Khinizi Dates

Khinizi dates are soft and moist dates that are cultivated in the UAE. The color of Khinizi dates is red when unripe and then turns into reddish black when ripe. Khinizi dates have a wrinkled skin like Ajwa dates, but they have more moisture and are classified as moist dates. Khinizi dates are one of the most famous dates in the UAE and have a very high quality. Khinizi dates are also used in unripe and half-ripe stages and have many fans. The moisture content of Khinizi dates is high and if they are not stored in proper conditions, they will quickly become sour or moldy. Khinizi dates are very well known and popular not only in the UAE but also in other countries and are one of the most important trade and export cultivars in the UAE. Every year, large quantities of Khinizi dates are exported to all parts of the world. Khinizi dates have many health benefits. They are high in carbohydrates, fiber, protein, and a variety of vitamins and minerals, and prevent many diseases such as anemia and cancer.

Buy Khinizi Dates

Dates are a sweet and delicious fruit and eating them with tea or coffee or using them in desserts will make your life very sweet. Dates have been part of the Middle Eastern diet for thousands of years, and people in the Middle East think that eating a few dates a day provides the energy their body needs during the day. So try to put this nutritious fruit in your daily diet. You do not need to think about buying dates, just try it once and become a regular consumer. Kimia Gold Company is one of Khinizi dates sellers that cares about your health and has made it very easy for you to buy Khinizi dates. For quick access to Khinizi dates, just visit the Kimia gold Company website and receive your order on time. Providing the best customer service and customer satisfaction has always been one of the goals of Kimia gold Company. Kimia Gold Company is a Khinizi dates wholesaler and the seller of various types of dates such as Safawi dates, Saqai dates, Medjool dates, Deglet Noor dates, Mabroom dates, and Khalas dates, and supplies its highest quality products in bulk. To buy Khinizi dates, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp or email.

Khinizi Dates Price

Apart from the quality and freshness of dates, Khinizi dates buyers like to buy their favorite dates at a reasonable price. Kimia Gold Company has made it possible for you to buy first-class and high-quality Khinizi dates at a wholesale price. We offer all important export dates to customers in bulk at a very competitive and reasonable price and have focused on exporting the most popular and best varieties of dates. We, Kimia Gold Company, are a Khinizi dates wholesale supplier and, in addition to Khinizi dates, export other important export cultivars, such as Medjool dates, worldwide at wholesale prices. You can contact us to inquire about Khinizi dates wholesale price or the price of other products.

Khinizi Dates Exporter

The unique quality and taste of Khinizi dates has made it one of the most special and high quality export dates, and every year a large amount of Khinizi dates that are organically produced in the best groves in the UAE are exported to European and Asian countries. The moisture and delicious nectar of Khinizi dates have made them one of the most popular dates for export. Kimia Gold, a Khinizi dates exporter, complies with all national and international standards and exports the highest quality Khinizi dates to Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, and European and Middle Eastern countries. If you are looking for a Khinizi dates wholesale exporter, you can trust us. We, with years of experience in the field of dates wholesale export, supply you, Khinizi dates importers, with the best Khinizi dates in bulk at a wholesale price. We also export other varieties of dates such as Sukkary dates and Safawi dates. For more information on how to import Khinizi dates or other varieties of dates, you can contact our sales experts through social networks or via email.

Khinizi Dates Wholesale Supplier

Dates have long been a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine, and no doubt all people looking for a healthy and nutritious snack will add it to their diet. Kimia Gold is always looking to meet customer expectations and strives to build a long-term relationship with its customers. We, Kimia Gold Company, try to offer the most reasonable prices to Khinizi dates importers and obtain customer satisfaction by direct supply of Khinizi dates and other unique types of dates such as Iraqi Zahedi dates. Kimia Gold Company offers you Khinizi dates in bulk or in beautiful packages. You can order Khinizi dates in different weights of 450 g up to 10 kg or in your desired packaging and have your order delivered in the shortest possible time. To receive the samples of Khinizi dates packaging, you can contact Kimia Gold Company right now.

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