Fardh Dates

Fardh dates are one of the most diverse types of dates grown in the UAE. They have a small pit and a tender and firm skin, and like Khalas dates are soft and moist. The shape of Fardh dates is oval and their color is reddish brown. They are one of the famous export dates of the UAE and have a lot of fans due to their wonderful taste and large and plump size. Fardh dates have a sweet taste, which makes them an ideal snack. You can eat Fardh dates with tea or coffee and enjoy their delicious taste. Fardh dates are free of cholesterol and saturated fat, and their fiber provides the energy your body needs during the day.

Buy Fardh Dates

Kimia Gold Company, a Fardh dates wholesaler in the UAE, offers you the best and highest quality Fardh dates at wholesale price. If you are considering buying Khalas dates, you can trust us. Kimia Gold Company has many years of experience in exporting various types of dates and offers the best and highest quality dates to neighboring countries and Asian countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. We offer you Khalas dates at a very reasonable and competitive price. Every year, Kimia Gold Company supplies a large quantity of the best and freshest dates to domestic and international markets in bulk at reasonable prices. You can compare our prices with the prices offered by other Fardh dates supplying companies. Our experienced team is always ready to serve Fardh date buyers. In order to purchase Fardh dates, you can contact Kimia Gold Company at any time via WhatsApp or email.

Fardh Dates Prices

Kimia Gold Company’s main concern, in addition to offering the highest quality dates to customers, is to offer the products at cheap prices. As you know, the amount of demand, competitors, quality and type of product packaging play an important role in determining the price. Kimia Gold Company has always tried to deliver its products at the most reasonable price. We supply Fardh dates and all varieties of famous export dates such as Safawi dates to customers at wholesale prices. You can also significantly reduce your costs by Fardh dates wholesale purchase. If you buy Fardh dates from Kimia Gold Company, you can buy the largest, freshest and tastiest dates with good quality and low price. For more information on Fardh dates wholesale price, you can contact the sales experts of Kimia Gold Company via WhatsApp or email right now and inquire about the prices.

Fardh Dates Exporter

Kimia Gold Company is one of the main Fardh dates exporters and its goal is to expand the company’s activities in the field of exports to Asian, European, and Arab countries to meet the growing demand of other countries for date products. We have been able to meet the needs of our customers with the help of our experienced team by providing the highest quality products and services. Kimia Gold Company has also expanded its activities by exporting a wide variety of dates such as Medjool dates, Deglet Noor dates, Mabroom dates, Ajwa dates, etc., due to the increasing demand for dates in the market. Fardh dates are very popular due to their wonderful taste and good quality and are exported to other countries in large quantities. Kimia Gold Company is one of the most famous and experienced Fardh dates exporters and in addition to Fardh dates, every year it exports all varieties of dates and date products to other countries such as India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia in large quantities and excellent quality at reasonable price.

Fardh Dates Supplier

You can buy the most nutritious and organic dates from Kimia Gold, the dates wholesale supplier. We offer a wide variety of dates such as Iraqi Zahedi dates, Sukkary dates, and Saqai dates in bulk. Kimia Gold Company is one of the reliable suppliers of dates and offers you Fardh dates at wholesale prices. We welcome Fardh dates importers who intend to buy Fardh dates wholesale. You can trust us for Fardh dates wholesale purchase. Kimia Gold Company has a lot of experience in supplying Fardh dates and other varieties of dates and supplies the highest quality Fardh dates to the domestic and international markets. The health benefits of Fardh dates are enormous and they are often used to relieve constipation and stomach and intestinal problems.

Fardh Dates Packaging

Kimia Gold Company can supply Fardh dates in any amount requested by the customer in hygienic packages and different weights. Fardh dates can also be supplied to the international market in bulk or in weights of 450 g up to 10 kg. We can send your order in customized packages as well as in creative and diverse designs in the fastest possible time with the best quality. Kimia Gold Company has all the required food safety certificates and national and international standards and can send the best and freshest dates and all varieties of dates to all over the world. You can contact Kimia Gold Company via social media or email to receive samples of Fardh date packaging.

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Table of Contents

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