What is a customs green card?

What is a customs green card

In customs affairs and formalities, there are a series of terms and definitions that are related to the export and import of goods.

One of the common words about customs clearance is green customs paper.

In the definition of customs green card, it can be said that companies that intend to import goods from other countries, first must submit documents to customs in order to obtain the necessary license to do so.

The documents which is required to receive a green card are documents such as a bill of lading related to imported goods, invoice for the purchase of goods which must be handed over to customs experts and they will issue a green paper after reviewing them. The green card has specifications, the most important of which is the eight-digit code on which it is stated that this code is about the registration of imported orders, the characteristics of the goods, the number of goods ordered, the specifications about the warehouse receipt and… May There are also other details, such as the pay slip number, the date on which the goods vehicle is moving.


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In the green card of customs, registration of some information is required, which is as follows:

  1. Registering the company name on the customs green card.
  2. The names of the goods that are imported.
  3. Cottage number (Cottage is related to the clearance of goods and when the goods enter the borders of a country, the cottage is locked and a special number is issued for each of those goods.)
  4. The number related to the orders that must be registered in the green leaf of customs.
  5. Record the weight of each product, which must be both the net weight and the gross weight resulting from the packaging of the goods, and….
  6. Register the name of the company sending and importing goods in the green card
  7. The costs and the original price of the imported goods and the costs which is paid to the customs must be recorded in the customs green card.


Necessary regulations for issuing customs green cards


Customs green paper is one of the main parts of customs formalities that is in order to issue this card, all regulations must be observed by importers of goods, exporters of goods and customs officials. In relation with the green customs leaf, the owners of the goods must deliver all the documents related to the imported goods.

These documents include the invoice of the imported goods, the certificate of the country from which the goods were imported (the exporter country of the goods), the bill of lading of the goods, the lists related to the consignments of the goods, and the owner and importer of the goods. After submitting these documents, a file must be filed and in order to ensure the health of the imported goods, the necessary health permits must be obtained for them, which will be issued after sampling the goods.

The customs green card must contain information about importing and exporting companies.


How to calculate and buy customs green card?

 The amounts that companies have to pay for the import of goods and customs green card are generally divided into two main categories of taxes and costs.

Taxes which paid on imports, including customs duties, trade profits, duties to be paid to various organizations such as the Red Crescent, VAT and the payment of a four percent tax under the heading of tax on account, and so on.

Costs are amounts which paid for services provided by transport companies, ports, and warehousing agencies, including unloading, loading, warehousing, and standardization of imported goods.

The amount of payment for both costs and taxes depends on the type and number of imported goods and services, which are determined by the relevant organizations, some of these costs and taxes are all listed in the green leaf.


Getting a customs green card

 The green paper is one of the necessary documents and principles for the export and import of goods.

In order to obtain this card, the required documents must be submitted to the customs office and taken in person, but because today illegal works such as forgery of green card of customs has been done, the customs affairs intend to do this in absentia and online in order to block the way of any abuse on the counterfeiters.



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