Kali dates wholesaler

Kali dates wholesaler

Kali dates are also called Kalute, Kalite and Karite dates.

Kali and Mazafati have few similarities. But Kali is comparatively drier.

They can be found in 2- 4 cm in size.

These dates have a moisture content of 14-22%.

To store Kali for a long duration of approximately 18 months, they must be stored in proper packaging in temperature between -5° C to +5° C.   

Kali dates are cultivated in Kerman province, located south of Iran.

Harvest time of these dates is end of summer, hence it’s very crucial and sensitive time.

The fruit is red at first and turns dark brown or black when fully ripe.

Due to the high quality and relatively reasonable price, this date always has a suitable domestic and international market.

One of the best Kalute Dates Wholesaler in the UAE, Iran, Europe, Malaysia , Indonesia , Bangladesh , India and etc. is Kimia Gold Company.

Kali dates wholesaler in Indonesia

Relation between Indonesia and Iran is of great importance because both nations, as Muslim majority countries, are responsible for representing the Islamic world globally.

Iran’s ninth export destination in the world is Indonesia. Iran exports to Indonesia was US$786.86 Million during 2018.

Indonesia, a country located in Southeast Asia, consists of seventeen thousands islands, with a population of 270 million people. This country is the fourth-most populous country and it holds the first position in the most Muslim populated country.

A number of prospective commodities exported from Iran to Indonesia include LPG gas, dates, pistachios, medicines, medical devices, and steel.

As Indonesia is a Muslim populated country, the consumption of dates like Kali goes comparatively high. Kimia Gold Company holding a firm position as the best Kali dates Wholesaler in Indonesia, supplies these dates on high tonnages and standard with luxury packaging to Indonesian importers.

The Indonesian archipelago has been a valuable region for trade since at least the 7th century. The economy of Indonesia is the world’s 15th largest by nominal GDP and 7th by GDP at PPP.

According to a study published in Indonesia, regular consumption of dates has led to a significant increase in the level of hemoglobin, helps in preventing anemia. Thus, considering these factors, the global date market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period.

Kimia Gold Company has been regarded as the best and most famous Kali Dates Wholesaler in Indonesia, as it has experience of export all around the world, supplies best services and high wuality Kali dates and takes into consideration of Indonesia’s drastic climate and ships them in reefer containers as needed.

Kali dates wholesaler in Bangladesh

Bangladesh a country located in Southeast Asia, shares land border with India. There is a strong trade relation between India and Bangladesh. You can find Kali dates imported from India to Bangladesh.

Chittagong, the largest seaport, is the second-largest city, handling over $60 billion in annual trade (more than 80 percent of the country’s export-import commerce). Dhaka, the capital and largest city, is the nation’s economic, political and cultural hub. Nearly 26 million Bangladeshis, concentrated mainly in Dhaka and Chattogram, have annual incomes exceeding $12,000, offering a sizable market for Piarom consumption.

Kimia Gold Company as the best Kali Dates Wholesaler in Bangladesh, supplies Kali dates through FOB and CIF to port Chittagong and Mongla.

Iran traded 1.46 million tons of non-oil commodities worth $118 million with Bangladesh in the last fiscal year (ended March 20, 2019). Bangladesh was Iran’s 33rd export destination during the year. Iran mainly exported bitumen, Portland cement and pistachios to Bangladesh during the 12 months.

It is the eighth-most populous country in the world, with 164 million people. 90% of its population is Muslims.

According to Iran and Bangladesh good trade relations, existence of vast Muslim population, Kimia Gold Company has gained a good position as the top Kali Dates Wholesaler in Bangladesh.

The Ijtema is the second-largest Muslim congregation in the world, after the Hajj.

The Muslim festivals of Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Milad un Nabi, Muharram, Chand Raat, Shab-e-Barat; the Hindu festivals of Durga Puja, Janmashtami and Rath Yatra; the Buddhist festival of Buddha Purnima, which marks the birth of Gautama Buddha, and Christian festival of Christmas are national holidays in Bangladesh. The two Eids are celebrated with long streak of public holidays and give the city-dwellers opportunity to celebrate the festivals with their families outside city.

Pahela Baishakh, the Bengali New Year, is the major festival of Bengali culture. Other cultural festivals include Nabonno, and Poush Parbon both of which are Bengali harvest festivals.

These occasions are celebrated with public ceremonies, parades, and rallies by citizens, political speeches, fairs, concerts, and various other public and private events, and many schools and colleges organize fairs, festivals, and concerts. Kali Dates are almost present at every festival and even due to their tastiness and luxurious appearance. Kimia Gold Company as the premier and top Kali dates Wholesaler in Bangladesh, supplies best quality kali dates for these events and festivals.

Straddling the Tropic of Cancer, Bangladesh’s climate is tropical, a hot and humid summer. The country has never recorded an air temperature below 0 °C (32 °F).

Considering Bangladesh drastic climate, Kali dates should be taken care of and exported in reefer containers with standard and luxurious packaging. Kimia Gold Company being equipped with a packaging unit, is regarded as the most genuine and famous Kali dates Wholesaler in Bangladesh.

Kali dates wholesaler in the UAE

The UAE has maritime borders in the Persian Gulf with Iran. Iran has exported commodities worth about $1 billion to the UAE during the first three months of this year.

The United Arab Emirates, the UAE, is located in Western Asia. Due to its geographical location, quality transport infrastructure (including the port of Jebel Ali in Dubai) and tax incentives (no direct taxation for all foreign companies), the UAE is considered as key trade center. It’s most populous city of Dubai is a global city and international aviation and maritime trade hub.

