Kimia dates price in Mumbai


Kimia dates are very popular in India especially in Mumbai city.

You can contact us for the instant price of Kimia dates in Mumbai.


Factors affecting the price of dates

One of the most important factors in the price of dates is their health. If the date has juice or is spoiled, its price will be reduced.

Usually the price of different types of dates is universal and fixed, which differs slightly in different periods.

For example, in the harvest season, a new price will be announced.

Uniformity and regular appearance are also factors affecting the price of dates.

Sorting and arranging dates also affects its price.

The distance from the origin of the date to the sales destination is also one of the factors affecting its price.



Kimia Dates

Maryami Dates

Rabbi Dates

Shahani Dates

Sayer Dates

Zahedi Dates

Kabkab Dates

How to get the required dates in Mumbai?

India is one of the best destinations for selling Kimia dates.

The best dates for sale in this country are Mazafati or Kimia.

Kimia Gold Company can deliver the best type of this date to you with the desired tonnage.

All the necessary standards for this work are available and Kimia gold has prepared all the necessary standards.

Our company can provide you with the best price of Kimia dates in Mumbai.


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