Kabkab sates supplier

Kabkab sates supplier

Kabkab is a very tasty and delicious Iranian date.

There are different types of Kabkab Dates .

Many importers look for a genuine Kabkab Dates Supplier, who can supply Kabkab dates throughout the year.

Kimia Gold Company is a well-known Kabkab Dates Supplier who is equipped with cold storage, hence this company can store kabkab dates for long time and supply this date throughout the year.

Kabkab Dates Supplier in Iran

Kabkab dates are well-known and very famous both in international as well as domestic market.

The reason for this popularity is the very good taste, high quality and reasonable price of dates.

Due to the high production in the country, Kabkab dates have a reasonable price, which makes them attract many customers.

In addition, the annual production of these dates is about 50,000 tons.

You can name Kimia Gold Company as one of biggest Kabkab Dates Supplier in Iran.

The moisture content of these dates is 18%. Therefore kabkab Dates are considered as semi-dry dates. These dates need special storage conditions to prevent damage and insects.

Kimia Gold Company as the sole kabkab dates Supplier in Iran, is equipped with a cold storage in Bam which have the conditions to store Kabkab dates for a long time.

Kabkab dates have high consumption in Iran.

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Kabkab Dates Supplier in Dubai

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai.

Dubai is considered as the business hub of Western Asia.

It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo.

Due to the importance of Dubai, you can find all kinds of Dates in this international center.

Many importers face difficulty in buying Kabkab from Iranian suppliers, because they only transact in one currency that is Toman or Rials.

Kimia Gold Company by establishing a branch in Dubai have solved this issue, and can make transactions in other currencies such as US dollar, Dirham, Rupees, etc.

Kimia Gold Company is a well-known Kabkab Dates Supplier in Dubai because it has gained a good reputation in Dubai because of its exclusive Kabkab packaging.

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Kabkab Dates Supplier in India

India is a very vast country, this country is considered as the largest importer of Kabkab Dates.

Indian people are in love with Kabkab Date and it has become one of Indian’s favorite dates because of its delicious taste.

Kebab dates are one of the most important dates in the country and have a lot of production.

Kimia Gold Company as the sole Kabkab Dates Supplier in India, supplies these dates with standard and posh packaging suitable for Indian market.

Kabkab Dates mainly have 2 types:

Juicy/Syrup Kabkab

Dry Kabkab

Juicy Kabkab is mainly used for domestic purpose.

There is a lot of demand for dry Kabkab to India according to Kimia Gold Company statistics.

Kimia Gold Company as the main Kabkab Dates Supplier in India, supplies these dates with the possibility of dipping them in edible paraffin oil, which is done to give them shine and to separate them from each other.

Kabkab Dates Supplier in Europe 

In Europe, people are in love with Kabkab dates due to its delicious and special taste.

Kabkab dates are cultivated only in Iran. There are mainly 2 types of Kabkab dates:

  1. Dried Kabkab that is mostly used for export to European countries
  2. Juicy Kabkab, which is mostly sold in the Iranian market.

The second type of this date usually has a lot of syrup, and in the packaging, this shows that it must be stored at a suitable temperature, because if the temperature is not suitable, this syrup will spoil the date.

Kabkab without syrup has more exports to Europe and this type of Kabkab is suitable for world markets.

You might think that dry Kabkab and mazafati seem to be very similar, but dry export Kabkab are taller and firmer than Kabkab.

Juicy Kabkab are usually pressed in packages of 1 – 1.5 kg and dry export Kabkab are exported in bulk packages of 5 and 10 kg to Europe.

Kimia Gold Company is a well-known Kabkab Dates Supplier in Europe, by having a branch established in France.

Kimia Gold Company can supply Kabkab dates throughout Europe from its France office/ branch.

According to Kimia Gold Company statistics, these dates exported to European countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia and France.

Kimia gold is a famous brand in Europe because of their exclusive Kabkab packaging.

They have spent great amount of time and labor to supply Kabkab dates in the best packaging available.

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Kabkab Dates Supplier in Malaysia

60% of Malaysia’s population is Muslim.

Malaysia is a very important country in the date’s field, as it has a growing Kabkab date market in the past few years.

Iran and Malaysia are known to have good trade relations, so Kabkab importers won’t face any difficulty in importing Kabkab to Malaysia.

As it has been developing in date import in the recent years, Kimia Gold Company has been collecting information and data, and has obtained full information about Kabkab trade rules and regulation of this country.

Due to Kabkab’s high quality, reasonable price and high quality packaging, Kimia Gold has been the first Kabkab Dates Supplier in Malaysia.

With experienced experts and staff, Kimia Gold Company is fully prepared to provide its best services to Malaysia and supply the best quality Kabkab dates, especially during holy month of Ramadan due to its massive Muslim population.

Port Klang is the largest and most important port in Malaysia.

Kimia Gold Company supplies Kabkab dates through CIF through Port Klang to Malaysia.


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