The latest news of the goods export from Bazargan Customs

The latest news of the goods export from Bazargan Customs


Early this year, $ 609610000 goods were exported through this border, which is 56% more than the same period last year.

The volume of goods exported early this year was 26,120 tons, including agricultural products, petrochemicals and stone and metal products.

Early the last year, goods worth $ 215541000 were exported through the Bazargan border, which was 28% more than that of 2018.

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If the Bazargan border is reopened, there will be a boom in exports.

About a quarter of the Iran’s total border terminals are located in West Azerbaijan, including Makoo Bazargan, Razi Khoy and Sarv Urmia on the Turkish border, Poladasht Sanam Bolaghi on the Nakhjavan border, and Piranshahr Tamerchin on the Iraqi border.

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Bazargan Customs is one of the three Iran – Turkey sources of border trade in the north of West Azerbaijan; this border, which is Iran’s gateway to European countries, is located one kilometer from the city of Bazargan in the city of Mako in West Azerbaijan.

Bazargan Customs was established in 1926 and is the only 24-hour international border between Iran and Turkey. West Azerbaijan shares a 967-kilometer border with Turkey, Iraq and Nakhjavan.

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