About Kimia Gold

Kimia Gold Dates Company is one of the largest suppliers, producers and exporters of high-quality Iranian Dates.

Our most important aims in Kimia Gold Dates Company is to deliver the highest quality of Dates, having all necessary standards, to all of the international dates customers. Our professional team is profoundly invested in a way to support our business purposes, and our company considered the needs of its customers.

As you know, the Kimia Gold brand is one of the most popular brands in India and even despite the vastness of India, it has been widely welcomed in all parts of this country. Since this brand is trendy among consumers, unfortunately, some profiteers have tried to forge (copy) this brand and offer it in the markets, but their quality is deficient. So, it is highly recommended to order Kimia Gold Dates from our official dealers or us.

During the year and especially during the harvest time, we collect, purchase and proceed with the best available packaging so that we will be able to take care of our customers’ needs throughout the year.

Our Factory is equipped with up to date refrigerators and warehouses with more than 5000 tons’ capacity and the needed equipment and facilities in the dates industry to collect, process, preserve, package, and export products. 

We can provide our dear worldwide customers the most qualified Iranian collected/harvested products throughout the year by considering our customers’ demands in their requested sorting and packaging type.

kimia gold

We are proud of our Halal certificate issued by one of the highest offices about this matter.

We possess 5000 tons Factory in Iran and three offices located respectively in Iran, Dubai, and Paris, taking all financial and required circumstances into action to export and deliver the products.

Kimia Gold Dates Company has always guaranteed its high quality, competitive pricing and on-time delivery to all parts of the world.