Kimia Gold Dates Product

Kimia Dates  is one of the dates that are produced in Iran.

You can supply the best kind of Kimia date at a suitable price from our company.

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The Kimia Date for India’s Market

India is one of the permanent purchasers of date from Iran.

We can recognize India as one of the main customers of Iranian date as well as the main purchase of the Kimia date.

Suitable packaging with high quality is one of the characteristics of our company for selling the Kimia date.

The kind of date which is suitable for the market of India is the number one kind of Kimia date.

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Suitable Price for Kimia

Possessing an allocated refrigerating room in the Bam city, our company can provide its purchasers with the most suitable price of the Kimia date.

This price is the cheapest and most suitable in the market for exports to India as well as for wholesale purchases.

Our company surely earmarks special discounts for those customers that have voluminous orders.


Mazafati PP 600 gr black 2 kimia gold Mazafati PP 600 gr black 1 kimia gold






The Quality of the Kimia Date

This date is available with diverse qualities, and you can supply its best kind from our company.

In the date market of Iran, the diverse qualities of Kimia are presented.

Due to being unfamiliar with the desirable kind of Kimia, many purchases prefer not to buy this date. 

You had better get help from our company for selecting the most desirable kind of Kimia date.

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Delivery in Iran or Dubai

One of the desires of foreign purchasers is the delivery of dates in certain ports or Dubai country.

Our company can easily supply this condition to its purchasers.

Furthermore, if the purchasers are inclined to receive their dates in Dubai, our company will have the possibility to deliver the dates in Dubai.


The Possibility of Transaction with Current Exchanges and LC

One of the characteristics of our company is that it can transact with the American dollar, Indian rupee, United Arab Emirates dirham, and other currencies.

You can easily use LC in your transactions with our company.


The Delivery of Date in FOB or CIF Forms

Our company can deliver the Kimia data to its purchasers in FOB or CIF forms.

This kind of delivery is selected according to the conditions required by the customers.


The Possibility of Packaging with Different Weights

Concerning the requirements of the purchasers, our company can have packages with varying weights.   

One issue the purchasers must consider when inquiring about the price is that they should ascertain the kind of packaging.

If the packaging is stated, the pricing will also be more convenient.   

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Grading the Kimia Date

This date is available in three a, b, and c grades.

The most expensive kind of a date is its first-class or grade a.

This grade is the most desirable kind.

Its best kind also grows in Bam.

Of course, each one of the three grades has purchasers.

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Date Purchase for Ramadan

Due to an increase in date consumption in this month, its purchase demand increases as well.

The main challenge of the purchasers in different countries is accessibility to the main suppliers of the Kimia date.

Concerning its years of experience in date selling, our company can provide you with the best kinds of dates.

Likewise, this company can considerably help you sell your dates in your concerned market by packing dates suitably for Ramadan.



About date fruit

The date fruit is reckoned as one of the sweetest fruits of tropical regions, especially of countries located in the Middle East and North Africa.

The climatic conditions of these regions help the growth of an abundant rate of this fruit, and thus their conditions are very ideal for the cultivation of the palm tree.

Islamic references and resources have also excessively recommended the use of this fruit.

The date fruit is enriched with fiber, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrient elements that are necessary for the human body.

Traditionally, dates are extensively consumed in the Iftar tables of Islamic countries, especially in the holy Ramadan month countries.

The date fruit has various species all over the world.

The economy of many countries depends on the trade of the exportation dates.

In 2016, the global trade of dried or fresh dates approximated 5.1 billion dollars and increased by 5% compared to the year 2001.

According to the recorded statistics, India is the greatest date-importing country in the world.

It has imported exportation dates with a value of 211 million dollars.

Morocco and the United Arab Emirates are also the main markets for date importation.

The date-importing values of 119 million dollars and 96 million dollars have been recorded for the United Arab Emirates and Morocco countries, respectively.

Egypt, with a 17% contribution to the world’s production rate, is reckoned as the greatest producer of the exportation date in the world.

Despite the mass production of this country, Egypt allocates less than 3% of date exportation to itself. Iran, with 15% production, is the second date-producing country in the world.

Saudi Arabia, with a number equal to 14%, is placed in the third position.

Concerning the evaluations and analyses of the trading market of the exportation dates, the results show that the maximum date-exporting potentiality belongs to North Africa, the United Arab Emirates, and Morocco. Accordingly, many factors influence the price of the exportation dates in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, and Egypt.

Some countries present exportation contributions as well as customs, tax, and transportation laws differently.

Also, some countries that allocate a large volume of date exportation to themselves facilitate the exportation rules for companies.


The cultivation conditions of palm trees

The date fruit grows in conditions in which the air temperature is warmer than the moderate limit.

Thus, the best conditions for the cultivation of palm trees are places with longer and warmer summers.

Date palm is endemic to arid regions, and the countries that have arid and semiarid conditions are suitable for date cultivation.

For the cultivation of palm trees, the agricultural lands should be periodically examined, and the weeds around the trees should be removed.

Those farmers that are active in the palm cultivating field usually conserve specific holes close to the tree roots and fill them with water, and the water inside the holes gradually penetrates the plant roots.

Recently, the rate of demand for the trading of the exportation dates is excessive in the world’s markets.     

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Date Loading and Clearance from Customs

The date loading and packing is usually the most important phase in its sale.

Our company surely selects the best transportation kind concerning the customers’ demand and present conditions.

Our company carries out loading inside the refrigerating rooms, and the whole required industrial equipment and personnel principally load the dates.

After loading, one of the concerns of purchasers is the clearance of dates from customs.

Purchasers are usually responsible for clearance according to contracts. However, if our company’s cooperation is included in the contract, we will take sufficient steps and provide customers with the necessary guidance.


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