mazafati dates price

mazafati dates price

The price of Mazafati dates depends on many factors.

Freshness of dates, average weight, type of packaging, etc. are effective in the price of dates.

For information on the price of dates, you can contact Kimia Gold experts.

Mazafati dates price in Iran

Iran, as a producer of Mazafati, determines the price of this date.

The price of Bam dates fluctuates due to currency issues in Iran.

In the harvest season, the original price is determined and then it is accompanied by changes.

Mazafati dates price in Dubai

The price of this date in Dubai is also very important for buyers.

Mazafati has acceptable sales in Dubai and its price has changed due to the movement from Iran to this country.

If you want to know the price of this date, be sure to ask the experts of Kimia Gold Company for the price.

Uniformity of dates, average weight, etc. are effective in pricing.

Purchase amount and relationship to weight

If the amount of dates required by the buyer is high, the price of dates will decrease.

Kimia Gold Company offers a reasonable discount for buyers who order high tonnage.

Mazafati dates price in India

India, as the main buyer of Mazafati dates, always has a large market for selling these dates.

Due to the geographical distance from Iran to India, the price of this date increases after reaching India.

There are many suppliers in India.

 Usually the price of Mazafati dates has a certain range in this country.

Mazafati dates price in 2021

Usually, the world price of this date is very stable, but in Iran, the price fluctuates.

Be sure to know the current price before buying this date.

Mazafati dates price in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the buyers of Mazafati dates.

The price of Mazafati dates in this country depends on the type of dates as well as the type of packaging.

Usually a uniformly black Mazafati is more expensive than other Mazafati.

Also, the health of dates is effective in its price.

If you want to know the extra price in Indonesia, contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold.

Mazafati dates price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is also one of the buyers of this product.

Usually the price in Bangladesh is such that buyers can buy it according to the economic situation of this country.

The type of date as well as its weight average is effective in the price of dates.

The short distance from Bangladesh to India makes this date the main source of Mazafati distribution.

If the date is damaged, rotten and is not black color, its price is lower.

If you want to know the extra price in Bangladesh, contact Kimia Gold sales experts.

Mazafati dates price in Mumbai

Mumbai, as the second largest city in India, plays a decisive role in the price of this date.

Kimia Gold Company can offer buyers the best price in Mumbai.

Mazafati dates price in France

France is one of the major distributors of dates in Europe.

Despite the large number of Muslims in this country, dates are always one of the most popular foods in this country.

Kimia Gold Company with a branch in France can offer the best price of Mazafati dates to buyers.

Also, Kimia Gold Company, having a cold store in this country, can provide suitable conditions for visiting before buying.

Mazafati dates price in Turkey

Turkey is one of Mazafati’s buyers with a common border with Iran and good trade relations.

Kimia Gold Company can announce a reasonable price for buyers in Turkey.

Buyers can also announce the type of packaging they want to supply this date in Turkey.

World price of Mazafati dates

This price is usually determined according to the conditions of this date as well as the amount of stock in Iran.

World prices do not fluctuate much, but due to the difference in currency prices in Iran, buyers can buy this date as an economic food.


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