Maryam Dates

Maryam Dates

Maryam dates are high quality dates that grow exclusively in the south of Iran and are one of the commercial cultivars and one of the most expensive dates in Iran. These types of dates have a very pleasant taste and appearance and have found many customers around the world and are highly demanded in Asian and European countries. Maryam dates are semi-dry dates, like Medjool dates, and have wrinkled skin and a dark brown color, but their shape is thin and elongated. Maryam dates are rich in antioxidant properties and eating them reduces the risk of many diseases, including cancer.

Maryam Dates Price

Contact us and inquire about the market price of Maryam dates. We at Kimia Gold Company offer you the freshest and highest quality Maryam dates at wholesale price. We have made it possible for you, dear customers, to make more affordable purchases by direct purchase of Maryam dates in bulk. Our products include the best types of Iranian dates and date products such as date syrup, and we can offer the best Maryam dates and other varieties of dates at a very reasonable price to our customers around the world. You can inquire about Maryam dates price by phone, social networks, and email, and compare our prices with the prices of other distributors before placing an order.  

Buy Maryam Dates

Kimia Gold Company can supply you with Maryam dates as much as you need. If you want to buy Maryam dates, we can guide you on shipment, delivery costs, and delivery time. We have many years of experience in the wholesale of Maryam dates and other commercial dates such as Mazafati dates and we offer you to buy dates in bulk. Our dates are offered in different grades and you can buy high quantities of dates from us according to your budget. To buy Maryam dates, you can contact us via WhatsApp or email and register your order. 

Maryam Dates Exporter     

Kimia Gold Company is one of the largest exporters of Maryam dates in Iran with the export of more than 1000 tons of Maryam dates per year. Iranian Maryam dates are exported to many countries in the world and Bangladesh has been one of the major buyers of Maryam dates in recent years. According to Bangladesh’s international trade law, importing companies in Bangladesh are only allowed to purchase goods from other countries by opening LCs. Kimia Gold Company announces its readiness to sell a variety of dates, including Maryam dates, to other countries with LCs. Our company is based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and we have active bank accounts and made it possible for foreign companies in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, and China etc. that intend to buy Maryam dates or other varieties of dates to make payments with LCs. Our product range includes Kimia dates, Piarom dates, Rabbi dates, Kabkab dates, Kali dates, Khassui dates, Lulu dates, Sayer dates, as well as date products including chopped dates, date syrup, pitted dates and date paste. For more information about Maryam dates export, you can refer to Kimia Gold Company via WhatsApp or email.

Buy Maryam Dates

Maryam Dates Supplier   

We, Kimia Gold Company, are Maryam dates wholesale suppliers, and in addition to the bulk supply of Maryam dates, we can offer you different types of dates in packages or in different weights at wholesale prices. Our products are sorted and graded according to food health standards and are offered to foreign markets in beautiful and creative packages with our famous brand. Kimia Gold Company also offers its products in custom packages in your desired weight. For more information on Maryam dates supply, you can contact us through social networks or email.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The origin of Maryam dates is Iran.

No, Maryam dates are in the category of dry or semi-dry dates.

The harvesting of Maryam dates starts from mid-September and continues until November.

Yes, Piarom dates are called Maryam dates colloquially.  

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Table of Contents

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