shahani dates single product

Shahani dates is one of Iran dates production.

Shahani could gain an acceptable status among different dates.

These dates are very soft and have a delicate skin and delightful taste.

The color of Shahani dates in semi-ripe or fully-ripe form is golden yellow.

Shahani dates gets to its best quality when it is fully ripe.

The moisture of these dates is about 17%.

Shahani dates supplied by our company are fresh and suitable for exportation.

These are considered as economic dates.


HS CODE : 08041090




Moisture :  max 23% ( refer to iranian standard ISIRI )
Description :   has really soft texture
Taste :   sweet
Color :   light brown and golden yellow
Type :   semi-dried
Flavor :   naturally sweet dates without foreign taste
Chemical and artifial additive :  No , ( 100%  Natural , Gluten free , Veg )
SHELF LIFE  / STORAGE CONDITION :  below ( -5°C ) :18 months -24 months

 At room temperature  : 1-3 months (based on humidity condition )




All the dates are selected and indeed have a high quality .



Packing in Bulk :3 Kg catron
Consumer packing 
There is possibility to packed with the customer’s brand
HARVEST TIME  :  start in September  
SHIPMENT 20ʹ FCL  13 MT   (Net Weight )
40ʹ FCL  25 MT   (Net Weight )
PLACE OF ORIGINEIran , Fars province , Jahrom city

Shahani Dates Harvest time and Origin

The harvesting time for Shahani dates is in September.

In the harvesting season, Kimia Gold Company embarks on gathering this date and preserving it in the cold storages to offer it for sale throughout the year.

This data grows in the south of Iran and Fars province.

The best quality of Shahani dates grows in Jahrom city of Fras province.



Shahani dates are highly nutritious so frequent consumption of these dates will improve brain functionality and prevents microbial infections.

It also reduces the risk of cancer and helps fight diabetes.

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Nutrition facts

PrincipleNutrient value/100 GrUnit
Carbohydrate 22.50Gr
Sodium 6Mgr
Trans fat0Gr
Saturated fat0Gr


shahani dates which are selected for exportation by Kimia gold company are all of a same quality and of course it is from the highest modality of this kind of date.

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Harvesting time and place 

The harvesting time for shahani dates is in September.

In the harvesting season, our company embarks on gathering this date and preserving it in the refrigeration room to offer it for sale in other seasons.

This data grows in the south of Iran and Fars province.

The most desirable kind of Shahani dates grows in Jahrom city.


Kimia Gold Company is one of the suppliers of this date.

You can supply Shahani with the highest quality from Kimia Gold Company.

Shahani is mostly exported in bulk form and is packed in ordinary cartons.

Our bulk packaging: 3 kg one carton, pressed and vacuumed.

Storage conditions

Shahani dates should be kept in a cool and dry place; normally there is no need to keep it in the refrigerator.

For long time preservation, you must keep it in refrigerator.

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Shipping and delivery

Kimia gold company, with years of experience in the field of export dates, and with its brilliant export records, can implement all necessary actions in the process of shipping and delivering Shahani to all over the world.

It is possible to take delivery in the terms of (EXW, FOB, FCA, CPT and CFR) if required by the customers.

Attention: it is recommended that the dates should be carried by the RF Container in all warm seasons.

There is also possibility to transact with (Us dollar, Euro , AED ,INR ) and other currencies .


To find out and quote the updated prices for shahani dates, please send your request on the below E-mail address or connect us on whatsapp messenger .

there is also possibility to transact with ( $ , Euro , AED ,INR ) and other correncies .

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