Exports of 23.4 thousand tons of fish and marine aquatics in 3 months


The value of exports of aquaculture and fishery products of Iran is $ 37415785, of which about 606 tons of caviar worth $ 727000 have been shipped.

Iran’s export marine aquaculture includes live freshwater and saltwater ornamental fish, salmon, trout, eels, frozen flatfish, tuna, sharks, fish fillets, crabs, dried fish, shrimp and caviar and other types of edible and non- edible fish that have been exported to more than 34 countries.

Seafood is exported from Iran to Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, Australia, UAE, China, Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Kuwait, Armenia, and other countries.

In the first three months of this year, over 3,305 tons of fish worth $ 6979322 were imported from 18 countries, with the largest volume of fish imports from Singapore, China and India.

The growing trend of world population has led human society to exploit the potential of protein production on land and meet its needs by using the seas and oceans. The limited capacity to produce food on land, sea and ocean has caused human society to pay special attention to aquaculture and increase production per unit area.

The amount of marine aquaculture exports in previous years reached $ 350 million.

Concerning the investments and large capacities in the southern coasts and regions of Iran, especially in the development of shrimp farms in the south and farming of native salmon, whitefish, carp and caviar in the north and the cultivation of aquatic species in different provinces, the international market share can be increased due to the nutritious fishery products.


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