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Kimia Dates is a world-famous date produced only in Iran.

Kimia Gold Company is a well-known company supplying best quality Kimia Dates.

Iran rotab , bami dates and mazafati are other names of kimia.

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Origin of Kimia Dates

Kimia date is a very delicious and well-known date.

Many people in India call Mazafati dates as Kimia dates.

Kimia dates are only produced in Iran.

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You can find the best quality Kimia date in Bam city located in Kerman province, south of Iran.

Kimia is also called as Bam dates.

Many importers are looking for the same Kimia Bam dates, because only this region cultivates the best type of Mazafati.

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You can find second grade Mazafati dates in Jiroft, Narmashir, Baravat, Rigan, Iranshahr and etc cities.




Mazafati PP 600 gr black 2 kimia gold Mazafati PP 600 gr black 1 kimia gold






Cultivation Conditions of Kimia Dates

Kimia palm trees grows very good in warm weather, hotter than the normal room temperature.

Thus, the best conditions for the cultivation of palm trees are places with longer and warmer summers.

Date palm is endemic to arid regions, and the countries that have arid and semiarid weather conditions are suitable for date cultivation.

For the cultivation of Kimia palm trees, the agricultural lands should be periodically examined, and the weeds around the trees should be removed.

The farmers that are active in the palm cultivating field usually build specific holes close to the tree roots and fill them with water, and the water inside the holes gradually penetrates the plant roots.

There is a lot of demand for Kimia dates in the past recent years. Exportation of Kimia dates have increased greatly.

Harvesting time

Kimia dates are fully ripe in September and October.

They are harvested in the same time span also.

Depending on the type of Kimia date, there might be some differences in the ripening time of these dates.

Traditionally workers harvest kimia dates in baskets woven with palm leaves.

When harvested, the date crop is transported to cold storages in farmer boxes with ventilation vents. Transportation of 80% of the produced Mazafati dates are taken by trucks or vans to the cold storages in Bam city.

History of dates

There are more than 300 types of dates in Iran, although not all of these dates are produced and harvested in bulk.

Among the dates produced, Kimia is one of the most important dates for production and export.

Bam is one of the most important cities in the field of date production.


Moisture of Kimia dates

The moisture content of these dates is between 15 and 35%.

Kimia is usually one of the semi-wet dates and this has made it taste very delicious.

This moisture makes the dates fresh, if the dates are harvested sooner or later than the ripening time, they may look a little drier.

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To transport the dates, you must use refrigerated containers so that this moisture does not cause the dates to rot.

Due to Kimia dates juicy nature, they are considered as very sensitive dates, hence you must be very careful in its storage conditions.

The shape of Kimia dates

Good quality Kimia is usually oval. This shape is the most standard type of Kimia dates.

The color of Kimia date should be solid black or brown, any other colors indicate that the date is not ripe.

Usually, the more ripe the dates, the more delicious.

Storage temperature of Kimia dates

These dates should be stored between -5°C and +5°C.

It should also be kept completely dry and away from insects.

On the other hand, their packaging must be completely standard and hygienic.

If the above temperature is maintained, Kimia dates can be stored in the cold storage for up to 18 months.

Kimia Gold Company has a 5000 ton cold storage in Bam city.

For Transportation and Shipping and Exportation, you must use Refrigerated containers to prevent Kimia dates from getting spoiled.

Nutritional value table in 100 grams

Total sugar       66.52 gr

Calorie              1269.7 Kl

Carbohydrate   70.7 gr

Fiber                  1.29 gr

Protein              1.68 gr

Calcium             80 mg

Iron                    0.6 mg

Potassium         1.351 gr

Sucrose             5.4 gr     

Glucose             30.96 gr

Fructose            74.39 gr

Sodium             41.97 mg

Properties of Kimia Dates

Eat only a few dates a day to improve your heart health; Antioxidants in dates prevent atherosclerosis, which basically hardens arteries and causes clots.

These antioxidants stimulate the removal of cholesterol from vascular cells.

Dates also contain isoflavones, which are known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Consumption of dates, even for healthy people, can have a positive effect on cholesterol and oxidative stress.

Dates do not contain cholesterol. They are richer in iron and fiber than bananas.

Dates are a rich source of copper, magnesium, selenium and manganese – all of which are essential for maintaining healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis-related diseases.

Dates are also rich in vitamin K, a blood coagulant and helps your body’s metabolism. They also contain boron, which is good for healthy bones.

Uses of Kimia dates

This date is used in confectionery and chocolate industry. It is also used as a completely natural food.

Due to its deliciousness, it can also be used as food for children and teenagers.     

On the other hand, it can also play a role as a natural sugar in making food.

Seed oil of Kimia Date is suitable for use in soap and cosmetics.

The seeds are also burned to make charcoal for silversmiths. Date seeds are also used in coffee beans, or as an additive to coffee.

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