Saqai Dates

Saqai dates are semi-dry dates grown in Saudi Arabia. They have an elongated and oval shape and their appearance is similar to oak. They have a brown body and a beige rim and are famous for their two-tone skin. The head of Saqai dates is golden and dry and their body is brown and soft. The skin of Saqai dates is wrinkled like Medjool dates. Saqai dates are one of the most famous commercial dates in Saudi Arabia and are the most consumed and most popular in Arab and European countries, and a large quantity of them is exported to international markets every year. Saqai dates have many health benefits. The fiber in Saqai dates helps to better digest food and boosts the digestive system and is very useful for treating constipation. In addition, the minerals and vitamins in Saqai dates prevent the risk of many diseases such as anemia, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other diseases.

Buy Saqai Dates

Saqai dates have a crisp and soft texture and their mild sweetness and brittleness makes them very enjoyable to eat. The demand for Saqai dates is very high in Arab countries, especially during Ramadan, and Saqai dates sellers are trying to meet the needs of customers.  Kimia Gold Company is one of the Saqai dates wholesalers and supplies the best Saqai dates to foreign markets. You can have an unprecedented shopping experience by purchasing Saqai dates wholesale from Kimia Gold Company, because we can guarantee customer satisfaction by selling the freshest and highest quality Saqai dates at a very reasonable price. Kimia Gold Company offers you to buy Saqai dates at a wholesale price. We also offer bulk purchase of a wide variety of dates such as Safawi dates, Deglet Noor dates, Iraqi Zahedi dates, Khalas dates, Khinizi dates and other types of dates according to the budget and market demand of your country at a competitive price. If you are looking to buy quality dates with proper packaging, you can contact Kimia Gold Company.

Saqai Dates Price

As mentioned above, Saqai dates are in great demand, and for this reason, Saqai dates sellers are looking for new ways to reduce the price and sell this product at a better price. Kimia Gold Company is also thinking of supplying the highest quality dates to the customers at a very reasonable and competitive price and always tries to achieve customer satisfaction. Therefore, Kimia Gold Company offers Saqai dates to Saqai dates buyers at wholesale price. It is better to buy Saqai dates from a supplier that, in addition to having the best quality, has the lowest shipping cost for you. You can greatly reduce your costs by bulk purchase of Saqai dates or other types of dates such as Ajwa dates, Mabroom dates, Sukkary dates, etc. Kimia Gold Company is one of Saqai dates wholesalers in the UAE and offers the highest quality Saqai dates to Saqai dates buyers directly at a reasonable price. To inquire about Saqai dates price, feel free to contact Kimia Gold Company via WhatsApp or email.

Saqai Dates Exporter

Many countries in the Middle East, especially Saudi Arabia, are the source of all kinds of dates and grow the best dates because of their hot and dry climate. Dates are staple food of date-rich countries and have a special place in their diet. In addition to meeting the needs of the people in their country, date-producing countries export a large amount of dates to other countries every year. Saqai dates are one of the famous types of Saudi dates and are in great demand due to their brittle and soft texture and beautiful color, and are exported in large quantities. Kimia Gold Company is one of the most famous and experienced Saqai dates exporters in the UAE, and every year it collects the best and highest quality dates and exports them directly to Asian countries such as Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China and European countries. Kimia Gold Company has all the health certificates as well as the international standards required for the export of dates, and Saqai dates and a wide variety of the most famous export dates, such as Deglet Noor dates, are mainly exported to all countries.

Saqai Dates Supplier

Buy Saqai dates from a direct supplier and increase your sales. Kimia Gold Company is one of the most distinguished suppliers of Saqai dates and in addition to Saqai dates wholesale supply, it supplies a variety of luxury and best-selling dates to the countries importing Saqai dates in bulk.  If you want to buy the best Saqai dates at a cheaper price, you can refer to Kimia Gold Company, which sells soft, semi-dry and dry dates such as Iraqi Zahedi dates wholesale to world markets without intermediaries in various packages. For more information on how to order Saqai dates, you can contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold Company and receive a free consultation.

Saqai Dates Packaging

Saqai dates are offered in various packages. Saqai dates are supplied in bulk or in plastic, carton, and gift packaging, or vacuum packed. Kimia Gold Company also offers Saqai dates in creative packages in different weights of 450 g up to 10 kg or in the customer’s desired weight and in custom packaging. For more information on how to package Saqai dates via WhatsApp or email, please contact Kimia Gold Company.

Saqai Dates Packaging

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