Iranian Dates

Iranian Dates

Iranian Dates

Iran is one of the leading manufacturers of dates globally, which has achieved this excellence due to its geographical location. Iranian dates are one of the most important and well-known exporting products worldwide. They are exported to many countries around the world and every year many importers worldwide tend to buy Iranian dates. Iranian dates are rich in minerals and vitamins and have unique features that make them unique compared to other dates and have a great taste; this desirable taste is known worldwide and has high marketability.


What are dates?

Dates are one of the oldest cultivated fruits. Dates or Rotab is a sweet fruit with a hard seed and thin skin and hangs from a palm tree branch. Dates have been consumed as a snack for many years. This tropical fruit has many medicinal properties and, due to its delicious taste, is highly used to prepare sweets, cakes, and products such as chopped datesdate paste, and date syrup, etc. 

What is the Origin of Dates?

Dates are an ancient fruit, and their name is repeated 42 times in the Bible. According to archaeologists, groves were created five thousand years ago. The history of dates in Iran dates back to before the Achaemenid period. This delicious and unique fruit is grown in tropical and semitropical regions, and the southern provinces of Iran are the primary source of this fruit.

Iranian Dates Supplier

Iranian Dates Properties 

Dates are a fruit rich in nutrients. Therefore, knowing the best way to consume them can help benefit more from this high-quality fruit. Date fruit is a snack full of energy that can be consumed daily and is high in calories. In addition, a significant amount of fiber has made this food an excellent option to improve gastrointestinal health. Dates are also rich in antioxidants and compared to other dried fruits, they have a large number of antioxidants and play an essential role in preventing many diseases.


Iranian Dates Types

Iran is one of the most notable dates producers in the world and with a high annual production of dates, has a significant share in exporting dates around the world. Date cultivation is done in many southern provinces of Iran, and many types of dates are cultivated in these provinces, which are as follows:

Mazafati Dates Wholesale

This date is the most famous Iranian date with the highest demand and production and accounts for a large number of Iranian date exports.

Piarom Dates

It is the most luxurious Iranian date and has a desirable and beautiful appearance. It is known as the King of Iranian dates, and is one of the commercial and export cultivars. 

Rabbi Dates Supplier

It is one of the best and most well-known Iranian dates, similar to Piarom dates in appearance and accounts for a high volume of Iranian date exports.

Sayer Dates Supplier

This date is one of Iran’s most important exporting and semi-dried dates. Due to its excellent and unique taste, it has many fans in international markets. 

Shahani Dates Price

Shahani is one of the most delicious Iranian dates and is one of the important exporting dates due to its delightful taste.

Kali Dates Price

This date is the most important Iranian date, which is very similar to Mazafati dates and has many fans in Arab countries.

Kabkab Dates Price

This date is one of the best and most popular Iranian export dates, which has a sweet and delicious taste and is known as one of the most abundant types of dates.

Lulu Dates Supplier

Lulu dates have a plum-like appearance and are among the semi-dried dates widely cultivated in Iran.

Zahedi Dates Price

One of the best Iranian dry dates is Zahedi dates, which is easy to store and transport due to their dryness.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Supplier

This date is one of the latest ripening dried and semi-dry dates and one of the famous exporting cultivars.

Khassui Dates Price

This date, which is considered a wet date, is a rare date and accounts for a large amount of Iranian dates exported.

Medjool Dates Supplier

This date is the highest quality date in the world, which has a high marketability and has many fans around the world.

Deglet Noor Dates Supplier

This date is one of the semi-dry cultivars and the most important commercial dates that have many fans in the Arab countries.

