lulu dates supplier

lulu dates supplier

Lulu is one of the dates produced in Iran that has a taste similar to Piarom dates.

These dates are also called as Alooyi dates.

This date is widely consumed in Arabic and European countries.

This date has easier storage conditions than other dates.

One of the interesting features of this date is that it has a small seed compared to its large flesh.

These dates have a very small market share in the world and are lesser known dates.

Due to its special taste, this date can have many customers in the markets of European countries.

Lulu Dates Supplier in Iran

Lulu dates have a small percentage consumption in Iran.

Lulu dates are similar to Piarom Dates.

Kimia Gold Company by holding a good reputation between date suppliers, is considered as the top Lulu Dates Supplier in Iran.

Lulu dates supplied by Kimia Gold are of high quality and luxurious packaging.

Hence Kimia Gold is regarded as the best Lulu Dates Supplier in Iran.

Kimia Gold with many years of experience in date supply, knows all the storage and transport conditions of Lulu dates.

Hence Kimia Gold is the top Lulu Dates Supplier in Iran.

Lulu Dates Supplier in Dubai

The UAE is a country located south of Iran, who shares maritime borders with Iran. Hence there is a lot of trade going on between these 2 countries.

Dubai, the UAE’s most famous city is considered as the world date hub market.

Due to political conditions of Iran, many importers cannot work directly with Iran, hence they travel to Dubai to find the best Lulu Dates Supplier in Dubai.

Kimia Gold Company by having a branch installed in Dubai, supplies high quality Lulu throughout the UAE.

Kimia Gold is favored by many importers as the best Lulu Dates Supplier in Dubai and the UAE.

Half of this country’s population is constituted of Indians and some portion is Iranian people.

Lulu being famous between Indians and Iranians, during the holy month Ramadan there is high consumption of Lulu dates.

Kimia Gold by having a branch in Dubai supplies high quality Lulu Dates to these people.

Hence it’s the best Lulu Dates Supplier in Dubai.

Lulu Dates Supplier in India

Lulu dates are used as a food substitute in India in the holy month of Ramadan as the natural sugar present in it, regains the lost energy during fasting.

A massive number of Muslim community habituates in India.

By having a cold storage located in Bam city, Kimia Gold is regarded as the best Lulu Dates Supplier in India who can supply Lulu throughout the year for this massive population.

Kimia Gold who owns a packaging unit, designs the best packaging for Lulu Dates, hence is referred by many importers as the best Lulu Dates Supplier in India.

Many Indians do exercises like trekking and hiking, these mountaineers and athletes can also use Lulu Date as a natural sugar to easily restore lost energy.

Kimia Gold Company as the sole supplier of Lulu Dates in India, follows all the rules and regulations of export to this country and supplies these dates in packages in accordance with the Indian market.

Lulu Dates Supplier in Indonesia

Indonesia is known as the biggest Muslim populated country.

It consists of 17,000 islands.  

In the holy month of Ramadan, a certain amount of Lulu Dates are imported to Indonesia for Muslim people’s consumption.

Kimia Gold, who is fully familiar with trade laws, rules and regulations, is considered as the sole Lulu Dates Supplier in Indonesia.

Kimia Gold Company is the biggest supplier of good quality  Lulu Dates in Indonesia .

Kimia Gold Company provides FOB and CIF services to Port of Belawan in Medan (Indonesia’s busiest seaport) and Port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta (most advanced Indonesian seaport).

This port loaded and unloaded 7.8 million TEUs of cargo in 2018.

Lulu Dates Supplier in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has 90% Muslim population.

During Islamic festivals, there is certain demand of Lulu Dates.

Bangladesh is the 5th most populous country in the whole world.

People of Bangladesh are in love with sweets, such as Lulu Dates.

Suppliers of  Lulu Dates in Bangladesh should be well informed of the Bengali market and the suitable package used in Bangladesh.

Importers in Bangladesh are in search of Lulu dates Supplier in Bangladesh who provides these dates at a reasonable price.

Kimia Gold Company who is equipped with a cold storage, stores Lulu Dates, and can supply them throughout the year on high tonnages according to customers demand.

Kimia Gold is the top Lulu Dates supplier in Bangladesh who supplies these dates at reasonable price on high tonnages.

Kimia Gold Company has many years of experience in the Bangladesh date market as it has been supplying Lulu Dates to Bangladesh for a very long time.

Chittagong, the largest seaport, is the second-largest city, through which Kimia Gold Company supplies best quality Lulu Dates.

Lulu Dates Supplier in Malaysia

60% of Malaysia’s population is Muslims.

In the past few years, Malaysia has become a rapid growing date market, especially Lulu dates who is favored by certain people in Malaysia.

Iran and Malaysia have good trade relations, hence yearly a fair amount of Lulu Dates is exported to this country.

As it has been developing its import era in the recent years, Kimia Gold Company has updated information and data about Malaysian dates markets and its trading rules and regulations.

Kimia Gold is regarded as the best Lulu Dates Supplier in Malaysia who is equipped with shearing, shrink-wrap, vacuum and other machines for packing.

Port Klang is the largest and most important port in Malaysia. Kimia Gold Company supplies Lulu Dates through FOB and CIF through Port Klang to Malaysia.

With experienced experts and staff, Kimia Gold Company is fully prepared to provide its best services to Malaysia and supply the best quality Lulu dates, especially during holy month of Ramadan due to its massive Muslim population.

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