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Piarom Dates Price

Piarom dates, also known as Maryami dates, are one of the most luxurious and highest quality Iranian dates. Since the flesh and skin of these dates are entirely attached, it has a beautiful and desirable appearance and, known as the king of Iranian dates. A large share of Iran’s exporting dates is the export of Piarom dates. The export of Piarom dates is so profitable due to its high popularity and high quality. This popular date is commercial and first-class, which is considered a particular exporting type in domestic and international markets due to its suitable quality and marketability.

Piarom Dates Characteristics

The remarkable similarity of Piarom dates to Medjool dates has caused it to have many fans in export markets. The prominent characteristics of this dates variety such as its large size and extraordinary taste have attracted the attention of global markets. The thin skin of this date is dark brown, and since its flesh and skin are completely attached, it has a beautiful and desirable appearance, and most of its sugar is fructose. Piarom dates are the best and most expensive marketable dates in Iran and even globally due to their dryness, long-term shelf life and good taste. This type of date has much less moisture than Kabkab dates, which are favorite products and without syrup. The moisture of Piarom dates is the same as Zahedi dates, and they are classified as semi-dry dates. Piarom dates, which are one of the best and most expensive Iranian dates, are divided into Super Piarom dates, first-class Piarom dates, and second-class Piarom dates in terms of grading.

Buy Piarom Dates

At present, the dates produced in Iran are exported to more than 70 countries in the world. Piarom dates are considered the most valuable Iranian dates, and considerable quantities of them are exported to other countries annually. Piarom dates are regarded as one of the semi-dry dates in Iran and have a high shelf life. Since they are semi-dry dates and have easy storage and transportation conditions, they have attracted the attention of the world markets. Therefore, many customers in other countries, especially Europe, are looking to buy Piarom dates. Now many countries are looking to buy Piarom dates from Iran.  In order to buy this valuable product, you can simply refer to Kimia Gold website and contact the sales experts of this Piarom date company and buy Piarom dates directly.

Piarom Dates Wholesale

Piarom Dates Price

Piarom dates are one of the highest quality dates in Iran, which has been able to gain many customers inside and outside Iran due to its very high quality and delicious taste and has a special place among consumers of Iranian dates. Piarom dates have a higher price than other types of dates, such as Mazafati dates, etc., which is due to the much lower production of this type of dates compared to other dates varieties in Iran. Piarom dates price depends on several factors, the most important of which is the packaging of product, which affects Piarom dates price considerably. However, other factors such as production cost, appearance, size, color, production volume, shipping cost, quality, etc., also impact directly Piarom dates price and Piarom dates wholesale price. In order to get the updated Piarom dates price, contact Piarom dates manufacturers; such as Kimia Gold Company directly and inquire about Piarom dates price.

Piarom Dates Wholesale in the World Markets

Piarom dates are among the most delicious semi-dry dates globally and the most expensive dates in Iran due to its low cultivation and extraordinary characteristics. Piarom dates are the best-selling type of Iranian dates that are often exported to international markets. Due to its excellent marketability, these dates are often exported to other countries. Since this type of date has attracted domestic and international markets, it is considered one of the best-selling dates for export. For many Piarom dates exporters, access to primary sources at the best price is vital. By purchasing directly, Piarom dates wholesale price decreases, leading to more financial benefits for both parties of the deal, including Piarom dates importer and Piarom dates wholesale supplier. To buy Piarom dates, you can refer to Kimia Gold Company. You can contact this Piarom dates wholesale supplier directly and without an intermediary.

Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates Supplier

Supplying Piarom dates is often done in bulk, which will have many financial savings for Piarom dates importers. Piarom dates supplying companies supply and export these products to customers at a very low cost. Piarom dates suppliers supply and export the first-class Piarom dates in beautiful packaging to other countries at reasonable prices according to market conditions to increase their profitability. One of the companies that sell Piarom dates directly is Kimia Gold Company. 

As one of the well-known Piarom dates suppliers, this company annually supplies large quantities of this product to many countries around the world, including European countries that are the leading Piarom dates importers. Because of its direct sales and supply, this company can supply its products at a more reasonable price and remove intermediaries for you.

The Largest Piarom Dates Exporter in the World Market

Iran is one of the main Piarom dates exporters in the world, and exporting Piarom dates is one of the most profitable exports for Iran. Due to its delicious taste and long-term shelf life, Piarom dates have become a valuable exporting product in the list of imported goods in Iran’s exports. With high quality and well-designed packaging, Piarom dates have gained a considerable place in international markets. This product is presently exported to the UAE, Russia, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, China, and many other countries. A significant number of companies exporting Piarom dates and various types of dates annually, including Sayer dates, are willing to sell and ship Piarom dates. Kimia Gold Company is one of these companies exporting Piarom dates. To buy Piarom dates for export, you can refer to this Piarom dates exporting company and buy the highest quality Iranian Piarom dates. 

Piarom Dates Supplier

The extraordinary Health Benefits of Piarom Dates

Iranian Piarom dates have a very high nutritional value and many properties, and their consumption is recommended to improve and prevent some diseases. These characteristics attracted more customers for Piarom dates. Those who eat this date even once, usually become regular consumers due to its excellent taste, good appearance and other nutritional values. According to doctors, this date is also suitable for people with diabetes and pregnant women and effectively treats diseases such as migraine, weight loss, obesity, Alzheimer’s, anemia, constipation, and osteoporosis. In addition to health benefits, this type of date is also used in confectionery production, making ice cream and chopped dates.

Piarom Dates Packaging

Piarom dates are one of the leading exporting Iranian dates, and a high amount of this type is exported to many countries, including European countries. Thus choosing the right packaging is highly significant. Piarom dates boxes can have different dimensions because they are packed in different weights, such as 300 grams to 900 grams, etc.; in some cases, this product is supplied in bulk. Kimia Gold Company, Piarom dates manufacturer, supplies this product to the customers in any country in the shortest possible time by meeting all the exporting standards. It is also equipped with shearing machines and can vacuum pack the products and all kinds of dates, including Piarom dates, Zahedi dates and other types of dates.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Piarom date is locally known as Maryami date in many areas of Iran.

Piarom dates are harvested in late September or early October.

You may inquire about the market price by contacting our sales team via email or WhatsApp.

Piarom dates are exported in 5 and 10 kg quality packages by Kimia Gold Company.

Piarom Dates Packing

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