Sukkari Dates

Sukkari dates are one of the most popular and best-selling types of dates in the Middle East and are grown in Saudi Arabia. The taste of Sukkari dates is very sweet and because of its sweet taste, it is also called “Sugary”. Sukkari dates are soft when ripe and the more ripe Sukkari dates are, the drier they become. The color of Sukkari dates is light and golden like Iraqi Zahedi dates. Sukkari dates are plump and semi-moist and have a conical shape and a caramel-like taste. They are very popular in European and Arab countries and are one of the most famous export dates. Every year, a large quantity of Sukkari dates are exported to international markets. Dates are high in fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals and are a natural and nutritious snack. Eating Sukkari dates is very good for the health of your skin and prevents the risk of many diseases, especially cancer, anemia, and osteoporosis.  

Buy Sukkari Dates

In accordance with food safety standards for agricultural products, Kimia Gold Company offers you the products that people are most passionate about and will have the most sales. The strength  of Kimia Gold Company is having a reputable brand, creative packaging, and providing the best services for customers’ easy access to products. Kimia Gold Company has also tried to obtain customer satisfaction by providing the possibility of bulk purchase of dates at wholesale prices. If you want to buy Sukkari dates wholesale, you can go to Kimia Gold Company, the wholesaler of Sukkari dates and the most popular dates such as Medjool dates, and buy Sukkari dates in any quantity you like or in bulk at a wholesale price. To purchase Sukkari dates wholesale or buy any other products such as Khalas dates, visit our website.  

Sukkari Dates Price

Sukkari dates are plump, tasty and in demand, and by Sukkari dates wholesale purchase, you can have them at the most reasonable price. Sukkari dates are a natural and organic fruit and everyone likes to add it to their diet to promote their health. Sukkari dates wholesale purchase is the best way to have a discounted purchase. Kimia Gold Company sorts and packs the highest quality Sukkari dates in its equipped factories and supplies them to Sukkari dates wholesale buyers at a competitive price. To buy Sukkari dates at wholesale prices, you can contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold Company at any time, and inquire about the market price of our products, including Deglet Noor dates, Ajwa dates, Safawi dates, Mebroom dates, Khalas dates, Fardh dates, and Khinizi dates.  

Sukkari Dates Exporter

When importing Sukkari dates, in addition to considering all the costs you have to pay to transport the goods, you should think about finding a reliable exporter. If you refer to reputable exporters, you can protect your order against non-delivery, late delivery or poor product quality. Kimia Gold Company, a Sukkari dates wholesale exporter, with years of experience in exporting various dates, is aware of all the terms and conditions of trade and customs requirements, and helps importers to easily receive their desired product. Sukkari dates are another best export product that are very popular in the Arab countries and are cultivated and exported to other countries in large quantities every year. Kimia Gold Company, one of the Sukkari dates wholesale exporters, also exports other types of dates such as Ajwa dates to Asian countries such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and European countries in large quantities. To import Sukkari dates in bulk, you can place an order with us.  

Sukkari Dates Supplier

Sukkari dates are in great demand due to their sweet and wonderful taste and abundant nectar, and Sukkari dates suppliers try to meet the needs of customers for Sukkari dates. Kimia Gold Company is one of Sukkari dates wholesale suppliers and with the direct supply of Sukkari dates, it can deliver products to customers without intermediaries in the fastest possible time at wholesale prices. By purchasing Sukkari dates wholesale from Kimia Gold Company, you can buy Sukkari dates at a very reasonable price. You can buy as many dates as you want at a wholesale price from Kimia Gold Company. Our company connects you to the entire supply chain and is able to supply Sukkari dates to Sukkari dates buyers in bulk and in large quantities. Kimia Gold Company is also a direct supplier of Mabroom dates, Deglet Noor dates, Fardh dates, Khinizi dates, Medjool dates, Saqai dates, and Khalas dates.  

Sukkari Dates Packaging

Kimia Gold Company offers Sukkari dates in packages of 450 g up to 10 kg or in bulk. Kimia Gold also offers Sukkari dates in custom packaging as well as creative and beautiful packaging. Kimia Gold products are packaged in such a way that in addition to attracting customers, maintain the quality of the product during shipping. You can contact Kimia Gold Company via WhatsApp or e-mail to see different samples of Kimia Gold Company product packaging and Sukkari dates packaging.

Sukkari Dates Packaging

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