Health benefit of Dates

Health benefit of Dates

Have you ever thought of health effects of the dates on your body?

Probably not.

Most people do not think about the benefits of food materials and their effects on their body.

But the benefits of this small fruit are amazing.

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Dates have many health benefits. If you eat only three dates a day, vitamin deficiency does not occur any more in your body.

Dates contain potassium, fiber, manganese, vitamin B-6 and magnesium.

The health effects of dates on the gastrointestinal system

Eating dates can improve the health of your digestive system.

Dates are one of the great foods for digestive health.

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If you suffer from problems such as IBS, constipation or many other digestive and gastrointestinal problems, eating dates can reduce the symptoms of these diseases.

In addition, dates can reduce the risk of colon cancer and have long been recommended by doctors as a treatment for hemorrhoid.

Dates are a pain reliever        

Dates have long been prescribed as a painkiller to relieve pain and reducing the swelling.

Researchers studying 69 women concluded that if women eat dates four weeks before giving birth, they would have an easy delivery with less pain.

The habit of eating dates can also help you lose weight after giving birth.


Eating dates and better performance

According to some studies, when you get enough vitamin B6, your brain will work better.

This vitamin helps you easily concentrate and remember memories.

In other words, these vitamins help to recall memories faster and more accurately.

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Dates give you a sharp and ready mind.


Benefits of dates

Treatment of the constipation, intestinal disorders, heart problems, anemia, sexual dysfunction, diarrhea, abdominal cancer, and many other conditions are some of the benefits of the dates.

Eating dates for weight gain is also recommended.

This food material is rich in various vitamins, minerals and fiber.

This delicious fruit contains fat, calcium, sulfur, iron, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, copper, and magnesium, all of which are good for human health.

The dramatic benefits of dates make it as one of the best ingredients for muscle growth.

People consume dates in a variety of ways, including combining date paste with milk, yogurt, or with bread or butter, which make the fruit taste better.

Eating dates is useful for both adults and children, especially for healing wounds or illnesses.

Dates are one of the best foods with the ability to regulate the digestive process.

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This sweet fruit can significantly increase energy levels within half an hour after consumption.

The American Cancer Society recommends 20 to 35 grams of fiber a day, which can be obtained from dates.

It is also said that daily consumption of a date seed can improve the eyesight throughout life.

The effect of dates on protecting against night blindness is well known.


 Dates in traditional medicine

Dates have long been used to lower blood pressure and diabetes.

In India, it has been used as an antitussive, expectorant, sedative, laxative and stimulant of the urinary tract and to increase urination.

Ancient Egyptians used dates to boost sexual potency and increase fertility.

In modern traditional medicine, a mixture of dried dates with almond kernels, seeds, pistachios and sugar is used as a nutritional stuff for pregnant women and lactating mothers.

Consumption of dates is effective to prevent premature bleaching of hair, wrinkles on the skin and creating beautiful skin.

Date seeds also prevent wrinkles on women’s skin.

Cooked dates with black pepper and cardamom are recommended for the treatment of headaches, back pain, dry cough, lethargy, mild fever and anorexia. Eating dates with breakfast was used to prevent colds and reduce asthma.

Regular use of dates reduces the rate of cough, rheumatism, urinary tract problems, gastrointestinal tract and especially inflammation of the stomach, respiratory tract and impotence.

Finally, dates are a nutrient, sedative, expectorant, laxative, sexual enhancer that is effective in treating respiratory diseases, cough, asthma, chest pain, fever, high blood pressure, and fatigue.

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