Director of Jihad-e Keshavarzi of Nikshahr city said: “Since late July, The harvesting of the palm has began with the harvesting of early-maturing cultivars including Kotomi, Negal, Rabi Sarchahi, Abdandan, Shokri from Nikshahr palm groves with an area of ​​120 ha.”

Stating that Nikshahr has 4,000 ha of palm groves, Habib Raeisi added: “Out of this, 3850 ha are fertile and the rest are infertile.”

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“It is predicted that 27,000 tons of different kinds of palm will be produced in Nikshahr in 2020 for domestic and export sales”, he acknowledged:

He said, pointing out that palm groves constitute 70% of all Nikshahr’s gardens, “currently, 4600 people are employed.”

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“The palm harvest in Nikshahr begins in July with the harvesting of early-maturing cultivars, including Kotomi, Negal, Shokri, Rabi Sarchahi and Abdandan and ends with the harvesting of Halileh and Hesab cultivars in late September”, he explained.

He added: “More than 42 palm cultivars are cultivated in Nikshahr, with the highest area under cultivation for Mazafati cultivar.”

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Raeisi stated: “currently, six cold storage facilities with a 4,600 tons capacity are used in Nikshahr, and due to the high-volume production, the capacity of the new cold storage space need to be increased by 6,000 tons.”


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