Kimia dates supplier

Kimia dates supplier


Kimia Dates supplier : Our company is one of the suppliers of the Kimia date.

It supplies the orders of purchasers in different tonnages and with suitable prices.

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Kimia Dates Supplier in India

India, as the largest customer of Kimia dates, imports a large tonnage of these dates every year.

Kimia dates supplier in India is Kimia Gold Company.

Kimia dates required for the Indian market, with acceptable quality and with proper packaging in this market, you can supply from our company.

The market potential of this country easily provides an acceptable capacity for this type of date, which is a product of Iran, and on the other hand, people are interested in the taste of this date.

Kimia dates are a well-known product in the Indian market.

On the other hand, importers, considering the market conditions and capacity, are interested in cooperating with companies that will be able to supply this date in the long run.

There are all the necessary standards for the supply of Kimia dates in India.

There is also supply of these dates as FOB and CIF for buyers in India.

Kimia Date Supplier in Bangladesh

Bangladesh, India’s neighbor, has a similar market.

Bangladesh market, as a suitable market for Kimia dates, has been able to experience acceptable sales of these dates in recent years.

Good trade relations between Iran and Bangladesh have also helped a lot in importing these dates.

On the other hand, given the current economic situation, dates are an economical food at a reasonable price.

Kimia Gold Company is able to supply all kinds of Kimia grades for the Bangladesh market.

There is also supply of dates as FOB and CIF for buyers in Bangladesh.

Kimia Date Supplier in Dubai

Dubai, the capital of world dates, has always been known as the main market for various dates.

Among these dates, there is also Kimia Date.

Kimia dates are known in Dubai as a high-selling product.

The supplier of Kimia dates in Dubai is Kimia Gold Company.

On the other hand, Kimia Gold brand is one of the well-known brands in Dubai, which helps to sell more of this product.

There are standards for selling these dates in world markets.

There is also supply of these dates as FOB and CIF for buyers in Dubai and the UAE.

Kimia Date Supplier in Indonesia

Indonesia, as a Muslim country, buys Iranian dates.

Kimia has been able to gain an acceptable position in the Indonesian market in recent years.

Proper packaging of the Indonesian market, the proper capacity of this market to sell these dates has increased sales.

The main supplier of this date in Iran is Kimia Gold Company.

There are different grades of these dates for supply in the Indonesian market.

According to customers’ requests, our company has the ability to supply these dates in the required tonnages.

There is also supply of these dates as FOB and CIF for buyers in Indonesia.

Kimia Date Supplier in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the importers of dates in the world.

Kimia dates are one of the tasty Iranian dates at a reasonable price in the market.

Malaysia is one of the regular customers of Iranian dates due to its good trade relations with Iran.

Kimia, which is a product of Bam city in Iran, has been able to attract the attention of global markets.

There is also supply of these dates as FOB and CIF for buyers in Malaysia.

Kimia Date Supplier in France

With a branch in France, Kimia Gold Company can supply this date for the French market and European countries.

One of the things that helps to supply these dates is the existence of appropriate laws for moving dates between different European countries.

There are also standards and certificates for the supply of these dates in the European market.

Suitable Price for the Large-Scale Purchases

The suitable purchase price is one of the desires of customers.

Unfortunately, owing to the presence of unreliable and profiteer individuals, the prices extensively differ in the market.

Cooperation with reliable companies is one of the sticking points you should take into account when buying dates.

The producers of the Kimia date usually accommodate the most suitable price for you.

Date Uniformity

Another significant factor in date purchasing is its uniformity.

The suppliers should consider this chief factor, as well.

The uniformity of the date cargo increases its sale.

You must pay attention to this issue and ask the supplier to deliver a uniform cargo to you.

Standard and Stylish Packages of Dates

Concerning the sale history of a product, the market of every country considers certain packages.

This issue holds true for dates, too.

The packages of the Kimia date are usually white-colored, and the markets of the consumer countries also ask for such packaging.

The Kimia date produced by our company has also white color.

The packages with 5 and 10 kg weights are available.

These packages are selected according to the requirements of the purchasers.


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