Piarom dates price

Piarom dates price


The price of Piarom dates depends on many factors.

Freshness of dates, average weight, type of packaging, etc. are effective in the price of dates.

For information on the price of dates, you can contact Kimia Gold Company experts.

Piarom dates price in Iran

Iran, as the producer of Piarom, determines the price of this date.

These dates have other names besides Piarom.

Chocolate and Maryami Dates are other names of these dates.

In the harvest season, the original price is determined and then it is accompanied by changes.

Piarom dates price in Dubai

The price of this date in Dubai is also very important for buyers.

Piarom is the most luxurious and expensive Iranian date.

If you want to know the price of this date, be sure to ask the experts of Kimia Gold Company for the price.

Uniformity of dates, average weight, etc. are effective in pricing.

Purchase amount and relationship to weight

If the amount of dates required by the buyer is high, the price of dates will decrease.

Kimia Gold Company offers a reasonable discount for buyers who order high tonnage.

Piarom dates price in India

Due to the geographical distance from Iran to India, the price of this date increases after reaching India.

These dates are less exported to India than other dates.

One of the reasons for low exports is the high price of these dates.

There are many suppliers in India.

Piarom dates price in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been one of the customers of Iranian dates in recent years.

Piarom dates are also one of the dates exported from Iran to Bangladesh.

Due to the economic situation, this country does not have much capacity to buy Piarom, but the same low capacity is a very good opportunity to cooperate with Iranian companies.

Bangladesh is one of the developing countries and future markets of Iranian dates.

Cooperation between the two countries has also increased in recent years.

You can ask the price of Piarom dates in Bangladesh from Kimia Gold experts.

Piarom dates price in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the many strong markets for selling Iranian dates.

In the past few years, this country has imported these dates from Iran due to its needs.

Malaysia imports Iranian dates through the port of Klang.

To import this date to Malaysia, the importing company must have the necessary standards.

Kimia Gold Company can easily import this product with all the standards and also the halal certification.

You can ask the price of Piarom dates in Malaysia from Kimia Gold experts.

What factors affect the price of Piarom dates?

Uniformity of dates, type of packaging, date size, date color and no spoilage increase the price of dates.

Delivery of this date in Iran or other countries also affects its price.

Note also that the time period in year is also one of the important factors in the price.

For example, when these dates are harvested or before Ramadan, their prices are different.

Piarom dates price in 2021

Usually, the world price of this date is very stable, but in Iran, the price fluctuates.

Be sure to know the current price before buying this date.


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