import dates to Indonesia

import dates to Indonesia

Indonesia is a Muslim country and importer of dates.

Import of Iranian dates to Indonesia is done every year by Kimia Gold Company.

Import Mazafati dates to Indonesia

Indonesian Muslims, like Muslims in other parts of the world, consume dates during Ramadan.

In addition to Ramadan, in other months of the year, this food is part of the diet of the Indonesian people.

Mazafati dates has acceptable sales in the Indonesian market due to its special taste and reasonable price.

This date is the most important export date and the best-selling Iranian date.

Iran-Indonesia trade is usually through ships and ports.

Dates are one of the products that are produced in a limited number of countries and these few countries have always been exporters to different parts of the world.

Mazafati grows only in Iran and other countries cannot grow these dates.

It is usually exported to Indonesia in 600 g packages.

According to the needs of buyers and the type of packaging, Kimia Gold prepares dates for Indonesia.

Import Piarom dates to Indonesia

Piarom is the most expensive Iranian date.

The thin skin of this date is dark brown in color and due to the fact that its flesh and skin are completely attached to each other, it has a beautiful and desirable appearance and the washing process can be done completely.

Due to the fact that most of the sugar in it is fructose, it is easily and quickly used in the body’s metabolism, and those who have consumed this date once, due to its very good taste, desirable appearance and other nutritional properties, will be regular consumers of this date.

Piarom date is a well-known date with Kimia Gold brand.

The high price of this date makes the difference in world markets.

This date is also called Maryami and chocolate.

Import Rabbi dates to Indonesia

Rabbi dates is one of the luxury Iranian dates that has many exports to Indonesia every year.

This date is completely Iranian and is known by other names in the world.

Rabbi is the main and most important date in Sistan and Baluchestan region.

Rabbi is also known as Pakistani date.

These dates are generally considered to be semi-dry dates.

Rabbi dates can be consumed throughout the day in meals as a nutritious and energetic substance.

Depending on the circumstances of buyers in Indonesia, it is possible to trade in dollar and dirham currencies.

Ability to trade through LC

Usually, buying and selling dates can be done using LC.

LC, which has greatly contributed to international trade, is a guarantee to the buyer.

With branches in the UAE and France, our company can easily do business with LC if customers need.

Import Sayer dates to Indonesia

Sayer dates is one of the international dates that is produced by different countries.

Iran is one of the producing countries of this date.

These dates are usually exported to Indonesia in normal packaging.

Use in various chocolate and confectionery industries has made others one of the most needed dates in Indonesia.

Different grades of select, super select, gaq, faq are available for supply.

Import Deglet Noor dates to Indonesia

Deglet Noor date is one of the world and produced dates in Iran.

This date is one of the dried and export dates.

Deglet Noor is available in different grades and weights.

According to the buyers’ need for this date, Kimia Gold Company can supply it.

Convenience of storage, reasonable price makes buyers choose these dates for import to Indonesia.

In addition to Iranian Deglet Noor, Kimia Gold can also provide Tunisian and Iraqi Deglet Noor for buyers.

Of course, this date is mostly consumed in Arab countries, but there are many buyers for this date in Indonesia.

Import Kabkab dates to Indonesia

Kabkab dates with a special and pleasant taste is one of the special dates of Iran.

This date also has a special packaging.

There are two types of Kabkab, the dry type is exported.

Kabkab is produced only in Iran and is also known in the world as Iranian dates.

Kimia Gold Company provides Kabkab for export to Bangladesh for buyers.

This date is one of the economic dates of Iran.

Possibility of repackaging for import

Traders and companies that are active in the field of dates sometimes want to package dates with their brand.

Kimia Gold Company can easily do packaging with the brand of customers and buyers.

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