Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Iraqi Zahedi dates are semi-dried dates grown in Iraq. The color of Iraqi Zahedi dates is golden or light brown. Iraqi Zahedi dates have a two-toned color like Saqai dates. Their body is light brown and their rim is almost beige. The shape of Iraqi Zahedi dates is oval and their end is a bit narrow. Iraqi Zahedi dates have a long shelf life and are widely exported to Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Russia. They are one of the industrial cultivars and are also used to make alcohol and vinegar. Iraqi Zahedi dates are also rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins, and have many health benefits.


Buy Iraqi Zahedi Dates

Buy Iraqi Zahedi dates from Kimia Gold Company and receive your order at a discounted price. Iraqi Zahedi dates, like Medjool dates, are well known in Asian and Middle Eastern countries and have a high demand. Iraqi Zahedi dates are cheaper than other dry dates such as Saqai dates, and as they are semi-dry, they are easier to transport and are exported in large quantities to other countries. Kimia Gold Company has many years of experience in the wholesale of Iraqi Zahedi dates and various types of dry, semi-dry and soft dates such as Safawi dates, and exports Iraqi Zahedi dates to all parts of the world. To buy Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale, you can visit Kimia Gold Company’s website or contact our sales experts directly and place your order.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Price

Iraqi Zahedi dates price varies depending on the size, uniform color, and the quality of Iraqi Zahedi dates. Kimia Gold Company, an Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale supplier, can deliver your order at a wholesale price. We sort and pack the largest and most colorful Iraqi Zahedi dates in our equipped factories and supply them to international markets at a reasonable price. By Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale purchase, you can enjoy a special discount and receive the highest quality Iraqi Zahedi dates as soon as possible. We are also the wholesaler of Sukkary dates and other types of dates. To inquire about Iraqi Zahedi dates price, you can contact our sales experts via WhatsApp or email and compare the prices of Kimia Gold Company with the prices offered by other companies.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Supplier

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Exporter

We are one of Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale exporters and every year export large quantities of Iraqi Zahedi dates to Asian and European countries. Iraqi Zahedi dates have a long shelf life and do not require refrigerated containers to transport, and can easily be exported in bulk to other countries. Kimia Gold Company can export the latest and highest quality Iraqi Zahedi dates in bulk to all over the world. We have all food safety standards and with years of experience in exporting dates, we have provided easy access to products for our customers. In addition to Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale export, Kimia Gold Company also exports other varieties of dates, such as Deglet Noor dates, at wholesale prices. For more information on how to import Iraqi Zahedi dates, you can contact Kimia Gold Company directly via WhatsApp or email and receive a free consultation.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Wholesale

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Supplier

Kimia Gold Company, an Iraqi Zahedi dates supplier, seeks to establish a long-term relationship with customers by providing the best services and wholesale supply of the highest quality dates.  We can deliver your order in large quantities on time. Our team is always thinking about meeting the needs of customers and will provide you with any information you need about the products or Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale supply. We have made it possible for you to buy Iraqi Zahedi dates cheaper by supplying Iraqi Zahedi dates and other types of export dates such as Ajwa dates in bulk. You can now contact Kimia Gold Company, the Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale supplier and make your purchase.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Price

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Packaging

Iraqi Zahedi dates are offered in beautiful packages with the brand of Kimia Gold Company in weights of 450 g to 10 kg. You can also order Iraqi Zahedi dates in bulk. Kimia Gold products are offered in creative and very attractive packages. If you are thinking of selling Iraqi Zahedi dates or our other products such as Mabroom dates in your desired packages, Kimia Gold Company offers you custom packaging with your desired brand and design. You can contact us via WhatsApp or email to see samples of Iraqi Zahedi dates and other Kimia Gold products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can store Iraqi Zahedi dates for 12 to 18 months if they are stored in suitable conditions and temperatures.

It is necessary to keep Iraqi Zahedi dates at a temperature between 0 and 50°F to maintain moisture and prevent them from rotting.

Yes. Customers can buy these products with their own designs and packaging.

Kimia Gold Company exports Iraqi Zahedi dates to all over the world without any restrictions.

Iraqi Zahedi Dates Packing

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Table of Contents

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