Lulu Dates

Lulu Dates

Lulu Dates 

Lulu date is one of the unique types of UAE dates. This type of date is one of the dates that is widely cultivated in UAE and other countries and has been well introduced and sold in international markets in recent years. This variety has gain popularity from domestic and international consumers because of its plum-like appearance, delicious taste and easy storage conditions. This dates is classified as semi-dry dates due to its low amount of moisture. 

Lulu Dates Features

Lulu dates are as small as Khassui dates and have a small pit. The shape of this fruit is round and, as mentioned earlier, it looks like a plum. The flesh of this date is relatively large compared to its pit. The taste of this date is very similar to Piarom dates, but it is less expensive than this type of date, and it has an incredibly delicious taste. It has low moisture, and its size is about 1.5 cm. The color of this date is dark brown, light brown or red and has a small pit. The skin of Lulu dates is thin and has a high degree of stickiness to the fruit.   

Lulu Dates Health Benefits

Lulu dates, like other dates has a high nutritional value and is known as one of the primary sources of minerals and vitamins. Lulu date sugar is a type of fructose that is easily consumed in the body. The antioxidant content of Lulu date fruit is very high, and therefore it is considered the enemy of cancer. The presence of various minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium in this date has led many nutritionists to introduce it as a healthy snack, especially for children.


In addition to health benefits, this date has a lot of nectar, its nectar is used as a natural and healthy sugar to produce a variety of foods, nourishing drinks or date syrup.

Lulu Dates Supplier

Lulu Dates Price

The Lulu dates price in international markets varies based on some factors. These factors include the demand of the market, the largeness and uniformity of the fruit after the production process, packaging type and so on. In order to buy Lulu dates, simply inform our sales team in Kimia Gold Company about your request, shortly our sales expert will provide you all the necessary information based on your needs and desires.

Lulu Dates Price

Buy Lulu Dates from Kimia Gold Company

Kimia Gold Company, with more than two decades of experience, is actively involved in producing Iranian Lulu dates and offering it wholesale to the international market. This Lulu Dates Company harvests, preserves, packages, and supplies Lulu dates with all the standards required in the world. The aim of this Lulu dates manufacturer is to deliver high-quality dates with suitable packaging to the customers at a reasonable price all around the world. 

To buy Lulu dates with the best and highest quality, you can refer to this Lulu date wholesale company. Just tell us what product, how much and where you want to receive it? In addition to buying Lulu dates, you can purchase a variety of dates, including Mazafati dates or any other type of dates from this company.

The Leading Lulu Dates Supplier

Lulu dates are often supplied in bulk and wholesale, which will create a lot of financial savings for Lulu date importers. Generally, Lulu date suppliers manage to deliver these products to consumers at a low cost. Therefore, many suppliers supply and export the premium Lulu dates to other countries in a variety of packages at reasonable prices to increase their profitability and earn foreign currency for their country. Kimia Gold Company, one of the main Lulu dates suppliers, annually exports a high volume of this product to international markets and supplies it to many countries around the world, including European countries, which are the main Lulu dates importers. Our company products have a reasonable price and we can even claim that we offer more affordable price compared to that of other suppliers due to our direct supply and sale without any intermediaries.   

Lulu Dates Exporters 

Iran is one of the most prominent Lulu dates exporters. Exporting this product to international markets has increased in recent years due to the increased production of Lulu dates. Due to the easy storage conditions, Lulu dates can be easily exported. This date type is exported to Arab countries, East Asian countries, and European countries. Lulu dates have achieved a considerable place in other countries due to many features such as principled packaging and high product quality. Kimia Gold Company, the Lulu dates exporter, exports Iranian Lulu dates to many countries. In addition to the export of Lulu dates, this company exports other variety of Iranian dates, including Zahedi datesIraqi Zahedi dates etc.  

Lulu Dates Wholesale

Lulu Dates Packaging 

Kimia Gold Company, a Lulu dates main manufacturer, exports all varieties of dates, including Piarom dates, Pitted dates, etc., with the highest quality and packs them into well-designed and unique  boxes. Then, supplies Lulu dates according to the needs of its domestic and international customers not only in harvest time, but also throughout the year. For any inquiries to purchase Lulu dates with high quality, feel free to contact this Lulu date company via email or WhatsApp. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lulu date is the smallest Iranian date in terms of appearance.

The best time to buy Lulu dates is late summer and early fall.

Kimia Gold Company exports Lulu dates in the best 5 and 10 kg packages.

Lulu dates are harvested in the southern regions of Iran, mostly in the southwestern regions.

Lulu Dates Packing

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