The harvesting Time of Dates

The harvesting Time of Dates


The harvesting time of dates, namely the date season, starts from the July month in the summer to September in the autumn.

Different kinds of this heavenly fruit are harvestable at varying times in the above-mentioned interval.

Dates grow in different cities; thus, their ripening time varies. In Iran, dates grow in the southern provinces such as Bushehr, Khuzestan, Fars, Hormozghan, Sistan and Baluchestan, etc.

The arid and warm climates of these regions provide the best conditions for the growth of dates.

On the other hand, a specialized terminology, namely the date year, exists among the activists in the date guild. Indeed, the date year starts in August and continues until the next year.

Is Date Harvesting Mechanized?

Concerning the advances in industries, the date harvesting is still carried out traditionally. Indeed, a date is a fruit that is still governed by traditional conditions in the country for its sale and customer delivery due to certain situations.

Of course, dates differ from the other fruits. For instance, most of the dates are extensively sappy, and, sometimes, the market-governing conditions do not allow farmers to expend excessive costs for product harvesting.

The date harvesting time is, in fact, one of the main economic incidences in the country. It is because date exportation has been recently able to considerably help the country’s economy.

Where are dates transferred after being harvested?

After their harvest, the dates are properly transported to date-preserving refrigerating rooms. In fact, the date transportation vehicles should possess the necessary standards, including suitable ventilation, preservation sites far from the reach of the Sun, etc.

However, the preservation of different dates and their transportation to refrigerating rooms vary. For example, a group of dates does not need refrigeration, while another group requires to be refrigerated.

Furthermore, the proper points for date preservation should be observed in refrigerating rooms according to the kinds of dates.

For instance, the honey date should be kept at its appropriate temperature, so that it does not lose its quality.

How long can dates be preserved in refrigerating rooms?

In a refrigerating room, dates, depending on their kind, can be kept as long as they are not spoiled. Likewise, the temperature of the refrigerating room should vary for the different kinds of dates.          


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