Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Iraqi Zahedi dates, along with Iranian Zahedi dates, are some of the most delicious semi-dried and dried dates globally, and one of the most widely used and popular dates in the exporting market. Iraqi Zahedi dates are native to northern Iraq and are considered late-ripening dates. This type of date is a desirable date that is easy to store and transport and is regarded as an export and commercial cultivar. 


Iraqi Zahedi Dates Features

Most people think that specific actions, such as cooking, are performed to dry this date. But these dates are harvested from palms, and immediately cleaned, and packaged, and there is no other processing. Iraqi Zahedi dates are oval, elongated and their ends are pretty narrow and sharp and have a great taste. These dates are fleshy and have thick skin, golden yellow to light brown color, and less moisture than other dates. The size of these dates is 3.5 cm, they have a dry and shiny appearance, and their shelf life is up to 18 months in normal room conditions. 

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Properties

Iraqi Zahedi dates contain large amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These dates contain many minerals; the most important are magnesium, iron, potassium, manganese, calcium, phosphorus, etc. It is also rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin C, etc. This date has a lot of folates, which are valuable and necessary for blood circulation. Zahedi dates are also rich in fiber, so people who suffer from digestive problems are recommended to use dates in their diet.  

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Supplier

The calcium in Iraqi Zahedi dates strengthens bone health, and its antioxidants are very helpful in preventing cancer.


Iraqi Zahedi Dates Price

Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale price in the international market is one of the issues that significantly impact its trade. Therefore, most products supplied by Iraqi Zahedi dates suppliers are of excellent quality and at the same time have a very reasonable price. Thus, for choosing and buying Iraqi Zahedi dates, great attention should be paid to Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale price and the market price of this product. Meanwhile, the companies supplying Iraqi Zahedi dates pay special attention to quality and offer products that meet the required standards and can be easily traded. Kimia Gold Company, the Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale supplier, offers this delicious and high-quality product at a reasonable price and a reasonable wholesale price. To buy Iraqi Zahedi dates, you can contact this Iraqi Zahedi dates company via email or WhatsApp  and inquire about Iraqi Zahedi dates price or Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale price. You can also visit this company’s website to buy different varieties of Iranian dates, including Mazafati dates.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Price

Buy Iraqi Zahedi Dates without Intermediaries

What are standard requirements of the best Iraqi Zahedi dates? Will this product have bulk purchases in the international market? How is the best Iraqi Zahedi date exported to different countries worldwide? And how much of this product is sold abroad? Undoubtedly, most exporting products in Iran have good export conditions. For this reason, investment has been made to increase their quality and quantity. It is very important for foreign customers to buy the best Iraqi Zahedi dates or the best Iranian dates. 


So, suppliers supply the highest quality to the market and control its sales conditions. Kimia Gold Company is an Iraqi Zahedi dates exporter and also the exporter of all varieties of dates such as Kabkab dates, Shahani dates, etc. You can refer to this Iraqi Zahedi dates company to buy Iraqi Zahedi dates and Shahani dates, etc., and order your desired product. 


Iraqi Zahedi Dates Supplier

Iran is one of the largest Iraqi Zahedi dates suppliers and Iraqi Zahedi dates are produced and supplied for export in large quantities because there is a high demand in foreign markets for the purchase of Iraqi Zahedi dates. The best Iraqi Zahedi dates are large, fresh, and delicious. If you want to buy Iraqi Zahedi dates, pay attention to the type of brand. Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale have different prices depending on the brand. You can buy Iraqi Zahedi dates from Kimia Gold Company website. Buy Iraqi Zahedi dates or other dates such as Piarom dates online from the Website of Kimia Gold Company, which is one of the most reputable Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale suppliers. 


Iraqi Zahedi Dates Exporter

Iran is a producer and exporter of different Iranian dates, including Medjool datesKali dates, etc. It is also one of the largest Iraqi Zahedi dates exporters. Kimia Gold Company is a reputable company with branch offices in Iran and the UAE and exports Iraqi Zahedi dates to most Persian Gulf countries, Asian countries, and European countries that are the main Iraqi Zahedi dates importers with high quality directly at a reasonable price. The highest volume of Iraqi Zahedi dates is exported to other countries by this Iraqi Zahedi dates exporter.  

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Wholesale

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Packaging 

As one of the most reputable Iraqi Zahedi dates manufacturers, Kimia Gold Company uses the most modern equipment for sorting, washing, preserving, packing and maintaining a variety of dates, including Deglet Noor dates and a variety of export date products such as date paste, etc., with very high quality and exports them to all parts of Iran and many foreign countries. Using its experienced and professional team and the latest techniques for packing dates, this Iraqi Zahedi dates manufacturer provides the best services for supplying and exporting high-quality dates for the first time in Iran as a reputable Iranian dates exporter.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can store Iraqi Zahedi dates for 12 to 18 months if they are stored in suitable conditions and temperatures.

It is necessary to keep Iraqi Zahedi dates at a temperature between 0 and 50°F to maintain moisture and prevent them from rotting.

Yes. Customers can buy these products with their own designs and packaging.

Kimia Gold Company exports Iraqi Zahedi dates to all over the world without any restrictions.

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