Many importers cannot work with Iran directly, hence they travel to Dubai to purchase the desired Kali dates. Kimia Gold Company have made this process easier by having a branch installed in Dubai. Hence Kimia Gold is the best Kali Dates Wholesaler in the UAE, who can transact in other currencies such as US Dollars, Dirhams, Rupees and etc.

Formula One is particularly popular in the United Arab Emirates. The emirate of Dubai is also home to two major golf courses. Event organizers at these festivals serve sweets and dates, especially Kali Dates. Hence the consumption Kali goes really high during this time. Kimia Gold Company as the top Kali Dates Wholesaler in Dubai and the UAE, supplies huge load of Kali dates for these events.

The estimated population of the UAE in 2020 was 9.89 million, of which 7.8 million were expatriates. Nearly 500,000 Iranians living in the UAE today, mainly in Dubai, which represents nearly 5% of the population. Islam is the official religion.

Kimia Gold Company being familiar with population of the UAE, is considered as the best Kali dates Wholesaler in the UAE. There is huge demand of Kali dates by these expatriates and the Iranian crowd, which is supplied by Kimia Gold Company.

Kali dates wholesaler in India

The largest city of India, Mumbai (Bombay), with a 15 million metropolitan population, is the nation’s major port, commercial center and also the key industrial center.

Chennai (Madras), biggest city in southern India, is the busiest port on southeastern coast.

India being located in Southeast Asia, is the second most populous country.

India has become a fast-growing major economy.

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India is the top importer of Kali dates in the whole world. For the record, this year, dates such as Kali, worth Rs.15 crore were consumed during Ramadan in the Kashmir valley alone.

Considering India’s massive population, its vast growing economy, Kimia Gold Company has maintained a good position between the importers as the top Kali Dates Wholesaler in India,

These dates can be consumed by patients, as they help to strengthen bones, keep the nervous system energized, improve digestion and keep cholesterol under control. Dates also come handy to keep the medical conditions – such as night blindness, hyperacidity, obesity, dehydration, pediatrics anxiety, skin allergy and tumors – at bay.

It is widely believed by Hindus that these dates symbolize prosperity, happiness and love. Dates have religious significance in Christian and Islam religion, hence they adore this fruit.

Today, it can be found in almost every home across the country, especially during the festive season.

Kimia Gold Company with many years of experience in date business, has been one of the best Kali Dates Wholesalers in India, as it can supply these dates throughout the year. Kimia Gold owns a cold storage located in Bam city which can store dates for approximately 18 months.

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Kali Dates Wholesaler in Malaysia

With a population of over 32 million, Malaysia is the world’s 43rd-most populous country.

The country is multi-ethnic, multilingual and multi-cultural, which has a significant effect on its politics and economics.

Other cultural influences include the Persian, Arabic, and British cultures.

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia. Peninsular Malaysia shares maritime border with Indonesia. Kuala Lumpur is the national capital and largest city.

While recognizing Islam as the country’s established religion, the constitution grants freedom of religion to non-Muslims.

Kimia Gold Company is an experienced Kali Dates Wholesaler in Malaysia as it is a well-known and famous brand. There is huge consumption of Kali dates by different ethnic groups and religions, which is met by Kimia Gold.

The country has seven international ports, the major one being the Port Klang.

The Strait of Malacca, is one of the most important thoroughfares in global commerce, carrying 40 percent of the world’s trade.

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Malaysia has had one of the best economic records in Asia.

Malaysia’s economy in 2014–2015 was one of the most competitive in Asia, ranking 6th in Asia and 20th in the world, higher than countries like Australia, France and South Korea.

Malaysia has a newly industrialized market economy, ranked third-largest in Southeast Asia and 33rd-largest in the world.

It is a founding member of ASEAN, EAS, OIC and a member of APEC, the Commonwealth and the Non-Aligned Movement.

You can refer to Kimia Gold Company as the top Kali Dates Wholesaler in Malaysia considering Malaysia’s date growing market.

The local climate is equatorial and characterized monsoons.

Humidity is usually high. Hence Kimia Gold Company as the biggest Kali Dates Wholesaler, transports these dates in reefer containers.

Between 2013 and 2014, Malaysia has been listed as one of the best places to retire to in the world, with the country in third position on the Global Retirement Index.

This in part was the result of the Malaysia My Second Home programme to allow foreigners to live in the country on a long-stay visa for up to 10 years.

In 2016, Malaysia ranked the fifth position on The World’s Best Retirement Havens while getting in the first place as the best place in Asia to retire. A warm climate combined with a British colonial background makes it easy for foreigners to interact with locals.

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Importers prefer to work with Kimia Gold Company to purchase Kali dates as Kimia Gold is a genuine Kali Dates Wholesaler in Malaysia.

In January 2017, Iran and Malaysia are set to pursue a free trade agreement.

Both countries have integrated their banking transactions and also agreed to use local currencies along with Chinese yuan and Japanese yen in their bilateral trade.

As of 2015, there are around 5,000 Iranian students in Malaysia, while only 15 Malaysian students in Iran.

Malaysia was Iran’s third export destination and the second exporter of goods to Iran among the nations under review.

Iran exported 604,308 tons worth $246.93 million to Malaysia during the 12-month period.

A total of 238,152 tons of dates worth $211.64 million were exported from Iran in the last Iranian year (March 2019-20), Kimia Gold Company is one of the main Kali Dates Wholesaler in Malaysia.

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