The Preservation of Date in Refrigerating Rooms

The Preservation of Date in Refrigerating Rooms

The Preservation of Date in Refrigerating Rooms

Dates with large tonnages are preserved in refrigerating rooms, which should have the standard qualifications for date preservation.

In the following, some of the main attributes of date refrigerating rooms are prepared for you.  

Suitable Temperature

A suitable temperature is the first factor in date preservation.

Dates do not become spoiled or rancid at their special temperature.

This temperature is usually included on date packages.

The Kimia date is preserved at the temperature between -5 and +5.

Dates do not lose their natures and get rancid at this temperature.

Different dates are preserved at different temperatures.

Beyond Vermin Reach

Small vermin and rodents severely tend to eat dates.

The location of the refrigerating rooms should be beyond the reach of vermin.

The penetration of vermin in dates spoils and destroys dates.

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Beyond Sunlight Reach

Sunlight spoils dates in the long-run.

The refrigerating rooms should be located in areas that are out of the reach of sunlight after the harvest and preservation of dates in refrigerating rooms.

Of course, the above-case is usually observed in many refrigerating rooms.

The Cleanliness of Refrigerating Rooms

The refrigerating rooms should inevitably be clean and contamination-free.

The presence of contamination in refrigerating rooms exposes dates to spoilage.

The refrigerating room environment should be cleaned occasionally.

The Use of Standard Clothes and Coverings for the Personnel of Refrigerating Rooms

The clothes and coverings through which microbes cannot penetrate are essential for the personnel of the refrigerating rooms.

Furthermore, the use of standard gloves should be taken into account.

Observing the above points, we can possess standard and suitable date refrigerating rooms, which can enjoy the capability of preserving dates in large tonnages.    


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