kali dates supplier

kali dates supplier

Kali dates are considered as semi dry dates. They have a moisture of 14 – 22%

There is a lot of resemblance between Kalute and Mazafati Dates. Many importers make mistake in purchasing Kalute Dates.

Kimia Gold Company with many years of experience in Kali export, is considered as the main supplier of Kalute Dates.

You can name Kimia Gold Company as a well-known Kalute Dates Supplier.


Kali Dates Supplier in Iran

Kali Dates are only produced in Iran. They are called with other names such as Kali, Karite and Kalite.

High quality Kalute dates are cultivated in Kerman province.

This fruit is red at first and turns dark brown or black when fully ripe.

It is very similar in shape to Mazafati dates. The taste of Kalute date is the same as Mazafati dates.

The difference between these 2 dates is that Kalute is drier than Mazafati.

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Kimia Gold Company can be named as a well-known Kalute Dates Supplier in Iran.

Kimia Gold Company as the main supplier of Kalute Dates in Iran, has few advantages such as designing your own Kalute Dates Package.

Kalute dates supplied by Kimia Gold Company are of high quality and best price.

Kali Dates Supplier in Dubai

Dubai is known as the center of dates.

Dubai is situated in the UAE. Being an Arabic country, there is lot of demand for Kalute dates in this country.

Due to the high quality and relatively reasonable price, this date always has a suitable domestic and international market.

You can refer to Kimia Gold Company as the largest Kalute Dates Supplier in Dubai.

By having a branch in Dubai, Kimia Gold Company supplies Kalute dates in the best packaging available.

Kalute Dates can be dipped in edible paraffin oil as per customer’s request.

Edible Paraffin Oil, which is approved by the Ministry of Health, is an expensive oil that is used to separate dates from sticking to each other.

Kali Dates Supplier in India

India is a very populated country. It also has a huge number of Muslim population.

During Ramadan, huge tonnage of Kalute dates are exported to India.

Indian Importers always look for a supplier who is genuine, offers affordable price, and provides best services and best packaging of Kalute Dates.

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The sole Kalute Dates Supplier in India is Kimia Gold Company with many years of experience in Kalute export to India with standard packaging and in accordance to India market.

Foreign buyers confuse this date with Mazafati, always keep in mind that Mazafati price is higher than Kalute and they also have small differences in appearance.

Kalute dates are among the dry and wet dates, so it is in the category of semi-dry dates, and also the syrup in the inherent structure of this date is medium, and it has neither much syrup nor no syrup.

As Kalute and Mazafati share a huge resemblance, Kimia Gold Company supplies these dates in packages just like Mazafati Dates i.e. 550, 650 and 800 grams to India.

For any information regarding kalute dates, you can contact Kimia Gold Company who is the biggest Kalute dates supplier in India.

Kimia Gold Company experts have full knowledge and experience of Kalute Market in India.

Kali Dates Supplier in Indonesia

Indonesia has the biggest Muslim population in the world.

The peak of sales of Kalute dates in Indonesia is in the holy month of Ramadan, and due to high demand in this month, the selling price of these dates reaches the highest possible level in the holy month, but in other seasons of the year, it has a lower and cheaper price.

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You can name Kimia Gold Company as the sole Kalute Dates Supplier in Indonesia.

Kimia Gold Company with many years of experience in Kalute Export to Indonesia, supplies the best quality Kalute Dates to this country.

The size of Kalute date varies from 2 to 4 cm depending on the type of date, but the humidity of these dates varies from 13% to 23%, which is actually related to the type and material of Kalute date, because this date is in different qualities. There is and it is interesting to know that all the dates available in the market have different qualities that make them have different prices.

Kimia Gold Company can supply Kalute Dates dipped in edible paraffin oil.

Kimia Gold Company provides FOB and CIF services to Port of Belawan in Medan (Indonesia’s busiest seaport) and Port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta (most advanced Indonesian seaport).

This port loaded and unloaded 7.8 million TEUs of cargo in 2018.

Kali Dates Supplier in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country with 90% of its population as Muslims. Dury festivals such as holy month of Ramadan, many people fast. Kali dates are in high demand during this month, as it is used as a food substitute to regain back the lost energy during fasting.

Therefore, every year there is a huge tonnage of Kali import to this country.

To buy good quality Kali dates, you can contact Kimia Gold Company who is the main Kalute Dates Supplier in Bangladesh, as it follows all the export rules and regulations of this country and provides the best services to their customers.

Chittagong, the largest seaport, is the second-largest city, through which Kimia Gold Company supplies best quality Kali Dates.

Kalute dates can be soaked in edible paraffin oil according to customers demand.

Kimia Gold Company supplies Kalute dates to Bangladesh in 550, 650 and 800 gram packaging.

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