Khassui Dates

Khassui Dates

Khassui Dates

Khassui dates is a kind of Iranian dates which has a great demand in Persian Gulf and European countries, though not much known inside Iran. This variety of date is a rare variety and can be cultivated only in foothills in particular areas of Iran. Khassui dates are classified as wet dates because they have a lot of syrup. If you keep these dates in a closed container for several hours, they will immerse in their own syrup.

Khassui Dates Characteristics

This date is light brown when it is fully ripe or so-called cooked. It is the smallest type of Iranian date in the world. Although this date is small, it has a taste similar to Piarom dates, one of the most delectable dates. Khassui dates has a lot of syrup and the syrup of this dates can also be used in many different products, including date syrup. This type of date is considered as one of the sweetest types of dates, yet its sweetness is not annoying. Being unknown, sometimes this date is confused with Lulu dates, however, Khassui dates are entirely different in appearance, and this date is the smallest dates in Iran.

Khassui Dates Uses

Khassui dates can be used to make a variety of culinary foods. The date syrups made from Khassui dates are generally used for many cakes, pastries, and many traditional and non-traditional cuisines. The nectar of these dates is also used to prepare various types of healthy energy drinks or different syrups.

Khassui Dates Types

Iranian Khassui dates are available in the market in juicy and semi-dried forms. In general, the semi-dry Khassui dates price is slightly higher than the other one. Many people tend to use this type of date with tea and use it as an alternative for sugar.

Khassui Dates Supplier

Khassui Dates Price

Khassui dates price or Khassui dates wholesale price depend on many factors. As Khassui dates is one of the rarest types of dates grown only in some specific areas of the country, the production of this type of dates is much less than other commercial date cultivars. This date variety is attributed to particular climatic conditions for growing. Therefore, this scarcity increases the price of this type of date. Apart from that some other factors including the type and quality of packaging, the product quality and the harvest time are also influential in determining Khassui dates price. However, the price will be more reasonable when importing Khassui dates in wholesale.

Khassui Dates Price

Khassui Dates Suppliers

One of the most desirable dates in Iran is Khassui dates. The wholesale supply of different dates, including Sayer dates, Khassui dates, etc., at any time of the year can be done by the best dates suppliers in Iran. Today, many Khassui dates suppliers in domestic and international markets supply fresh Khassui dates in standard and high-quality packages. To buy Khassui dates without intermediaries at a reasonable and competitive price, simply contact Kimia Gold Company, one of the main Khassui dates supplier.   

Buy Khassui Dates

In recent years this particular dates variety, Khassui dates, has gained more popularity among people, and purchasing of this product has risen considerably in international market. However, the role and effort of some well-known manufactures, such as Kimia Gold Company, which is capable of providing valuable services in line with introducing these dates to the global markets, cannot be denied. We are able to provide Khassui dates importers with the high quality product in bulk. For buying Khassui dates or any other varieties such as Shahani datesZahedi dates and etc at wholesale price, do not hesitate to contact us.

Khassui Dates Exporter

Dates exports in Iran, especially Khassui dates export, are increasing day by day. Iran is one of the main Khassui dates exporters and exports the highest quality dates to many countries around the world. Khassui dates are native to Iran and not only Iranians but also all people around the world enjoy eating this delicious and nutritious food. Every year large quantities of Khassui dates are exported to other countries due to its high demand. One of the largest Khassui dates exporters, Kimia Gold Company, exports Iranian Khassui dates to the Persian Gulf region and European countries. To purchase high quality Khassui dates in bulk directly from the factory with the most competitive price contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold Company via email and WhatsApp. 

Khassui Dates Wholesale Market

Because of its unique taste and high nutritional value, Khassui dates have a high potential for exports to European markets. This makes this type of date very valuable for Khassui dates manufacturers. Khassui dates soak in their syrup when put into packaged due to its high amount of syrup. Khassui dates are not known in Iran like other date cultivars. For this reason, Khassui dates are usually purchased wholesale in the production areas and the exporting markets of the Persian Gulf countries and European countries.

Khassui Dates Wholesale

Khassui Dates Packaging

Kimia Gold Company, which is one of the most reputable Khassui dates Manufacturer, uses the most modern machines for sorting, packing, shearing, and using the modern ways of preserving all kinds of dates, including Mazafati dates, Khassui dates, etc., and exports these dates with very high quality to all parts of Iran and many foreign countries. Using specialized and experienced people and the latest techniques of packing and selling dates, this Khassui Dates Company as a well-known Khassui Dates Company has been able to provide the best services in supplying and exporting high-quality dates to customers in the shortest possible time without sacrificing the quality. To buy Khassui dates or order other by-products such as chopped datesdate paste, etc., you can contact the sales experts of this Khassui dates company and order your desired products.

Khassui Dates Health Benefits

Khassui dates are almost high in iron, potassium and magnesium. For this reason, despite its small shape, this type of dates is energy boosting and is a valuable source of energy for athletes or people who do heavy physical activities. Also, people with bone problems or anemia can improve their health by consuming these dates daily. The fiber in Khassui dates is also known to be an effective solution for people with digestive problems.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Khassui dates are harvested in late summer or early autumn.

You may inquire about the market price of Khassui dates by contacting our WhatsApp number and registering your order.

Khassui dates require special climatic conditions and are often grown in southern Iran.

You should surely pay attention to the quality, price, method of shipment, and time of delivery of dates. Kimia Gold Company fulfills all these important requirements.

Khassui Dates Packing

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