wholesale, date paste and date syrup.


The Desirable Iranian Date Syrup Supplier Centers

The date syrup supplier sells this product with the best quality and different and top brands, which are very pleasant by buyers and the date syrup importers due to its reasonable and low price. Iran is one of the leading date syrup suppliers and its products due to its climatic conditions. Kimia Gold Company, a date syrup supplier, tries to sell high-quality and organic date syrup. It should be noted that this wholesale supplier center, with branches in Iran and Dubai, has very high prosperity in other countries, including the Persian Gulf, East Asia and European countries.


Exporting Date Syrup to the European countries

Since Iran is one of the main Sayer datesZahedi dates and other types of dates manufacturers, it is one of the leading date syrup exporters and producers, which is a date product. These products are produced in Iran in the best possible way, so there is a demand for them in foreign markets, and some of them are exported to foreign countries annually. The organic date syrup is exported to European countries. Date syrup is shipped in several ways. Due to its very reasonable price and excellent quality, the exporting date syrup has many domestic and foreign customers. Turkey, UAE, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria are the date syrup importers with high tonnage contracts with Iranian companies. Other Iranian date syrup buyers include Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Serbia, Bosnia, Georgia, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Russia, Ukraine, North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

Date Syrup Wholesale

Date Syrup Packaging by Kimia Gold Company

The packaging and supplying way impacts the shelf life of the product. For this reason, Kimia Gold Company, a well-known date syrup company worldwide, tries to provide packages with the required quality. This date syrup manufacturer company is identified through reputable sites that produce date syrup at a reasonable and competitive price. This date syrup exporter company offers various packaging for these products, observed in the preparation and production of all the products. Kimia Gold Company offers date syrup in beautiful and hygienic packaging under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. Since the effects of this company have a brand known among many people and have obtained a considerable place among many countries, this date syrup manufacturer company shows great sensitivity in this regard. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Date syrup is made from natural dates and is rich in iron and fiber, which are highly recommended for the physical health and growth of infants. On the other hand, date syrup can be used to sweeten and flavor a variety of foods such as milk.

To make date syrup, you can use all moist and juicy Iranian dates.

Yes, it is possible if the shipping conditions (storage at the right temperature) are available. Kimia Gold Company provides all the conditions for exporting date syrup to all over the world.

You may inquire about the market price of date syrup by contacting our WhatsApp number at +971505021205 or sending an email to

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