Zahedi Dates

Zahedi Dates

Do you Know Zahedi Dates?

One of the most desirable Iranian dates is Zahedi dates, which can be considered one of the most widely used dates and one of the types of Iranian exporting dates. Along with Piarom dates (Maryami) and Sayer dates (Esta’meran), this date is in the group of dry dates; for this reason, its transport and storage are more accessible. Zahedi dates is considered one of the most famous dates due to its unique appearance and extraordinary taste.


Introducing Zahedi Dates

Zahedi dates are egg-shaped or oval-shaped with a relatively narrow and sharp bottom, consumed in dry and khark types. When used, it has a yellow or brownish color. This date is high in sugar, so it is highly used in making sugary and sweet products. Iranian Zahedi dates are divided into different types based on the size, amount of flesh, harvesting place and condition. These factors determine the Zahedi dates price. Zahedi Date is a fleshy and tasty date that has less moisture than other types of dates. This date is classified as a dry date and is late ripening. 


Zahedi Dates Types

Zahedi dates are available in three types: first-grade Zahedi dates, second-grade Zahedi dates and third-grade Zahedi dates. Each of these dates has different uses depending on their classes and quality.

The First-Grade Zahedi Dates: This type of date is of high quality and desirability. Also offered to domestic markets and factories, such as confectioneries.

The Second-Grade Zahedi Dates: This type of date is not much different from the first-grade Zahedi dates. Only the quality of the first-grade Zahedi dates is slightly higher than the quality of this type of date, and the-second grade Zahedi dates price is somewhat lower than the first-grade Zahedi dates price. This type of date is also supplied to domestic markets and factories and is not exported abroad.

The Third-Grade Zahedi Dates: This type of date is used to make date syrup and produce vinegar. Moreover, it is also supplied to the pie and sweet producer factories.


Zahedi Dates Price

What Do You Know About the Benefits of Zahedi Dates?

Zahedi Date is one of the types of Iranian dates, rich in vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and fiber. Zahedi dates daily consumption is necessary and helpful for the body of all people of any age. By eating this type of Iranian date, you can reduce bad cholesterol, treat constipation, increase energy levels, and keep your bones healthy. The existing fiber in these dates will prevent gastrointestinal cancer, and by daily dates consumption, you will have a better excretion.


What Factors Affect the Zahedi Dates Wholesale Price?

The Zahedi dates wholesale price is very determinative and vital for the Zahedi dates importers. In determining the Zahedi dates wholesale price, some factors should be considered when buying Zahedi dates. Like other dates, the higher the quality of Zahedi dates, the higher the purchase price. The size of the product can affect the Zahedi dates price. The more fleshy the product, the different the price will be. The more golden and uniform the color of this date, the higher the price. The area and type of Zahedi date packaging also affect the Zahedi dates wholesale price.

Zahedi Dates Supplier

The Best Zahedi Dates Price

We are dealing with a large family of the Iranian date types, such as Rabbi dates, Zahedi dates, etc., which we see in the market. Most sellers sell this type of product according to the approved Price by the date sellers union. Many factors such as quality, color, moisture, and date size effectively determine the Zahedi dates Price and the Zahedi dates Wholesale Price. If you want to buy Zahedi dates, you can contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold Company to inquire about the Zahedi dates Wholesale Price. Also, the first-class exporting Zahedi dates price, which has the highest quality, is very reasonable. 

These dates can easily be suitable for global markets and foreign buyers. Considering customer satisfaction and maintaining customer health, Kimia Gold Company always tries to offer first-class Zahedi dates with high quality and affordable and competitive prices to buyers.


Kimia Gold Company is the Supplier of the Best Zahedi Dates Brand

Zahedi dates are one of the producing dates in Iran. Due to its high quality and low and affordable price, this date is one of the most popular types of dates supplied in Iran. Iranian Zahedi dates are exported to many countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, etc. Many suppliers companies in Iran provide many types of dates, including Kabkab datesLulu dates, and other dates. Direct supply of these dates to other countries is done by supplying companies of different types of dates. Direct management on the Zahedi dates product and supply from cultivation time to the harvest time and in the later stages such as export time of this product can significantly impact the sales and profitability, and Zahedi dates price. Kimia Gold Company is one of the Zahedi dates suppliers in Iran. This company supplies the best and highest quality dates in the international markets with direct management on the production and supply process like cultivating, harvesting, packaging and providing dates such as Medjool dates, Zahedi dates, etc. 


The Most Credit Zahedi Dates Manufacturer

Many Zahedi dates manufacturer companies are active in producing, supplying, and exporting high-quality and desirable Zahedi dates. Rotab and date types such as Shahani dates, Zahedi dates, etc., are produced with high quality in these companies and supplied to domestic and foreign markets. Kimia Gold is one of the Zahedi dates manufacturer centers in Iran, which exports this product to other countries due to its high quality. This company has been able to attract maximum customer satisfaction by diversifying the packaging of Zahedi dates. On the other hand, this Zahedi dates Manufacturer tries to export Zahedi dates to the Zahedi dates importer countries with direct supply and at a more reasonable price.


Buy Zahedi Dates with the Best Quality

Buying Zahedi dates with the best quality is done from Zahedi dates companies. In wholesale Zahedi dates agents, this product is offered fresh, healthy and at a low price. Zahedi dates importers and buyers can refer to these Zahedi dates wholesale supplier companies for a good purchase. If you want to buy Zahedi dates with high-quality and in the shortest possible time. In that case, you can contact Kimia Gold Company, one of the main Zahedi dates suppliers in Iran, via email and WhatsApp number and order your intended product.

Zahedi Dates Wholesale

Zahedi Dates Exporter

High-quality Zahedi dates exporters offer various samples of these products to foreign markets. These Zahedi dates exporters should keep in mind that providing a quality product can significantly impact satisfying the Zahedi dates importers. Iranian Zahedi dates are famous and popular in most parts of the world and are exported to many countries. The main Iranian Zahedi dates importers are Pakistan, Afghanistan, and UAE. Zahedi dates are exported to Pakistan in large quantities annually. Kimia Gold Company, one of the largest Zahedi dates exporters, exports Iranian Zahedi dates to the region and European countries. For direct purchase from the factory and bulk purchase of Zahedi dates with the best price and quality, refer to this company.


The First-Grade Zahedi Dates Packaging

The Iranian Zahedi dates are packaged in various forms. These dates are harvested from the groves when they ripe and sent to processing and packaging factories. In the dates sorting stage, Zahedi dates are washed and packaged. The type of packaging must conform to the order of the customer. After the sorting process, the product’s dust is removed. Then the dates are packed in bulk cartons of 5 to 10 and small packages with different weights according to the customer’s order. For exporting Zahedi dates to other countries, a standard and health certificate are required. Kimia Gold Company is based in Iran using the best technologies of harvesting, transportation and packaging dates, which has gained the customer’s trust in first-class and high-quality Zahedi dates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You may inquire about the market price of Zahedi dates by contacting our WhatsApp number at +971505021205 and sending an email to

Zahedi ripe dates are harvested in late summer.

It is better to keep Zahedi dates at a temperature between 0 and 50°F to maintain moisture and prevent spoilage.

Zahedi dates are in the category of dried dates.

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