Rabbi dates price

Rabbi dates price


Rabbi is one of the exclusive dates in Iran.

The price of Rabbi Dates is determined according to the type of dates, type of packaging, custom tonnage and place of delivery.

The best type of Rabbi is cultivated in southeastern Iran.

Rabbi dates price in India

India is known as one of the buyers of rabbi dates in the world.

These dates are generally bought and sold in India under the name of Pakistani dates.

Iran’s proximity to India, high sales of this date in the Indian market has caused many applicants to buy.

You can ask the experts of Kimia Gold Company for the best price of Rabbi Dates in India.

Rabbi dates price in Dubai

Dubai is one of the main cities selling Kimia dates.

Rabbi is sent to Dubai in different packages and is exported to the destination countries with new packaging.

The main concern of buyers is to find the best price for Rabbi Dates in Dubai.

Kimia Gold Company can provide you with this price.

Rabbi dates price in Iran

The cities of Saravan and Iranshahr are the main centers of rabbi production.

Due to the location of most date cold stores in Bam, the price of Rabbi Dates in Bam is usually determined and many buyers come to this city.

Usually companies that specialize in the sale of rabbi dates can announce the best price of these dates.

Rabbi dates price in Europe

Rabbi is exported to Europe as one of the most luxurious and expensive Persian dates.

You can ask the price of Rabbi Dates in Europe from our company’s representative in France.


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