Exports of $ 3 billion in the field of food industry

Exports of $ 3 billion in the field of food industry

Exports of $ 3 billion in the field of food industry



The bulk of the country’s non-oil exports are in the field of food industry, which in recent years has reached to $ 3 billion.

In confectionery and chocolate industry, there are 1800 active production units, equivalent to 2/2 (two and two tenths) of all industrial units in the country.



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3% of the total industrial investors of the country have been attracted in this sector.

The export volume of chocolate and sweets in 1398, three hundred and one thousand tons amounted to 426 million dollars, which in terms of value decreased but in terms of weight increased by about 12 thousand tons.

The reason for the decrease in the value of Iran’s chocolate and confectionery exports was the correction of the basic export prices in 2009, which was done due to the equality of the exchange rate.

Development and deepening of engineering design, innovation in the production of new products and self-reliance in the field of industrial machinery are the characteristics of the confectionery and chocolate industry, which has led to providing many of the required machinery in this industry by domestic manufacturers.

Even the repair, maintenance, overhaul and supply of machine parts in this industry, which are mainly European machines, are done by domestic manufacturers, and all this shows the maturity of this industry in various fields such as basic design, marketing, product development, machine building, repairs and Maintains.

Achieving the second rank of production and export among the countries of the region in 1404 is targeted for Iranian confectionery and chocolate industry.

Many industrial units are not aware of the capabilities of their peers, so the policy of matching needs and capabilities is also follows to meet the needs of industrial units.

Considering that the country is almost governed by the currency obtained from non-oil exports and the development of export is the first priority for the country and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, so we discuss about supply and allocation of currency with the Central Bank on a daily and weekly basis.


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