Kimia Gold Company is the main supplier of Rabbi Dates across the globe.

Rabbi Dates have a moisture of 16%, hence they are semi-dry dates.

Skin and meat of this date stick together just like Piarom, therefore Rabbi and Piarom have a lot of resemblance. Rabbi is harder and darker than Piarom.

For any enquiry regarding Rabbi Dates, You can contact Kimia Gold Company experts through the link below.

Rabbi Dates Supplier in Iran

The only country which produces and cultivates Rabbi Dates is Iran.

In terms of quality, the best type of Rabbi Dates are cultivated in Saravan city of Sistan and Baluchestan province, located in southeast Iran and these dates have a high quality.

Another type of this date is cultivated in Iranshahr and Khaash city of Sistan and Baluchestan.

Unfortunately, huge amount of Rabbi Dates are exported to Pakistan in bulk with improper packaging.

Pakistan will repack these Rabbi dates, and present it to the world as a Pakistani Date.

One of the benefits of working with Kimia Gold Company is that you can choose your desired package and design your own label for your desired tonnage Rabbi dates.

Due to low humidity, Rabbi Dates are considered to be dates with high shelf life, and this has caused them not to face problems such as the need for refrigeration in the export era.

Kimia Gold Company is the main supplier of first grade Rabbi Dates.

Rabbi Dates Supplier in Dubai

Dubai is located in the UAE, which is an Arabic country, half of this country’s population is constituted of Indians and some portion is Pakistani people.

There is fair amount of demand for Rabbi Dates in Dubai during the month of Ramadan. Presence of Pakistanis make the demand for Rabbi Dates higher.

Dubai is located in the south of Iran. Hence there is a lot of trade going on between these 2 countries.

Kimia Gold Company by having a branch in Dubai, has the capability of supplying Rabbi Dates also in Dubai.

Rabbi is one of the luxury dates in Iran, which also has a high price.

Usually, the packaging of these dates is special and suitable for export markets.

Kimia Gold Company can dip Rabbi Dates in paraffin oil at the customer’s request.

Edible Paraffin Oil, which is approved by the Ministry of Health, is an expensive oil that is used to separate dates from sticking to each other.

Rabbi Dates Supplier in India

A massive number of Muslim community habituates in India.

Rabbi dates are used as a food substitute in India in the holy month of Ramadan as the natural sugar present in it, regains the lost energy during fasting

Kimia Gold Company as the sole supplier of Rabbi Dates in India, follows all the rules and regulations of export to this country and supplies these dates in packages in accordance with the Indian market.

Usually, the packaging of these dates is special and suitable for export markets.

Kimia Gold Company can supply Rabbi Dates in packages of 450 g and 5 and 10 kg.

Rabbi is a good option for students, children, and scholars and during leisure time or while studying.

Many Indians do exercises like trekking and hiking, these mountaineers and athletes can also use Rabbi Date as a natural sugar to easily restore lost energy.

Kimia Gold Company experts have full knowledge and experience of Rabbi Market in India .

Rabbi Dates Supplier in Indonesia

Indonesia is known as the biggest Muslim populated country.

As Iran is the sole producer of Rabbi Dates, it’s the only supplier of Rabbi Dates to Indonesia.

Kimia Gold Company is the biggest supplier of good quality Rabbi Dates to Indonesia .

There is a lot similarity between Rabbi and Piarom. To don’t get confused between these 2, you can contact Kimia Gold Company experts regarding any questions about Rabbi Dates.

Kimia Gold Company has the capability of supplying Rabbi Dates dipped in edible paraffin oil to Indonesia.

Kimia Gold Company provides FOB and CIF services to Port of Belawan in Medan (Indonesia’s busiest seaport) and Port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta (most advanced Indonesian seaport).

This port loaded and unloaded 7.8 million TEUs of cargo in 2018.

Rabbi Dates Supplier in Bangladesh

Bangladeshis are a huge fan of Rabbi Dates.

Bangladesh has 90% Muslim population. During Islamic festivals, there is large demand of Rabbi Dates.

Suppliers of Rabbi Dates in Bangladesh should be well informed of the Bengali market and the suitable package used in Bangladesh.

Kimia Gold Company has many years of experience in the Bangladesh date market as it has been supplying Rabbi Dates to Bangladesh for a very long time.

Chittagong, the largest seaport, is the second-largest city, through which Kimia Gold Company supplies best quality Rabbi Dates.

These dates can be soaked in edible paraffin oil according to customers demand.

Kimia Gold Company can supply Rabbi Dates in packages of 450 g and 5 and 10 kg to Bangladesh.

Rabbi Dates Supplier in Malaysia

60% of Malaysia’s population is Muslims.

Malaysia has become a rapid growing market for Rabbi Dates in the past few years.

Iran and Malaysia have good trade relations, hence yearly a fair amount of Rabbi Dates is exported to this country.

As it has been developing its import era in the recent years, Kimia Gold Company has updated information and data about Malaysian dates markets and its trading rules and regulations.

With experienced experts and staff, Kimia Gold Company is fully prepared to provide its best services to Malaysia and supply the best quality Rabbi dates, especially during holy month of Ramadan due to its massive Muslim population.

Port Klang is the largest and most important port in Malaysia. Kimia Gold Company supplies Rabbi Dates through FOB and CIF through Port Klang to Malaysia.

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