Iran Ready to Export to Iraq via Chadaba customs

Iran Ready to Export to Iraq via Chadaba customs


Chadaba Customs is ready to carry out customs formalities for exports to Iraq through the Chadaba border. In terms of operating time, Chadaba administrative staff is ready to provide services for exporters and traders. They work with no time limits.

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When the Chadaba border is closed, in accordance with the health instructions, a meeting was held with the clearance agents and exporters of the Chadaba border terminal at the customs trading hall to deal with the ongoing issues and provide the required solutions.

As a leading organization for facilitating trade and export, Customs, along with other border organizations, plays a major role in employment, production, revenue and cross-border exports, taking advantage of relevant laws and regulations.

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Disinfection, preparation of masks and gloves for the border customs personnel of Chadaba: Those who cross the border must follow the health protocols.

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