Which Countries Purchase Date?

Which Countries Purchase Date

Which Countries Purchase Date


Which Countries Purchase Date? Date is one of the products that are cultivated in limited countries.

Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, etc. are the main producers of date in the world.

These countries, along with some other countries, are reckoned as the mass producers of date in the world.

The kinds of dates that are produced in the above-mentioned countries are different.

You may be probably interested in knowing that dates fall into the fruits category.

This fruit is advocated by many people in the world, and, in addition to its usual use, it is utilized in confectionery and chocolate industries.

Those countries in which Muslims inhabit usually consume more date.

In the following, the countries that purchase dates are explained to you.

Over 90 countries in the world purchase date.

Since any date producing country has its special customers, this document precisely investigates the countries that purchase date from Iran.

Join us.


The Main Purchaser of Iran’s Date

India is the main purchaser of Iran’s date.

India has very good importation and exportation relationships with Iran.

The Kimia date is majorly exported from Iran to India. Moreover, it could contribute remarkably to India’s market.

India has always been a regular customer of Iranian dates. Besides, the distance and expense of transportation to India are cost-effective for Indian merchants.

In addition to date, India purchases other products from Iran, as well.

Other dates are also exported to this country along with Kimia; however, the Kimia date mainly contributes to this market.

The Second Purchaser of Iranian Date

The second purchaser of Iranian date is Pakistan.

Due to its proximity to Iran’s boundary and the presence of the Islamic religion, this country is abundantly inclined to purchase Iranian dates.

Likewise, Iranian date could acquire a proper status among the Pakistanis.

Pakistan also purchases different dates that are produced in Iran.

The thorough commercial relationships between the two countries could influence the sale of dates.


The Third Purchaser of Iran’s Date

Kazakhstan is also one of the purchasers of Iranian dates.

Kazakhstan is close to Russia’s market; moreover, it is a great supplier of this extensive country. Hence, it purchases the Iranian date in large tonnages per year.

Different dates, including Kimia, Piarom, Rabbi, etc., are exported to Kazakhstan, and a suitable benefit is earned by the date industry of Iran.

Many companies and traders are active in exporting dates to Kazakhstan.


Other Countries Purchasing Iranian Date

There are over 90 other countries that purchase date from Iran.

Among the purchasers, the main and great portion is related to the above countries; however, other countries also purchase date from Iran according to their populations.

Turkey, Iraq, Emirates, Afghanistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Syria, Lebanon, China, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Armenia, Romania, Kuwait, etc. are the purchasers of Iranian date.

African and South American countries are also the purchasers of Iranian dates. Of course, Iran has a small date exporting contribution to these countries.

These countries could become a proper market for Iranian dates in the world.

Iranian farmers and palm growers can consistently help with the global sale of this product by producing and fostering first-class dates.

The customers of Iranian dates annually increase in number. Of course, we should notice this issue that, among the date producing countries, the date market is fully competitive in the world.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq, Tunisia, etc. are also the main competitors of Iran’s dates.

These countries have also dates that are different from Iranian dates; however, the competition still persists.

The Strong Role of Iranian Date

Owing to the production of the dates that are compatible with the tastes of many people in the world, Iran enjoys a good status among the purchasers.

The Mazafati date of Iran, also known as the Kimia date in the world, could be exported to over 60 countries.

The Effect of Political Conditions on Date Purchase

Recently, due to the presence of sanctions against Iran and worsened conditions of cooperation and exportation to other countries in the world, Iranian traders face many difficulties.

Iranian traders usually carry out their transactions in Dubai.

We hope the purchasers of Iranian dates increase in number in near future with regard to the amelioration of commercial relationships’ situation.

The Transportation of Iran’s Date

Iran has proper access to different countries since it is located in the Middle East, one of the significant political and geographical regions.

India, the main purchaser, usually uses ships for date transference.

Other countries also transfer dates using ships or road transportation by trucks.

Concerning their kinds, dates need ordinary or refrigerator containers.

Moist dates usually need refrigerator containers. Of course, these containers are not needed in autumn and winter seasons.

With regard to their appropriate conditions, the customers of Iranian dates choose the best kind of transference.

The Packages of Iranian Dates

Iran is also one of the countries whose produced dates have suitable packages.

Iranian dates are prepared in stylish and suitable packages according to the world’s standards to be offered to the markets of different countries.

Of course, we should consider the differences in cultures as well as the conditions of different markets.

The purchasers of different countries usually choose the proper packs with respect to their own markets.


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