International transportation

International transportation

International transportation

At present, International transportation without the international transport companies (the export and import of goods), is not possible at all However, the current income of many countries in the world depends on the same import and export market And if we eliminate the international transport company, half of the world economy will be paralyzed, and this clearly shows the importance of these companies.


Definitions of international transportation


But international transportation means the movement of a product from inside the country to abroad.
In fact, the task of moving this product is the responsibility of international intermediary and transportation companies, which we will explain more about these organizations in the following.


What is international transportation companies?

But if we want to have a simple definition of an international transportation company, we have to say that these organizations act as intermediaries. All the task of transferring and moving goods is the responsibility of these international companies. But international transformation companies themselves have different categories. These organizations are divided into three categories, which we will explain more about in the following.


Types of transportation companies


Forward transportation Company

The company performs the task of transferring goods from the destination country to the origin in three ways: air, land and sea. Most international freight companies performs this.



Kimia Dates

Maryami Dates

Rabbi Dates

Shahani Dates

Sayer Dates

Zahedi Dates

Kabkab Dates

Carrier activity

This activity is done without intermediaries and by the international transport company itself, in the above option, intermediaries are applied, but in this method, there is no intermediary and the company itself does the transportation work.


International shipping tips

One of the most important points that should be applied in the field of transportation of export and imported goods is the customs stamp on the goods. If this stamp is removed or broken, the goods will be considered as smuggling and will be seized if the goods are observed. For this reason, international transport companies have a serious and heavy task in the field of transporting goods and they must be careful that these items are not removed or destroyed during the movement and transfer of goods. Also, another issue that needs to be mentioned is the loss of the seal of the goods that have been done in the customs, and if it is observed that the seal of a product has been lost for any reason, the goods will be confiscated. The drivers of the goods are obliged to deliver the goods according to the customs letter and deliver them to the origin within a certain period of time. Any intentional delay in reaching the goods is considered a violation and will be dealt with the drivers and finally the international transport company.

International terms in the field of international transport

Every company or person who intends to import or export goods must be familiar with these terms in order to be able to do their business in the best possible way. These terms include the following.

What is L/C?

It is a credit document submitted by the buyer bank to the seller bank. These documents reach the seller when the purchased goods are delivered to the customer. In addition, a contract is concluded between the bank, the buyer and the seller in order to comply with all these provisions and if any parties does not perform the duties that are the responsibility of these people, she/he will be dealt with according to the law. This method of trading is very effective in the international transport of goods and makes people clear their goods with more confidence and also, the buyer leaves the credit documents with the bank with ease.

International transportation Conventions

CMR Conventions    : For the payment of the employees and personnel of the international company, this convention has been created to pay the rights and salaries of these people within a certain period of time So that their rights are not violated and they move the required goods more carefully.

TIR Convention: This law is for international transport companies that travel by truck and cross the country’s land borders.

Kotif Convention: this convention is for the railway sector, and international companies that send export and import goods by rail are covered by this convention.

Bill of lading

Having a bill of lading is one of the main conditions for the transportation of international goods. So that most buyers trust this bill of lading and transfer the entire amount of goods to the seller. In fact, the bill of lading indicates that the goods have been delivered to the international shipping company, and this company, by issuing the bill of lading, specifies that the goods will be sent from the intended destination to the origin. There are so many complex terms in the field of international freight transport that in this article we considered it necessary to refer to some of the most important of these terms in order to become more familiar with these terms.


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