Sayer Dates

Sayer Dates

Sayer Dates

Sayer dates, also known as Esta’meran in the local language, are among the semi-dry dates of Iran. This feature has turned it into a kind of commercial date. This type of date is one of the main dates for export that has high exports to Europe and is considered one of the best Iranian dates and has many fans due to its excellent taste.


Sayer Dates Properties

Sayer dates (Esta’meran) are considered one of the sweetest and most delicious Iranian dates. Due to their high sugar content, it dissolves quickly in water and creates a lot of sweetness. The viscosity of the kernel to the flesh of Sayer dates is very low. Its core can be easily separated from dates effortlessly and can be turned into pitted dates easily. This type of date is one of the semi-dry dates with low moisture, and this has made it have better and longer shelf life than other types of dates. The color of this date is dark brown and sometimes blackish and reddish. Sayer dates can be stored for a long time (about 15 months) in covered warehouses and at room temperature without any problems. This shelf life has facilitated the export of Sayer dates so that about 45% of the Iranian date exports belong to Sayer dates or Esta’meran.

Iranian Sayer Dates Types

Sayer dates, like Piarom dates, are among the most exported date cultivars in Iran. Every year, many traders buy Sayer dates or Esta’meran following their target market and ship them to the intended country. Sayer dates are semi-dry dates in dark brown color that are supplied in different packages with different grades. If you want to buy the Iranian Sayer dates, you need to be familiar with Sayer Dates types. 

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Sayer Dates Supplier

Sayer Dates Unique Benefits

In general, a variety of dates are among the highly nutritious and recommended foods. This fruit has a high nutritional value and is very useful. Sayer dates are also among the dates with high nutritional value. Due to having various vitamins, very high sugar, minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus, considered one of the best types of dates, especially for children. Sayer dates (Esta’meran) are dates with high antioxidants that are considered as an anti-cancer substance. The magnesium in this date is excellent for people who have digestive problems, and the high iron of this date is also helpful for people with anemia. In addition to its healing properties, Sayer dates, like other types of dates, including Medjool dates, are widely used in the food industry and are used to prepare various date products, including date paste.


The Effective Factors in Sayer Dates Price

The Sayer dates price is changed in the international markets every year due to different conditions. In addition, many other factors are influential in determining the Sayer dates wholesale price. While buying, you can announce all your intended information of our sales experts in Kimia Gold Company, one of the well-known Sayer dates manufacturers in the world markets. Our sales expert will offer your intended Sayer dates according to your needs and desires. The Sayer dates price is determined according to the grade, its size, and the type of packaging. In addition, other factors affect the Sayer dates price, such as the demand for Sayer dates, largeness and uniformity of the cargo after the production process, and the harvest location of the Sayer dates (Esta’meran). These mentioned cases are all factors that affect the Sayer dates price, and the Sayer dates wholesale price. 


Buy Sayer Dates with an Affordable Price

In today’s competitive market, the Iranian Sayer dates importers and buyers want to buy Sayer dates at affordable prices. Choosing the products, the quality and at what cost to buy is crucial. As one of the Sayer dates manufacturers, Kimia Gold Company collects the best and most quality Sayer dates (Esta’meran) every year. Then, it sorts and packages Sayer dates following the demand of buyers and importers. It is recommended to buy Sayer dates from such companies with this process. In our company, buying Sayer dates with different types of packaging can be performed online. To buy Sayer dates, you can refer to the WhatsApp number and email available on the Kimia Gold website, and after asking about the Sayer dates price and the Sayer dates wholesale price, you can buy this product.

Sayer Dates Price

Sayer Dates Supplier

The market for Sayer dates in other countries is very active. The Sayer dates importers from the European countries have a good opinion about the Iranian Sayer dates wholesale and purchase. Every year, large quantities of this product are supplied to European countries, Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom. The market for these dates is very prosperous in these countries. In recent years, the supply of this product to East Asian countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia has been very successful. 

Also, it can be said that a very suitable market has been created for the Sayer dates wholesale, and the wholesale supplier countries are competing for this appropriate market to get the most benefit. Kimia Gold Company has started working as a Sayer dates supplier to direct access to various Iranian dates, including Rabbi datesKabkab dates, Sayer dates, etc., and supply these products. The Sayer dates Importers can contact this Sayer dates company and buy the product.


Sayer Dates Exporter

Are you looking to buy the exporting Sayer dates? How much do types of Sayer dates cost? How can you buy Sayer dates at an affordable price? Sayer dates are one of the most famous exporting Iranian dates. Due to the high nutritional value of Sayer dates, about 70 countries buy Sayer dates and the other types of Iranian dates. Countries such as Russia, Turkey, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan are the main Mazafati dates, and Sayer dates importers. Sayer dates have other commercial aspects. Due to their suitable and customer-friendly appearance, long-term shelf life, easy storage conditions, easy transportation conditions, and reasonable prices in international markets have high exports. As a Sayer dates exporter, Kimia Gold Company exports a high tonnage of these dates to foreign markets every year. It has achieved significant success in this field due to product quality assurance and product delivery in the shortest possible time and an affordable price of Sayer dates.


Sayer Dates Wholesale

With the beginning of the date fruit harvest season in Iran, the Sayer dates wholesale, and types of dates in Iran begins. The Sayer dates wholesale will be started almost from September. Every year, the best exporting dates are produced in south Iran. Among the best of these cultivars, we can mention Sayer dates, Shahani datesZahedi dates, etc. Sayer dates in south Iran are one of the best Iranian exporting dates. The exporting Sayer dates wholesale are done in the Sayer dates exporter companies. Among the Sayer dates wholesale centers, we can mention Kimia Gold Company, one of the Sayer dates wholesale suppliers. Of course, it should be noted that the Sayer dates price and quality in this company are entirely different from the other Sayer dates supplier companies, and this company is a high-quality Sayer dates supplier with an affordable and competitive price. Sayer dates importers can determine Sayer dates types, packaging, the targeted market, and their intended amount in this period until the following year. Our Sayer dates company and packing factory can supply and export your needed products in bulk.

Sayer Dates Wholesale

How is the Packaging of Sayer Dates?

Sayer dates are one of the best-selling varieties of dates harvested in south Iran. This date has economic and exporting aspects and can be supplied in high tonnage. This type of date can be supplied to the date market with cartons and bulk packaging. Quality packaging of dates is another crucial issue in the export of this product. It must be vital for the success of exports according to modern standards, which must be considered. Many Sayer dates suppliers produce and package Sayer dates. Kimia Gold Company is one of these companies. As the Sayer dates manufacturers, this company exports Sayer dates to the European countries, Russia, North America, New Zealand and Arab countries. Also, it provides the most common type of packaging for Sayer dates for export in 5 and 10 kg cartons and the possibility of transporting this product to far countries. Also, this Sayer date company offers new designs in the packaging of this product and has successfully supplied quality products and packaging by observing all export standards in product packaging.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, Esta’meran date is the local name of Sayer date and many know it as Esta’meran date.

Dates are used for many other purposes. They are eaten in its original form or used to produce date products such as pitted dates, date paste, etc.

Sayer dates are harvested in the southern regions of Iran, mostly in the southwestern regions.

Sayer dates are an energetic fruit and they contain about 300 kcal per 100 grams.

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