Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates 

According to many people, Medjool is one of the most desirable and high-quality dates globally, known as the king of dates. In addition to its sweet and delicious taste, this date is one of the best and most marketing date cultivars globally due to its oversized appearance, which has many fans and is one of the top commercial dates in the world.


Learning More About the Medjool Dates Properties

What are the main properties of Medjool dates? Medjool dates are a type of soft dates and are often consumed in Rotab form, with this difference that they are more elastic and more rigid than other types of soft dates. This type of date has a dark color and large size, and its taste is similar to caramel. Medjool dates are usually sold dry, and the drying method is so that while dry, the soft and sticky texture of this type of date is preserved.

Are You Aware of the Unique Properties of Medjool dates?

Have you ever experienced dates consumption? If yes, have you seen its unique properties and are you aware of its properties? Medjool dates are rich in antioxidants and have many medicinal properties. This date contains a high amount of fiber, and its continuous use improves the health and improvement of the digestive system. It is also effective in treating many diseases, including heart disease. Another advantage of this date is its ability to be used to make various cakes and desserts and to be used to prepare various date products such as date paste, etc.


Medjool Dates Supplier

How Much Do Medjool Dates Cost?

Medjool dates are one of the best dates for exporting, which has high marketing due to its very high quality, delicious and unique taste, and has many customers worldwide, and a special place among consumers of all types of dates. The Medjool dates price is higher than other dates, which can be attributed to its global popularity. Many people are looking for information about the latest Medjool dates price, and the Medjool dates wholesale price. The Medjool dates price depends on many factors, among which we can mention the packaging of this type of date, which is one of the most critical factors affecting the Medjool dates price. If Medjool dates have good packaging, their price will also increase. In addition to packaging, many factors such as appearance, size, color, shipping cost, quality, production cost, etc., also directly impact the Medjool dates price and the Medjool dates wholesale price. The best way to know the exact price of dates is to contact the Medjool dates exporter. For more information, you can refer to the Kimia Gold website, contact this Medjool dates wholesale supplier company directly, and inquire about the price of the Medjool dates and various dates, including Mazafati datesRabbi dates, etc.


Buy the Original Medjool Dates

The reasonable and affordable buy of Medjool dates is possible in some methods. But the easiest and most cost-effective way is to buy Medjool dates from Kimia Gold Company. The Medjool dates in this Medjool dates supplier company are very reasonable, and if you want to purchase Medjool dates in bulk, you can also benefit from good discounts. To buy Medjool dates and inform of Medjool dates price in Iran, you can refer to Kima Gold Company via WhatsApp and email. Visit the website of this company and register your order.

Medjool Dates Price

High-quality and the First-class Medjool Dates Price

How is the Medjool dates wholesale market in Iran? Are you going to buy Medjool dates in bulk and packaged? Major distribution of Medjool dates has reduced the cost of this product for the Medjool dates importer who intends to buy in high tonnage. Because they can buy more of this fruit at a lower cost. Medjool dates are mainly sold in international markets. Iranian dates buyers can order these exporting dates with the lowest price and the highest quality in the desired size. 

Kimia Gold Company is one of the Iranian dates supplier companies that can sell Medjool dates in bulk. If you are interested in Medjool dates and other types of Iranian dates such as Piarom dates, Rabi dates, etc., in that case, you can buy this fruit with the highest quality, appropriate price and in the shortest possible time from Kimia Gold Company.


Medjool Dates Supplier

Do you know how to supply Medjool dates? Medjool dates are one of the best and most famous examples of dates around the world. After harvesting from the groves, these dates are packaged or sold in bulk. The Medjool dates supplier has a considerable role in preventing the price fluctuation of dates by supplying this product directly to the international market. Medjool dates supplier centers provide this type of date to Medjool dates importers at a very low cost. Medjool dates suppliers offer this type of first-class dates in beautiful packages and at commercial prices to many countries, including European countries. One of the Medjool dates wholesale supplier companies is Kimia Gold Company, one of the largest Medjool dates suppliers and annually exports a high tonnage of this product to international markets and many Medjool dates importer countries in the world. This company has always been successful in supplying this product.


Medjool Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the largest Medjool dates exporters. Exporting this product to international markets has increased in recent years due to increased production of Medjool dates. Large quantities of this date type are exported annually to Arab countries, East Asian countries, and European countries. Medjool dates are exported to other countries by Kimia Gold Company. Medjool dates are exported to other countries by Kimia Gold Company. This Medjool dates Exporter Company has gained a good share of the market of other countries by exporting the best varieties of Iranian dates, such as Kali datesShahani dates, Medjool dates, etc., obtained an excellent foreign currency for the country. In addition, this Medjool dates exporter company is responsible for exporting all kinds of dates, including Iraqi Zahedi dates, other types of dates.

Medjool Dates Wholesale

How is the Medjool Dates Packaging?

Medjool dates are one of the most expensive dates in the world. Supplying Medjool dates in Iran are performed in packaged form. If you can use suitable packaging for this type of date, you can have good sales. This date is available in Iran in very stylish packages and is sold at an exceptional price. Kimia Gold Company is one of the most crucial Medjool dates wholesale companies, which operates with the highest standards of packaging and sales of exporting dates worldwide and in international markets. This Medjool dates wholesale supplier company offers this product in various packages in different weights in pressed form and suitable for domestic market and export to countries such as Arab countries, Persian Gulf countries and European countries. Also, this Medjool dates company offers very convenient and beautiful packages with more than two decades of activity in the field of production and packaging dates. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As you know, all dates contain iron, potassium and vitamin B but Medjool dates contain more calcium and fiber compared to other dates, which is good for digestion and the health of your heart, bones and teeth.

Medjool dates have higher prices because of the special conditions in which they are cultivated and stored like other delicious food products.

Medjool dates are one of the most popular dates in the market because they are large, have soft fleshy tissue and are high in minerals. On the other hand, the sugar in this date is natural fiber, which is a good alternative to various sugars.

You may inquire the market price of Medjool dates by contacting our WhatsApp number and register your order.

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