Kimia Dates

Kimia Dates

Iranian dates have always been of paramount importance in the world market. Also, among international dates producers, Iran is recognized as one of the most popular and largest producers of dates with many fans all over the world. This fruit is very old and historians have dated it to about five thousand years ago. There are approximately three thousand types of dates cultivars in the world, among which four hundred cultivars are specific to Iran. Among these four hundred types, there are a certain number of them that are considered commercial dates, such as Piarom dates, and are exported to other countries. One of these commercial cultivars is Kimia dates. Kimia dates are the best and most abundant dates in Iran and are also known by other names, such as Mazafati dates in many countries. The largest volume of Iranian dates exports is related to Kimia dates.

Kimia Dates Features

Kimia dates are medium in appearance and their average size is between 3 and 5 cm. The color of these dates is very dark and almost black. Kimia dates are classified in the category of wet dates and have a unique moisture and freshness. The pit, like most dates, is long and is easily separated from the flesh unlike other dates. For this reason Kimia dates are a good choice for making desserts and cakes. In general, Kimia dates are very similar to Kali (Kalute) dates in size and softness but are different in color. Kimia dates are black but Kali dates are brown.

Kimia Dates Price 

The price of a product is always an important factor in deciding whether to buy that product or not. Determining Kimia dates price depends on several factors. Factors such as packaging, sorting, uniformity, quantity, quality of dates, etc. have a direct impact on determining Kimia dates price. But you can contact our sales experts via email or WhatsApp at any time and get the latest prices of all products, especially Kimia dates price.

Kimia Dates Price

Buy Kimia Dates

When you want to buy Kimia dates, you need to take some important points into consideration before making any decision for its purchase and here we will mention some of the points. The first thing to take into consideration, as mentioned earlier, is Kimia dates price which is very effective in deciding to buy Kimia dates. Another issue that may be more important than the price is the quality of the product. Large, fresh and uniform dates are demanded by every customer, and Kimia Gold Company has always tried to offer the highest quality dates to buyers at the best prices.

Kimia Dates Wholesale 

Kimia dates have always been exported abroad in bulks and high quantities. Due to economic reasons such as the difference between wholesale and retail prices, transportation and shipping costs, etc., buyers are looking for wholesales of Kimia dates. Kimia Gold Company has large cold storages and a sorting and packaging factory and is ready and able to export Kimia dates in large quantities to all countries of the world as a wholesale distributor. Proof of this claim is the satisfaction of customers and the high volume of exports of this company every year. We have been able to gain the satisfaction and trust of our buyers and customers.

Kimia Dates Supplier

Kimia Dates Supplier 

Kimia dates have many sellers in Iran and all over the world, but they are only sellers not suppliers. It makes a lot of difference to buy dates from a seller or a supplier. The first difference is the price, certainly if you buy directly from a supplier of Kimia dates, the price will be unmediated but a seller is always looking for his profit margin in the deal. The second point is the ability to supply throughout the year. When you buy from the main supplier of Kimia dates, you can be sure that you will always be provided with the dates you require and there will be no restrictions on your purchase.    

Kimia Dates Manufacturer 

Kimia dates manufacturers are in a higher position than sellers and suppliers. Kimia dates manufacturers cultivate and harvest dates in the grove and then transfer the dates to the cold storage for sorting and packing. Logically, it is both cheaper and safer to buy Kimia dates from its manufacturers as they offer the highest quality harvested product at the best price. The number of manufacturers of Kimia dates is less than its suppliers and its suppliers are less than the sellers. So when buying, be aware of the other party’s type of activity and even if possible, buy from manufacturers of Kimia dates such as Kimia Gold Company.

Kimia Dates Importer 

As mentioned before, Kimia dates are traded in large quantities, and therefore the number of its exporters and importers is also high. Annually, about one million and three hundred thousand kilograms of dates are produced in Iran, which is in the third place in terms of Iranian production and in the fourth place in the world in terms of exports. The main importer of Kimia dates from Iran is India. In addition to Kimia dates, Sayer dates and Shahani dates are favorite dates of Indians. Persian Gulf countries such as the UAE, etc., East Asian countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc., as well as European countries such as France, Spain, etc. are among the other countries importing Kimia dates.  

Kimia Dates Benefits

Kimia Dates Benefits 

Dates are rich in minerals and nutrients and are one of the most useful fruits. Dates are composed of carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, protein, vitamin A, beta-carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B6, C, A and K, and minerals such as calcium, Iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc. The antioxidants in dates will prevent cancer and many other diseases. Kimia dates are rich in fiber and eating them will save energy and prevent the feeling of hunger. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes. Kimia dates are commonly known as Mazafati dates and are known as Mazafati dates in most parts of Iran.

Kimia dates should be stored in the refrigerator due to the moisture in them so that they do not spoil and retain their freshness.

Kimia dates are harvested in late summer and early autumn.

Kimia dates have a black color and are classified in the category of fresh and moist dates.

Kimia Dates Packing


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Table of Contents

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