Import dates to India

import dates to india

import dates to india

With a population of 1.3 billion, India is the second most populous country in the world after China.

India’s large population has made it one of the most prosperous markets in Asia, so that a very large amount of goods are exported annually from Iran to India, the most important of which are the export of pistachios to India and the export of dates to India.

With more than 200 million Muslims, India is one of the major consumer markets in Asia, one of the most obvious potential exports of dates to India during the holy month of Ramadan.

India is the largest buyer of Iranian dates and very large quantities of Iranian dates are exported to India annually.

The most important types of dates exported from Iran to India are Mazafati or Kimia dates, Zahedi dates and Shahani dates.

Meanwhile, Piarom dates have the lowest export of dates to India.


Import of Mazafati dates to India

Mazafati, which is the best-selling date in the Indian market, has many customers every year.

These dates have a reasonable price and a special taste.

Its added properties as well as its deliciousness have made people use this food.

Due to the economic conditions of India, this food is one of the economic foods in the Indian market.

Mazafati dates are known as Kimia in the Indian market.

Due to the economic situation in India and the poverty of most people in this country, dates are one of the most important foods in this country because many people cannot afford to buy expensive food and turn to cheap food.

Mazafati has different grades and this issue causes us to have several prices for this date.

First-grade Mazafati has the highest price among Mazafati types, and many foreign buyers are also looking to buy the same first-grade dates.

Kimia Gold Company, with its own cold storage in Bam, which is a producer of Mazafati dates, can provide you with a high tonnage of Mazafati with the best quality, the most stylish packaging and the most appropriate price.

Due to the low income of the Indian people and the use of dates as food, Shahani dates are among the types of dates that have a very good market in India due to their cheapness.

The largest importer of dates to India

Kimia Gold Company, with a well-known brand in the Indian market, is the largest importer of dates to this country.

Kimia 600 g dates are usually the most sold in the Indian market.

Kimia Gold Company is the supplier of these dates for the Indian market.

Familiarity with the target market is the most important feature of importing to a country.

Type of packaging, gram of the package and quality required are among the most important features for export.

Import dates from Dubai to India

The UAE and the city of Dubai connect the buyers and sellers of dates.

Sellers of various Iranian, Saudi, Emirati and Tunisian dates usually meet with buyers in this country.

Buyers also prefer to trade with the UAE Dirham.

With a branch in Dubai, Kimia Gold Company can transport the dates needed by customers in this country to India.

Imports of Shahani dates to India

Shahani is one of the dates produced in Iran that has a lot of sales in India.

This date is a very nutritious food due to its high sugar and energy.

On the other hand, the low price of this date compared to other Iranian dates, has made customers choose this date for import.

Unlike other Iranian dates, Shahani has no special packaging and is mostly imported to India in bulk and with ordinary cartons.

Of course, there are buyers who want to import these dates to India under their own brand.

Kimia Gold Company can design packaging with the customer’s brand.

This does not cost customers anything.

Shahani dates also has many customers in compact form and due to the special structure of this date, buyers prefer to buy this date uniformly.

The elongation of the date, its brightness and the lack of damage on the surface are important factors in selling dates.

Import of Rabbi Dates to India

Rabbi date is one of the unknown dates of Iran in the world markets.

India is one of the biggest buyers of Rabbi.

 Of course, until a few years ago, India did not know much about this date.

Good trade relations between the two countries caused this date to reach the Indian market.

Statistics of importing Iranian dates to India last year

India imported about $ 177 million worth of dates last year, and Iran is the third largest exporter of dates to India after Iraq and the UAE.

The total direct exports of our country’s dates to India in 2020-2019 (according to data from the Ministry of Commerce of India) has reached $ 28 million.

Iraq with $ 62 million and the UAE with $ 58 million are in the first and second places, while Oman and Saudi Arabia are in the fourth and fifth places with exports of $ 13 million and $ 6 million, respectively.

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