Shahani Dates

Shahani Dates

Shahani Dates

Iranian dates have a very great variety. Among the highest quality of these dates, we can mention Mazafati datesLulu dates; each has unique characteristics. Shahani dates are one of the most delicious types of dates that have been of high quality. Shahani is one of the most popular dates and, of course, known all over the world. Shahani dates also have a lot of global sales and exports, and for this reason, there has always been foreign demand. The main exports of this type of date can be considered to neighboring countries, especially India. But in recent years, some of these dates have also been exported to European and American countries.


Do you Know Shahani Dates? 

Iranian Shahani dates are one of the available dates in Iran that have many customers. The appearance of Shahani dates is elongated with a narrow tip and has a light brown and yellow color. The color of the product determines its quality. Dates with a yellower color have a higher quality than darker colors. This date has a sweet and delicious taste, which even its khark has a sweet taste, so the khark of Shahani dates has many customers and is widely used by the general public. This product is very similar to Rabbi dates, and sometimes it is confused with this date. However, it can be easily distinguished by seeing the brown color of this date and its narrower shape than Rabbi dates. Shahani dates are considered as wet dates, which of course, are also harvested semi-wet and dry. Due to the abundance of syrup, many products are prepared from this date, including date syrup.

The Shahani Dates Market Price

The Shahani dates price, and other Iranian dates are determined every year based on many factors. Usually, supply and demand or harvest and exchange rate parameters affect the Shahani dates price, and the Shahani dates wholesale price. Also, one of the most critical factors affecting the Shahani dates price is its annual exports, which can vary greatly depending on the dollar price. The Shahani dates price is lower than other dates due to its abundant production, and one of the factors for the high export of this product is the same reasonable Shahani dates price.

Shahani Dates Price

Also, the Shahani dates wholesale price may vary depending on the packaging. You can refer to Kimia Gold Company, the Shahani dates wholesale company, to see the Shahani dates prices for buy different types of the exported dates in Iran. Also, you can ask the price of dates and find the best price in market.


Buy Shahani Dates from Kimia Gold Company

The market for buying Shahani dates reaches its highest level in autumn like Kabkab dates, and after harvest, it goes to the factory for sorting and packaging process. Then, dates are packaged in various packages for foreign sales. You can buy Shahani dates from the Shahani dates wholesale suppliers companies. Kimia Gold Company, one of the most well-known Shahani dates wholesale suppliers, is ready to offer the best and most quality Shahani dates to the Shahani dates importer countries worldwide. You can also buy Zahedi datesKhassui dates and other types of dates from Kimia Gold Company.

Shahani Dates Supplier

The Main Shahani Dates Exporter in the World Markets

One of the largest Shahani dates exporters, Kimia Gold Company; exports Iranian Shahani dates to many European countries. To buy Shahani dates directly from the factory and bulk purchase with the best price and quality, contact the sales experts of this company that exports Shahani dates. The most important Shahani dates importers are countries such as India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. 

This type of date, like other dates, including Sayer dates and different kinds of dates, is exceptionally acceptable due to its particular taste, sweetness, shape and color. Shahani dates have a lower price than other dates, which is crucial for exporting this product to low-income countries. For example, India is one of the largest Shahani dates importers, which high tonnage of this dates is shipped to this country annually due to the affordable and low Shahani dates price.


Kimia Gold Company is the Largest First-class Shahani Dates Supplier 

Like Piarom dates, Shahani dates are considered types of exporting dates that are shipped to other countries in addition to the domestic market, every year with the arrival of the harvest season. Shahani dates are offered to international markets by companies and centers selling wholesale Shahani dates in Iran. Buying products such as Shahani dates from the centers of direct supply of Shahani dates causes it to be provided at the actual price and prevented the buyers from paying extra fees. Shahani dates wholesale in the market by the Shahani dates wholesale supplier has reduced its price for consumers to have more customers. Kimia Gold Company is one of the most prominent Shahani dates wholesale supplier centers in the country. You can buy a variety of high-quality dates for export at low and exceptional prices from this Shahani dates company. Most Shahani dates importers and buyers prefer to buy their products from this Shahani dates manufacturer. Kimia Gold company, the Shahani dates manufacturer, offers its products to buyers in the shortest possible time. For more information on the Shahani dates price, contact our sales experts via WhatsApp and email.

Shahani Dates Wholesale

Shahani Dates Properties

Shahani dates are rich in minerals, iron, and magnesium.

This date is known as a sedative and heart rate regulator. Unlike the beliefs, Shahani dates do not have high cholesterol and regulate good cholesterol of blood. Due to their high iron, Shahani dates are hematopoietic and are helpful for people who suffer from anemia. With a large amount of fiber, this date is also good for the stomach and digestive system. Also, this date helps strengthen short-term memory because it contains vitamins such as B6. Since it contains

natural sugar, it is also used instead of sugar, candy and sugary foods.


Shahani Dates Packaging

Packaging dates as an effective nutrient is crucial because if dates packaging is not done correctly, they will be crushed and will lose their quality. Many factors are considered for packing dates. Kimia Gold Company, one of the leading Shahani dates manufacturers, packs this unique and popular product with high quality and offers it to foreign customers. This Shahani dates manufacturer, which has private cold storage and equipped and advanced processing machines, firstly performs dates sorting or separation work in unique packaging factories after harvesting the product. These dates are supplied in various packages with different weights, in bulk in 5 or 10 kg packages for foreign sales. So, if you want to buy high-quality Shahani dates in the shortest possible time, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Kimia Gold Company prepares Shahani dates for export in the best 5 and 10 kg packages.

You can easily contact Kimia Gold sales experts via WhatsApp or email, and make your purchase after inquiring the price.

Shahani dates are grown in late summer.

Kimia Gold Company exports dates to all over the world and all countries with no restrictions.

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