One of the main and main agendas of the servant in this period is to organize the date market and improve the living conditions of palm farmers, through which a large number of people in the city make a living.

We will support all activists in this field and we will use all our capacity and power to meet the needs.

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With these measures, in addition to more benefits for farmers, we will also see an improvement in the employment situation among the youth of Dashtestan.

With the establishment of the date organization, we will see more focus on palm and date matters, and better things will happen.

The problem of exporters for the currency returned to the country has also been solved, and the currency enters the country at a free rate, which will facilitate exports and increase the price of dates.

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We are optimistic about the date and its market and we hope to see a better situation in the coming days.

The development of cold stores will also play an important role in better product storage.

Rezaei emphasized: Dates are not among the basic goods and the increase in their price is not a concern. Our demand is that the dates be sold at a reasonable price this year.

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