The negative effect of coronavirus on Pakistan’s economy

The negative effect of coronavirus on Pakistan's economy

The negative effect of coronavirus on Pakistan's economy


Economical experts announced that coronavirus can have many negative effects on Pakistan’s economy especially on mango exports.

Express News stated that coronavirus outbreak can face Pakistan’s mango export with serious problems.

Reports indicated that Pakistan that exports more than 160000 tones of mango to European countries, faces many problems for exports in the current year.

The value of Pakistan’s mango export to America will reduce to one-third and it can damage the industry of mango production.

It is stated that probably Pakistan can not export more than 60 percent of mangoes prepared for exports.

Pakistanis farmers stated that closing the borders of Pakistan and reducing commercial activities are the reasons for increasing economical damages.

A large amount of Pakistan’s exports are agricultural products which are faced with exports problems since the outbreak of coronavirus.

Economical problems made Islamabad not to follow quarantine and stop mandatory quarantine.

Coronavirus outbreak increased since quarantine’s drop in Pakistan and the latest formal statistics reported that the total confirmed cases are 106870 cases and the total deaths are 2143 cases.


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