Rabbi Dates

Rabbi Dates

Rabbi dates is one of the best Iranian dates, widely produced in Iran and known as one of Iran’s main types of dates. Along with Sayer dates and Kabkab dates, this date is known as the most important dates in Iran. Rabbi dates belong to the semi-dry dates category like Piarom dates and have a unique taste and are very similar to Piarom dates in appearance. Rabbi dates have many fans among domestic and foreign customers, and fortunately, it has a good export market. According to many people, this date tastes perfect when it is semi-dry.


Rabbi Dates Benefits

Rabbi Dates is one of the most important Iranian dates known among the people that have many properties. Consumption of this date has always been recommended due to its large amount of vitamins and minerals. Rabbi dates have a significant amount of antioxidants. Also, dates are great for regulating cholesterol and stress. This date cultivar is rich in minerals such as magnesium, selenium, manganese and calcium, contributing to bone health. In addition to the above-mentioned cases, the potassium in these dates is helpful in treating diarrhea.


Rabbi Dates Price 

Due to the high export amount, Rabbi Date’s price is generally determined based on international markets’ needs. Rabbi dates’ unique quality and taste have caused a lot of interest in domestic and foreign markets, and the Rabbi dates price is higher than other types of dates. With the fluctuations of the dollar in Iran, the cost of this date and the Rabbi dates wholesale price fluctuates. Regarding this fluctuation in the market, be sure to know the Rabbi dates price before buying. You can ask about the up-to-date Rabbi dates price, and the Rabbi dates wholesale price by contacting the Sales experts of Kimia Gold Company. You can contact this company via WhatsApp number and Email to inquire about the cost of Khassui dates, Medjool dates and Deglet Noor dates, etc.

Buy Rabbi Dates

As you know, there are many dates in the market; each has many fans. One of these dates is Rabbi dates, which is known along with many dates. Due to large tonnage of exporting these dates to foreign markets, Rabbi dates are known partly in other countries, and many people are familiar with Rabbi dates and want to buy Rabbi dates due to the high quality of this type and its appearance. The season for buying Rabbi dates starts from the late summer and after harvest and continues until the end of the year. The best time to buy Rabbi dates is early autumn, when the product is very high and has the most increased supply. 

Rabbi Dates Price

You can demand to buy Rabbi dates with the highest quality and the lowest possible price through the Kimia Gold website, which offers Rabbi dates wholesale sales and performs all the steps to buy Rabbi dates in the shortest possible time.


The Most Desirable Rabbi Dates Suppliers

Rabbi dates are one of the most desirable dates of Iran. After harvesting from the groves, Rabbi dates are packaged or sold in bulk. Rabbi date supplier has a significant share in preventing date price fluctuations by supplying this product directly to the sales market. Rabbi date supplier centers provide these products to customers at a low cost. Rabbi dates supplier companies export the first-class Rabbi hours in beautiful packaging at an affordable price to many countries, including the Persian Gulf countries, East Asian countries and the European countries. One of the companies that sell Rabbi dates directly is Kimia Gold Company, the leading Rabbi dates supplier, which supplies a large amount of this product to the international markets and many Rabbi dates importers countries in the world annually. This Rabbi dates company has always been successful in providing this product.

Iranian Dates Price

Rabbi Dates Exporter

Iran is one of the largest Rabbi dates exporters. In recent years, due to the increasing production of Rabbi dates, the export of this product to international markets has increased. Due to the low moisture of this date and the few need for refrigerated containers, the export of Rabbi Dates can be done quickly. Large quantities of this date type are annually exported to Pakistan, Arab countries, East Asian countries and European countries. Also, this type of date has achieved a special place in international markets due to many features such as principled and beautiful packaging and high product quality. 

Kimia Gold Company is one of the largest Rabbi dates exporters, exporting the Iranian Rabbi dates to countries and European countries. You can refer to this company that exports Rabbi dates and prepares the highest quality Iranian Rabbi dates to buy rabbi dates. In addition, this company is the exporter of various dates, including Zahedi dates, Kali dates (Kalute) and other types of dates.


Rabbi Dates Manufacturer

Kimia Gold Company is one of the leading Iranian Rabbi Dates manufacturers. This company has started producing various dates such as Rabbi Dates, Lulu dates, etc., for many years. It has been able to provide foreign customers with the best quality Rabbi dates and affordable prices. This Rabbi dates company has made many efforts to satisfy customers, improve product quality, offer services, and provide benefits to Rabbi dates importers. This company, which produces Rabbi dates, is ready to conclude contracts with exporting customers in high tonnage. Buying from these Rabbi dates manufacturers can save your money. Equipping with private cold storage, packaging in compliance with all export standards, the capability of supplying orders on a large scale, having an official license from the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade and quality assurance of products, our company can provide the best and highest quality dates in various weights. You can count on us to buy all kinds of your needed dates.


Rabbi Dates Packaging

The best Rabbi dates belong to Iran. This cultivar is suitable for supply and export comparing dry dates due to its delicious taste and quality. With access to the date-producing regions of the country and having cold storage and date packaging system, Kimia Gold Company can supply the product to you in a sorted manner. It is also possible to pack Rabbi dates with customers’ private labels and in different boxes suitable for the target market. Rabbi dates are offered in bulk and packaged in Kimia Gold Company with other qualities. For example, Rabbi dates are generally offered for sale in 5 and 10 kg bulk packages. Therefore, if you are going to buy Rabbi dates, pay special attention to the type of product packaging in addition to quality. For proper packaging and preparation of dates, you can also get help from Kimia Gold Company, one of the Rabbi dates wholesale suppliers. Our specialty is preparing dates, preparing and sorting, packaging under the brand, labeling and shearing all kinds of dates.

Rabbi Dates Wholesale

Rabbi Dates Products

Rabbi dates have many fans, which is why these dates are sold before harvesting from the tree. Of course, it should be noted that Rabbi dates are not used solely in ripe form. These dates are used for other types of industrial products. Rabbi Dates are well used to produce date syrup, date sugar, kinds of chocolates, cookies, cakes, sweets, drinks, etc.


Rabbi Dates Properties

This date has a long and elongated appearance. Rabbi dates are considered to be relatively large fleshy dates. The kernel is smaller than the flesh and has a suitable texture due to the skin’s viscosity to the seed. Khark Rabbi dates are red. Its Rotab is green. And when ripe, it is black or dark brown. This date has thin skin and is attached to the flesh. This date turns green when it is Rotab. The harvest time of this date is at the same time as Bam Mazafati dates and occurs in September. This date has a lot of syrup and is the earliest date in Iran and the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Rabbi dates need one year to grow.

You can easily contact Kimia Gold sales experts via email and WhatsApp and make your purchase online.

Rabi date is a long date and its size is about 3 to 5 cm.

Rabi date has a lot of energy and eating it helps store energy. Dates have an energy content of about 280 kcal per 100 grams.

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