Iranian Dates Price

What factors influence the Iranian dates price, and how is the Iranian dates price determined? Iranian dates are among the popular dates in international markets that are sold at different prices. The Iranian dates price and the Iranian dates wholesale price depend on many factors, including product quality, packaging, place of cultivation, storage, transportation conditions, etc. Of course, it should be noted that supplying Iranian dates in bulk also has advantages such as lower and more reasonable prices. Therefore, in general, the Iranian date’s wholesale price has a more appropriate and cost-effective price. At present, Kimia Gold Company, one of the most well-known Iranian dates manufactures supplies these products directly at a reasonable price and competitive price. To know about the Iranian dates price, you can contact the sales experts of this Iranian dates company through WhatsApp and email.

Iranian Dates Price

Buy Iranian Dates

Annually, significant quantities of Iranian dates are exported to many countries worldwide, and Iranian dates are exported to more than 70 countries. Currently, many countries are looking to buy Iranian dates. Buying Iranian dates from this Iranian dates manufacturer is done both in-person and online. To buy Iranian dates and know the exact Iranian dates price and the Iranian dates wholesale price, the best way is to communicate with the most reputable Iranian dates suppliers.  

Kimia Gold Company is one of the main Iranian dates suppliers, annually supplying a high tonnage of Iranian dates all over the world. You can contact us through WhatsApp and email of our Iranian date company and receive the product you want with the highest quality in the shortest possible time.


Iranian Dates Manufacturer

Iran is one of the leading and most prominent producers of dates globally and, as mentioned above, exports a high tonnage of dates annually to many countries around the world and is available in large and international markets. Many Iranian date manufacturers produce dates and offer them to their customers. Kimia Gold Company is one of the Iranian dates manufacturers with more than two decades of experience producing Iranian dates and its products. With the help of its young and experienced specialists, this Iranian dates company offers the best products to customers and Iranian dates importers worldwide.


Iranian Dates Exporter 

Iranian date exporters supply various types of dates in foreign markets. These exporters should keep in mind that supplying and exporting high-quality Iranian dates significantly impacts the satisfaction of customers and Iranian dates importers. The dates produced in Iran are among the most well-known and high-quality dates and are famous in most parts of the world. They are exported to many countries around the world. The main Iranian dates importers are the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, India, Bangladesh, East Asian countries, and European countries. Kimia Gold Company is one of the largest Iranian date exporters to the region and European countries. Refer to this company for direct purchase from the factory and buy Iranian dates in bulk with the best price and quality.

Iranian Dates Wholesale

Iranian Dates Supplier

How Iranian dates wholesale purchase is done? Since Iranian dates are among the most unique and high-quality dates globally, they are certainly in great demand globally. Many customers worldwide are looking to buy Iranian dates, and these products can be very profitable and commercially efficient for Iran. Many companies worldwide are the Iranian dates suppliers and supply and export the best Iranian dates to many countries. Kimia Gold Company, one of the Iranian dates wholesale suppliers with a branch in Iran and Dubai, is responsible for supplying the highest quality Iranian dates. In this Iranian dates wholesale company, you can purchase Iranian dates wholesale with high quality and reasonable price. You can choose a variety of Iranian dates and buy from this company at wholesale price. 


Iranian Dates Packaging 

Iranian dates are one of the best-selling types of dates globally and have high economic and exporting benefits and can be offered in high tonnage. These dates can be supplied to the date market in a variety of cartons and bulk packaging. The packaging of these dates should be done according to world standards and should be of high quality. There are many date manufacturing companies in Iran and worldwide that produce and package Iranian dates of the highest quality and standard; Kimia Gold Company is one of these companies. This Iranian dates manufacturer offers its products in high-quality packages and meets the export standards. It is also possible to provide packaging with the customer’s label in this Iranian date company. This company offers the best dates with the highest quality, and in an up-to-date and modern package according to the needs of its domestic and foreign customers, it meets the needs of the international markets all over the year.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There are a large number of Iranian dates, the best of which are exported to other countries by Kimia Gold Company.

The best-selling Iranian date is Kimia date, which has excellent taste and quality.

Kimia Gold Company exports Iranian dates to all countries of the world with no restrictions.

You can easily contact our sales experts via email or WhatsApp and place your order.

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