About Kimia Gold

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE with some factories and branches in other parts of the world, Kimia Gold Date Company is one of the leading companies specializing in producing, packaging and exporting dates to all countries around the world. Being equipped with several cold storages and advanced packing sheds, the company can supply huge volume of dates annually. Also, the ability to offer a wide range of dates and dates products, has made us able to fulfill all the needs of our customers. Large supply, on time delivery, high quality, variety in packaging and competitive prices are what makes Kimia Gold Date Company stand out from the crowd. Our ultimate aim is to continuously offer the highest quality dates to the world based on the international standards and to become the leading global supplier of quality dates and date products in the world. We are delighted to announce that so far Kimia Gold Date Company has exported the high quality dates to more than 30 different countries in the world and this success comes from our trust in quality, customer support and keeping the affordable prices throughout the year. We are committed to keep this policy. Also, by the ability to offer a variety of dates in a variety of packages, we are willing to introduce our products to the countries having less contact with so far, in order to not only expand our market, but also to build trust for a long term business with them.

Undoubtedly our first priority is our customer satisfaction and health so we take pride in producing healthy products that can lead to a healthier life style and encouraging people to put it on their daily diet. 



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