The Special Requirements of Tea Customs Clearance Were Announced


The Coordination, Intensification of Control and Inspection Council announced the requirements of tea clearance.

Mohammad Reza Kalami, referring to the government’s economic decisions on the clearance of basic and essential goods and raw materials in ports with no restrictions and facilitating the import of goods, said: “The Customs of Islamic Republic of Iran will permit the clearance of tea in ports and customs based on the presidential order and the decisions of the Economic Coordination Headquarters of the Government by a quarterly credit with the individual currency.”

He emphasized: “Therefore, the basic and essential goods deposited in the Iran’s ports due to lack of foreign exchange, will be conditionally cleared with the recent approval of the government’s economic coordination headquarters.”

He added: “The clearance of these items will be conditional on having a registered order and the goods listed on the warehouse receipt in the port, and their clearance will be carried out with the Central Bank’s commitment to provide their currency in the next three months at the exchange rate on the day of clearance.”

Kalami said: “Also, all raw materials, parts and machineries in the group of 2.1 to 2.6 with Nimaei currency and individual currency will be cleared using the currency of individuals and imports in exchange for export or using foreign currency resources in other countries.”


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