Mazafati Dates

Mazafati Dates

The first-class Mazafati dates, also known as Bam Dates, Kimia Dates and Khajoor Dates, are the highest quality Iranian dates harvested from groves and supplied to the market. Many dates have their particular names, but Mazafati dates are also called Rotab, which is interesting in many parts. In addition to high sales in the domestic market, Mazafati dates also have many customers in many countries. This type of date is one of the main types of dates exported to other countries. This date is known as the most delicious type of date in the world. Mazafati dates are stored in the form of Rotab (young dates) in cold storage, and it is better to call it Mazafati Dates. 

Mazafati Dates Properties

Iranian Mazafati dates are in great demand both domestically and internationally. This date has a large number of minerals in its structure. The color of these dates generally tends to be dark purple and black. Interestingly, dates importers prefer its black or dark black kind. It also has wonderful nectar and taste. The amount of moisture in this product varies depending on the location of cultivation and harvest. The size of the premium type of this date is between 2.5 and 4.5 cm. Also, the skin of Bam Mazafati dates can be easily removed. This type of date has a lot of syrup, so it is used to prepare date syrup. All kinds of dates, including Sayer Dates, etc., are classified into three different sizes. Mazafati dates are in the middle class in terms of size. But the size of this product is medium mainly. The desirable type has a length between 2.5 and 4.5 cm. 

Desirable Mazafati Dates

The quality of various dates, including Rabbi dates, Mazafati dates, etc., depends on many factors; Such as the size and largeness of the date, the amount of syrup in its package, its health, uniformity, and the color of the date. This date is known as dark black in all parts of the world, and its types of brown and dark brown are less considered. The exciting thing about Mazafati dates is that they are red at first and turn black after growing. For determining the quality of Mazafati dates, consider that the more the syrup of date, the higher the quality of Bam Mazafati dates.

Mazafati Dates Price

Mazafati dates price is generally determined based on quality, packaging, size, freshness, color and taste, but other factors such as shipping costs, human force costs, and harvest season are also effective directly on Mazafati dates price and Mazafati dates wholesale price. To buy Mazafati dates and know the exact Mazafati dates price and Mazafati dates wholesale price, the best way is to contact Mazafati dates suppliers and Mazafati dates wholesale suppliers.  

At present, Kimia Gold Company, one of the most well-known Mazafati dates wholesale suppliers, offers this product directly, at an affordable, and competitive price. To inquire about  Mazafati dates price, you can contact the sales experts of this Mazafati date company through WhatsApp and email

Mazafati Dates Supplier

Mazafati Dates Manufacturer

Mazafati dates suppliers and manufacturers are companies or sorting and packaging factories. Each of these Mazafati dates manufacturer companies and types of dates, including Sayer dates, etc., export their products for the domestic and international markets according to the needs of Mazafati dates importers and the contracts they have. The first-class Mazafati dates manufacturer offers this type of date in packages and in bulk. Mazafati dates are among the most popular and best-selling types of dates in the market, which have many customers in the country and abroad. As one of the largest Mazafati dates manufacturers, Kimia Gold Company has attracted maximum customer satisfaction by diversifying its date packaging. On the other hand, this Mazafati date’s manufacturer tries to provide Mazafati dates importers with reasonable prices by direct supply.  

Mazafati Dates Wholesale

Mazafati Dates supplier 

The main supply of first-class exporting dates is done directly in Kimia Gold Company, making Mazafati dates price more affordable for  Mazafati dates importers. These Mazafati dates wholesale suppliers carefully buy the best Mazafati dates in each region in bulk yearly and offer Mazafati dates to customers. Mazafati dates suppliers attract many Mazafati dates importers worldwide by selling this product with very suitable conditions and excellent prices. Due to the boom in the date market, today, Mazafati dates importers buy this product directly online through Mazafati dates suppliers and Mazafati dates wholesale suppliers. Therefore, in addition to significant savings in their costs, they can buy this product with higher quality and easier conditions. 

The largest Mazafati dates exporter

A large amount of Iranian date production is Mazafati dates. High production volume, production advantage and unique variety of Mazafati dates have caused this type to turn into one of the date cultivars with the highest rate of export among the Iranian dates. Kimia Gold Company, known as one of the largest Mazafati dates exporters in Iran with its equipped sorting and packaging factories of all kinds of dates such as Piarom dates, Mazafati dates, etc., which exports this quality product to many countries around the world, including the Persian Gulf countries, India, Bangladesh, China, European countries and so on. Kimia Gold Company, the supplier of all kinds of exporting dates, including Kabkab dates, Mazafati dates, etc. can supply and export Bam Mazafati dates in high tonnage and export packaging. 

Buy Mazafati Dates

Mazafati dates are Iran’s most essential exporting products, which enter sorting and packaging centers after a year of hard work by farmers. In these centers, with the workers’ efforts, the products are checked in terms of quality. Therefore, the best of them are collected in exporting packages and placed in cold storage until the sale of the exporting dates. To buy Mazafati dates, you can refer to Kimia Gold Company and contact the best Mazafati dates exporters directly and without intermediaries and buy your desired product. Using the direct access services of this Mazafati dates company, Mazafati dates importers anywhere can easily learn about Mazafati dates price to buy Mazafati dates. For information on how to buy Mazafati dates and export conditions of this product, you can contact the company’s sales department through WhatsApp and email numbers on the Kimia Gold website. While inquiring about the price of these exporting dates, obtain the necessary information about this product.  

Mazafati Dates Price

High-quality packaging of Mazafati dates

After many years and also the existence of various dates among people, Mazafati dates are still one of the most consumed and popular dates in the country, so it is necessary to present them in desirable packaging. In addition to the quality of dates, the appearance of dates should also be appropriate. After harvesting, Mazafati dates are transferred to processing factories to be cleaned, packed and transported to cold storage. Mazafati dates are usually packaged and supplied in cartons of different weights. The ideal weight for exporting is 550 grams, 650 grams, 750 grams and in bulk in different weights. At this weight, Mazafati dates have suitable quality and desirable syrup. After harvesting, storing, packing, and using the basic methods and the up-to-date standards, Mazafati dates are transported to other countries by appropriate means of transportation, either by land or by air. Kimia Gold Company is one of Mazafati dates exporters and suppliers. Having years of experience, this company has always been successful in exporting and supplying Mazafati dates to many countries worldwide by observing all the exporting standards in the classification of this product. Also, having all national and international licenses, certificates and international standards, presenting new package designs, being equipped with packaging machines, vacuuming the products, and being equipped with private cold storage are the other success factors of this company. 

Storage Conditions of Mazafati Dates?

Many dates can be stored outdoors, but the storage conditions of Mazafati dates are a bit unique. It is recommended to keep these dates in the refrigerator for daily consumption, and whenever you want to eat, take dates out of the fridge three hours earlier and then consume them.  


Mazafati Dates Benefits

This date has a large amount of potassium in its natural structure, which can be considered a cure for many diseases. Researchers say that eating dates alone or with dairy products, including milk, is beneficial for fatigue caused by heavy activities. Dates have fibers that are very effective in reducing fat and providing protein. Also, this date is used to make a variety of date products, including date syrup, date paste, various sweets, desserts and so on.     


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mazafati dates should be stored in a cool place away from sunlight due to their moisture.

Mazafati dates are among fresh and moist dates.

You can contact our sales team via WhatsApp or email and buy Mazafati dates after a price inquiry.

If you store Mazafati dates in a cool and dry place they stay fresh for 24 months.

Mazafati Dates Packing

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