Import Kimia Dates

Import Kimia Dates


The Kimia date is extensively exported to India annually.

This date is one of the most popular Iranian dates in the market of India.

You can contact our experts for more information.


High-Quality Kimia Date

This date grows in some provinces in the southern regions of Iran.

Its best and most desirable kind grows in Bam city.

Indian purchasers are usually inclined to purchase the Kimia date of Bam.

Of course, it is worth considering that Kimia has different rankings.


Minimum Order Size for Exportation to India

Concerning the Date’s price, packaging costs, etc., our company has considered a minimum order size for the date.

The minimum order size of this date is one container.

In their contacts with our experts, our respectful customers can express their required tonnage. Furthermore, if their orders exceed one container, we will earmark a discount on the final date price.

Purchase in Emirates

Many companies and Indian merchants attend Emirates.

Possessing a branch in Dubai, our company can carry out its date-purchasing negotiations in this city.

This issue enormously helps the purchasers with their purchases in case they don’t have the opportunity to travel to Iran.

Purchase in France

Our company has a branch and agent in France and can carry out its negotiations in this country.

If the purchasers of the Kimia date cannot travel to Iran or Emirates, they can select the European continent and France country.

This case is considered for our customers’ satisfaction.

Delivery in Commercial Ports

India has commercial ports such as Mundra and Nashua

By its abundant experience in exporting to India, our company can deliver the exported cargo in these ports.

Furthermore, Bandar Abbas also enjoys considerable commercial significance in Iran, and it is recognized as one of the important ports connecting Iran to other countries.

Our company can also deliver the Kimia date to customers in Bandar Abbas.

The Possibility of Special Packaging for Customers

If customers have specific brands, we can easily pack the date using the customers’ brands.

Indeed, this case is considered for the customers’ satisfaction since they can easily sell their own brands.

The Possibility of Cooperation with other Trade Companies

If purchasers are not experienced in date purchasing, our company carries out the entire packaging and date selection for the customers.

This case can obviate the concerns of purchasers.


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