Ajwa Dates

Ajwa dates are one of the summer fruits and popular varieties of dates in the world that are grown in Medina, Saudi Arabia. The appearance of Ajwa dates is almost round and small and their color is dark brown or black with white lines. Ajwa dates are soft and semi-dry dates and have wrinkled skin and a very pleasant taste. They are very popular in the world and are known as one of the most expensive types of dates. Ajwa dates are also one of the commercial and export cultivars. They have a sweet taste and eating a few Ajwa dates a day provides you with the energy you need during the day. Ajwa dates are also useful in eliminating toxins from the body. They, like other dates, contain fiber and a large amount of minerals and vitamins, and their consumption contributes to the health of the digestive system and the absorption of iron. Eating dates, especially in the last months of pregnancy, helps the health of pregnant women during pregnancy and increases blood hemoglobin levels and prevents anemia.

Buy Ajwa Dates

Ajwa dates are one of the best types of dates and have many healing properties, and many people buy Ajwa dates as souvenirs. Ajwa dates are found in different sizes. The finest and largest Ajwa dates are carefully selected for export to other countries. Kimia Gold’s Ajwa dates are hand-picked and are 100% natural and organic. The very delicious taste and affordable price of Ajwa dates have made many Asian and European countries the main importers of Ajwa dates. If you want to buy Ajwa dates wholesale, you can refer to Kimia Gold Company, which is one of the most reputable and trusted wholesalers of Ajwa dates and all kinds of dates. Kimia Gold Company offers you Ajwa dates at a wholesale price and helps you in all stages of ordering and buying Ajwa dates.

Ajwa Dates Price

The appearance of Ajwa dates such as color, size, diameter, and length of Ajwa dates has a great impact on determining its price. Kimia Gold Company offers the freshest and largest Ajwa dates at a very reasonable price. Kimia Gold Company, with many years of experience in the field of dates exports, has all the health certificates and standards required for the export of agricultural and food products, and collects and supplies the highest quality Ajwa dates to customers at wholesale price. We also offer Safawi dates, Deglet Noor dates, Mabroom dates, Medjool dates, Iraqi Zahedi dates, and Khalas dates in bulk. To inquire about Ajwa dates wholesale price, you can contact Kimia Gold Company right now and receive the price list.

Ajwa Dates Exporter

Ajwa dates are one of the most important export products and are exported in large quantities every year. Kimia Gold Company is also one of the most famous and experienced Ajwa dates exporters and exports all types of dates to Persian Gulf countries, European countries and Asian countries, especially India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, etc. in bulk at wholesale prices. We care deeply about the quality of our products and our customer satisfaction and try to provide our customers with an easy access to our products. Kimia Gold Company has all health certificates and exports its products in accordance with international food standards. For more information on Ajwa dates import, feel free to contact us.

Ajwa Dates Supplier

According to international food safety standards for agricultural products, Kimia Gold Company carefully selects the best and highest quality Ajwa dates for bulk supply to foreign markets and offers you the products at a competitive price. Undoubtedly, Ajwa dates are one of the best and super nutritious dates in the world, and eating them has been recommended throughout history to keep you healthy. So do not hesitate to buy Ajwa dates. Kimia Gold Company, an Ajwa dates wholesale supplier, offers you the dates in bulk or any quantity you order. If you would like to buy Ajwa dates at a wholesale price, contact us at any time and receive the freshest, tastiest and highest quality Ajwa dates as soon as possible. Kimia Gold Company is also one of the wholesale suppliers of Sukkary dates and Khalas dates and, as one of its main goals, has always tried to provide the best customer service and pay attention to customer demands and satisfaction by providing all the necessary facilities for faster and higher quality delivery of products. We, Ajwa dates wholesale supplier, are ready to supply our products to customers all over the world at any time.

Ajwa Dates Packaging

Kimia Gold Company offers Ajwa dates and date products in a variety of hygienic plastic or carton packages or vacuum-packed. Kimia Gold Company also offers Ajwa dates in bulk or in different weights of 450 g to 10 kg or with the weight and packaging desired by the customer. The packaging of Ajwa dates and Kimia Gold dates are designed in such a way to both attract customers and maintain the quality of dates and also increase the shelf life of dates. Contact us to order Ajwa dates or see how we package Ajwa dates right now.

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